Education Week 2018 promo (full version)
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Education Week 2018 promo (full version)

(BRIGHT MUSIC) I think the future
will be, like, really cool. It will be different
’cause everything will change. I think there will sort of be tables
where you can paint on and then you could
rub the paint off easily just with, like, one swash of a hand. They’ll have better technology
like robot dinosaurs or even, like, robot humans. (BRIGHT MUSIC) GIRL: We learn a lot of mechanical,
software and electrical skills, but we also learn things
such as time management, which helps in daily life. My name’s Dipi.
I go to Blacktown Girls High School. Our team is the first
all-girls robotics team in the Southern Hemisphere. So far, our team’s biggest
achievement would definitely be making it to
the world championships in Houston. There were so many teams. There were 600 teams,
a lot of them Ivy League schools, and competing against them
was such an opportunity. It’s so fun being here, and when we see our robot doing
what we made it to do, it’s always such a nice feeling. And we love it. We love what we do. (FUNKY MUSIC) We are at Fashion Week Australia and we’re running a workshop – we call it a Micro-School – for high school students
from New South Wales to learn more about
the creative industries. The purpose of the day, really, is
to show them, beyond fashion design, that there’s so many
career opportunities for them to pursue
within this industry. It opens your eyes a bit more
to what it’s actually like, ’cause when you’re sitting
in a classroom or looking at events like this over,
like, social media or something, you don’t really get the idea
of how it will work, but when you see it firsthand,
you can kind of figure out
where you want to fit in that, especially when it comes to
your career in fashion or even in just, like, events. It’s really helpful to be
outside of one space. It’s always nice for the kids to hear
how someone got to the top and realise that it is just a series
of steps, one after the other, and how most industry people have had
quite a windy career journey and it’s just that hard work and
determination gets them to the top. (COUNTRY MUSIC) GIRL: I’m Brooke Harris
at Junee High School and I am a part of the
Empower Energy Efficiency Project. The Junee Power Project is combined
with junior high school students and community members
and business members of Junee. The students go around and test
residents’ homes for leaks and cracks
in walls and doors. And the test team, whilst doing that, they will use infra-red cameras
to find the leaks and gaps, which means that the energy bills
will stay low in cost and that the residents will benefit. I enjoy very much
going out into the community and spending time with residents because it helps them as well as us, ’cause we learn new things
every time we go out. (BRIGHT MUSIC) It’s really great that here
at Anzac Park, we can move around and we can have a say
in where we learn. MAN: So these spaces have been
developed with industry partners such as Google and Optus, and we’ve seen that flexible learning
and dynamic learning spaces are providing those
collaborative skills for students that they’re going to need
in the future. We work flexibly, which means
we have different ways of learning. In Campfire, we listen to one person speaking about
their knowledge and ideas. In Cave, we work individually
so we can work to our full potential. Watering Hole, we work socially and we can work all together
and share our ideas. We don’t know
what the future’s going to hold, but what we do know is that
the future is skills-based and we want our spaces
to reflect this and empower those students
with the skills they’re going to need in the future. (CHILDREN SING NATIONAL ANTHEM
IN ABORIGINAL LANGUAGE) # Ngiyani bayangurr # Ngiyani waan minyaminyagaa gu # Walaay… # BOY: In culture class,
I learn about my culture, dances, songs and all different kinds of stuff. We love our culture
and we love to keep it alive, pass it on to other people and that, ’cause someone already
passed it on to me. And when I get older
and they pass away, I’m going to end up passing it on
to another person. Man, the sky is the limit. It actually gives them
an understanding and a belonging to actually excel,
to achieve whatever they dream of. Imagine that! A little light
that was switched on and went, “Bruz, sis, you can be whatever
you need to be, at any time.” We’re helping our kids
to build a better future.

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