Education Week 2019: Katie Bosse and Tyler Skinner
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Education Week 2019: Katie Bosse and Tyler Skinner

My name is Katie Bosse and I am a Complex
Needs Community Class Teacher here at Victoria Square. Well my program, there is a good focus on
academics, but we find that when we get students in this program that alot of times they’re
not ready to learn, or, have the tools and the mindset to really progress in their learning. So, a big part of our program is building
the relationships with them. You know, we are pushing these kids beyond
their comfort zones and so in order to further their skills, we have to have that foundation
of trust. But I would have to say the most proud is
our ability to create a safe space for students. So, our students feel the unconditional love
of the staff, no matter their behaviours. I think what we are doing here is really the
grassroots of something big. I feel like we are creating the framework
for future mental health complex needs classrooms., So ultimately, I think here we are transforming
the way we look at the “behaviour students” and helping them understand that they can
and will succeed if they are in the right place. Being able to come into work every single
day to do something that I love sooo much, it’s know awesome! Like I love coming to work, we have challenging
days but ultimately I love being here, knowing that we are really and truly changing these
kids lives. To be able to work for a Board that has a
mission, vision and values that encompasses what we do here, serving the underserved and
underperforming students, you couldn’t ask for somewhere better to work. If we come into our jobs everyday with a trauma
and mental health lens, we are better able to support a significant number of our students. We’re transforming the way we talk and the
language that we use and there is such a greater awareness of what our students are able to
do and the possibilities that they have. My name is Tyler Skinner. Doing my work, listening to my teacher, handling
my anger and having the anger not really get to me. Hanging out with my friends and going to integration. Because I am actually learning and it’s an
actual school and the staff actually care about me. I want to go to high school, I want to have
a job and I want to have a family.

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