Education (Tertiary Education and Other Matters) Amendment Bill- First Reading – Video 9
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Education (Tertiary Education and Other Matters) Amendment Bill- First Reading – Video 9

has to adjourn at the conclusion of this bill or was six o’clock or whichever Azalea you certainly can is there any objection to that no one foolish enough there appears to be no objection Catherine Delahunty 10 okay mr. Speaker I have no objection to this proposal from the government for a change however I can’t support bill I did I saw I saw a flicker of excitement ripple through the green liver chairs and a moment a gasp of excitement rippled through the consciousness of the National Party that that perhaps they were going to not have to listen to me attack privatization of Education and in fact I was in a spirit of enjoyment and pleasure going to support the bill but no consistency is very important in education and after eight and a half years on the Select Committee this speech will be a continuation of the one I made earlier because what’s happening in the tertiary sector is reminiscent of early childhood and and is also reminiscent of what’s being proposed for the compulsory sector and we don’t like it because although there are really some really good solid measures in this bill that we agree with in terms of creating some clarity around some of the ongoing issues there’s a fundamental problem and it has been identified not only by my colleague Gareth use in his first speech on this bill but also by the tertiary education Union that fundamentally if we start talking about flexibility and funding and meaning that the private institutions will be funded similarly at the same rate in the same way to the public we are going to change the game and the game is already very fragile when I say fragile I just like to quote from the stress dossier which you may have heard of that the two Education Union in calling for a review outlined because they received five hundred anonymous comments about about their stress in relation to this bill so this is not just stress the human condition which I’m sure we know about this is stress related to being in the tertiary education occupy and the evidence is where staff have been put under greater pressure they wanted to shine a light on what it’s like to work in the tertiary education sector under the current regime because they were very worried about this bill they were worried that changes are being enshrined in law without them having a proper opportunity to have a thorough sector-wide review and I just want to quote one aspect of the funding issue which was in the dossier which said quote ever since funding was linked to retention and success there has been pressure from management to pass more students while at the same time wanting more full-time students and you know these very concerning another quote we’ve been required to remove all internal compulsory items from our course now all assessment items are no long compulsory this was there with the rationale that more passes mean more funding so flexibility in the tertiary sector can have an enormous quote unquote can have enormous effects particularly in the region’s particularly in when the the education sectors become at the tertiary level highly competitive and so we don’t want as Sandra gray said we don’t want to see national and shrine into law its guiding principle of putting profit before students without reviewing the impact on quality of tertiary education and I think that quote is very fair as is the other quote that I’ll read this review needs to hear directly from staff about what it’s like to work in the sector rather than staff having to set aside their commitment to quality education and change marks to fit Nationals funding priorities so what the dosia does is reveal unintended consequences that the tertiary funding models created it isn’t saying that this is a Machiavellian plot to create a distortion in education we don’t even need Machiavelli around to you you know things just happen because of people’s are possibly genuine belief that the market will fix everything in the face of complete evidence the contrary but this bill will go to a state committee and women will look through it thoroughly and I hope that we will listen to the voices of the dossier not the voices of people who are convinced that funding is needs to be modernized to be more flexible at the expense of the quality of our education system because read my lips market and quality ain’t the same thing you know mr. speaker come on super learning let’s speak out

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