Education (Tertiary Education and Other Matters) Amendment Bill- First Reading – Video 13
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Education (Tertiary Education and Other Matters) Amendment Bill- First Reading – Video 13

my highly audible friend Andrew Bailey Thank You mr. speaker it’s a absolute pleasure to be talking on the educational tertiary education other methods Amendment Bill and mr. speaker I know you’re the speakers have covered and traverse a lot of the topics around this bill I just thought I might hone in on just one little area but the main thing I want to just start out by saying is it is the appropriate that the government has focused on making sure that our tertiary education providers are doing the right thing and providing courses that are meaningful especially for overseas students and that students when they come out of those courses have a meaningful educational qualification and it’s it’s great that there have been a number of investigations recently to address that issue this bill obviously covers other areas round period Institute’s particularly around how they’re funded and I think also about improving the accountability and I do note that the bill specifically allows the Commission to set conditions on ta funding which will enable the Commission to more effectively monitored Te’o’s Tishri educational organizations and the wider tertiary system and secondly require TEI is to maintain accurate records of government funding and how those monies have been spent but the bit I like mr. speaker is how this bill actually specifically provides for NZQA to pursue action against tertiary Asian educational organizations for falsely awarding credits to students who have not been appropriately says for those credits now this comes back to the integrity of our tuition mr. speaker and I think it’s fundamental that we do enhance and improve and make sure that our two she organizations are regarded as world best practice as most of them are and this particular change in the bill I think she’s but should be welcomed and mr. speaker on that basis and I know there are a number of other great amendments in this bill I do support the bill the question is that the motion be agreed to those that a veteran will say I the contrary no the I tell karlie boat call for the car come come dr. patty but you see the National just yet

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