Education Week 2014 – Phoebe Panaretos
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Education Week 2014 – Phoebe Panaretos

Hi, my name is Phoebe Panaretos.
I play Fran in Strictly Ballroom: The Musical at the Lyric Theatre, Star City.
I graduated from Newtown School of the Performing Arts.
At Newtown I graduated topping the state in drama
where I performed in on stage, and it’s actually something I have in the program here at the
Lyric Theatre. I also got full marks in music.
So I worked very hard in my final years at Newtown
and I’m very grateful for everything I learnt from all
the teachers that I had there. They were always so encouraging of individuality
and they embraced everybody’s differences and I always
felt the playground was full of excitement and colour
and music and there was always an instrument out and
everybody was having so much fun and it just made school
all the more exciting and a place that I wanted to be every
day. And I think that without the teachers that
I had I wouldn’t really be where I am now.
I was always trying to better myself in my music skills and
my drama skills and my dance and I think that’s why
I’m doing musical theatre and I’m very grateful for all
those teachers and the time that I spent at Newtown Performing Arts.

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