Education Week: Paddock to Plate with Collingwood Children’s Farm
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Education Week: Paddock to Plate with Collingwood Children’s Farm

Education Week 2017, it’s all about healthy minds and healthy bodies. Well it’s great to be here are the Collingwood Children’s Farm. Kids have wonderful experiences in all our classrooms in Victoria and they learn a lot but they also have great experiences when they get out of the classroom and Collingwood
Children’s Farm is a magnificent place for children to come and visit. We love being out of the classroom, we like being outside every day. All school children who come this week are allowed on the farm for free for their tours
and the work that they do for us. There’s no charge to the schools. It won’t cost them an arm and a leg to have their kids come here and actually see the farm and see real life as it is. What’s our favourite part – seeing horses? Yeah seeing horses and visiting animals and touching them. I think you’ll find at our school, there’s kids that thrive in the classroom and they love sitting down and reading and writing but there are some kids that just need to
get out and they need to use their hands and do hands-on work and just get away from all the hustle and bustle that is school. It’s all feel and touch stuff and see.
You’ve actually got to look at an animal and feel it and see what it is so it’s a
different way of them learning. And they’re outside of those four walls so they can express themselves just a little bit differently. Education week, get involved!

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