Education (Tertiary Education and Other Matters) Amendment Bill- First Reading – Video 5
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Education (Tertiary Education and Other Matters) Amendment Bill- First Reading – Video 5

mr. speaker and stay back thank you very much mr. speaker I thought you’re about to warn the member of having now the members neck now going to sit down and not comment on my ruling he know he knows absolutely that he’s not allowed to and when member sort of gathers himself we can start again Thank You mr. speaker it’s a happen as as I was saying it’s great you’ve got to speak on the first reading of the education tertiary education other matters amendment bill I just wanted to pick up on a couple of points following of my colleague dr. John yang the chair of the education of Science Select Committee around international education and the point around the importance of it mr. speaker in particular it international education last year was our fourth largest export earner generating around 1.3 billion dollars in revenue for our country right across New Zealand outside of Auckland right through the Southland Otago and other parts of the country everyone benefits from international education but in saying that it’s important that we have the structures right in order to to accommodate for that growth mr. speaker and clearly mr. Martin hasn’t been down to South London seeing the Southern Institute of Technology which runs a quite a unique operation and net traditionally the international students that they attract are generally older late 20s early 30s many of whom come to New Zealand with a partner who while there while this one one part of the Pat Chavez studying full-time the other was working and they’ve often got children as well mr. speaker so for Southland the composition of international education in a particular through Southern Institute of Technology provides overall benefits for our economy by attracting more people to Southland and the other thing about it mr. speaker which unlike many of the more urban centers with younger international students they who come perform their studies and in many of whom leave again with the students who are attracted to Southern Institute technology many of them stay and actually contribute and live and the community quite a while after that mr. speaker so it’s important that you know there is a level playing field for international and domestic students that the codes of conduct in order to protect you know then while they’re here are fear so in terms of the contribution this bill makes towards that mr. speaker around managing the conduct at some response to recent court ruling that had a school as seen here that said that schools have no rights to manage international students misconduct outside of school it can take this bill contains a proposal to amend that law to enable state and state integrated schools to manage international students in the same way the private schools do privates including the use of stand down suspensions and explosions outside for activities before the outside of the school environment and it’s consistent with the code of conduct and practice that after pastoral care that international students we’re at tools mr. speaker so it’s great to be able to a speaker on this bill and look forward to considering it in greater detail and select I guess views you can make into a key code

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