Education (Teaching Council of Aotearoa) Amendment Bill- First Reading – Video 7
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Education (Teaching Council of Aotearoa) Amendment Bill- First Reading – Video 7

nice this further thank you I call Chloe Swarbrick if Martin awkward you know coder in Friday I am absolutely pleased to rise in support of this bill for the Green Party of Algeria New Zealand and stoked to be kicking off the year with this being my first time to speak in the house in 2018 so I mean you can watch out for my bill tomorrow so this is a good common-sense bill and we’re stoked to be supporting it as the Green Party and I would like to commend my colleague the Honorable chris Hawkins obviously the Minister of Education who has shown himself to be incredibly effective and collaborative with all of us these three parties who do make up the government I find this bill to be incredibly timely as my little brother started his first week at intermediate school this past week and a few months ago I spoke in my maiden speech at the utter privilege that I have to help improve the system that he is navigating as the Greens Education spokesperson and I feel that weight very much today but I must say this is one example of those improvements as I’ve said before this is a pretty straightforward piece of legislation I don’t see it as a bad thing that it is light but indeed I believe that it is very weighty in terms of the reforms and the kinds of shifts that this will deliver for teachers and for the teaching profession basically the Green Party believes that teachers should have a leadership majority in their own professional body and I very much like to acknowledge as well the very personal speech delivered by my colleague Jen tennety who’d like to state I believe is the only teacher who was so fasted to address the contents of this bill the changes heralded in under the previous national government in 2050 was against all of the advice and protests by the sector interestingly enough and it created a bit of an anomaly as far as professional bodies go we have nurses doctors lawyers accountants and real estate agents all of whom elects their own representatives and it only makes sense that teachers should we value them as the people who are teaching our youth the citizens and leaders of tomorrow that they too should have that same right this actually also served to politicize the council those changes that were made under the previous national government in 2015 as noted by nzei one of those are unions that the opposition seems to fear so much at the time they issued a press release asking how can it be independent when all of its governance is elected by a politician we also had to be previous Minister for education the Honorable Mickey K stay thing that these appointments to this council should be based on skills and competency and in her opposition stated exactly this I would ask what is inconsistent here in this proposal that teachers elect their own representatives does the National Party not trust teachers well to provide at least the Green Party’s stance on that question we do and we believe that showing that trust looks like restoring the democracy that was eroded in 2015 by that last national government it’s presently possible actually as well under Section 353 of the current Act as amended by the previous national governments that four out of nine members of the council and non teachers I find that to be a little bit there should be something that those in this house should be weary of when we are talking when we talking about a body that deals with the teaching profession surely they should understand the nuances and the day-to-day of that teaching profession so the changes that we are moving towards we’ll see that six members are made by ministerial appointment are appointed rather by the minister but the majority seven of them will be elected by the teaching profession themselves they will be they will be from the primary secondary and early childhood education sectors all crucial and representation I would however mention given that the the purpose of the teaching Council as noted in the general policy statements and this explanatory note of the bow that purpose being to ensure safe and high quality leadership teaching and learning for children and young people and early childhood primary secondary and senior schooling and English medium and multi medium settings through raising the status of the profession but the Green Party would just like to note on that point that there is no guarantee of MOLLE representation on that council in the bows current form so it very much like to see something like that race and the Select Committee and I do look forward to working with my colleagues including the chair of that Select Committee Sarah Dahle through those issues madam Speaker I’ve always found it quite fascinating that there is a different skill set required and getting elected versus doing the job that one is elected to do and I think it’s quite pronounced here in this house you know we go around campaigning and our skill set that is required there is to talk to shake hands and to convince people that we are capable of doing the theatre and here but then we are elected and sure we do do that theater but we also expected obviously to do all of that back room work that invisible work and I’d say that many of us before we come in here and not quite aware of what that looks like so there’s a massive inconsistency there and I’d say as was mentioned previously by one of the National Party members yelling at me across the house that teachers have a thorough understanding of their profession and the skill set required to get elected and demonstrating that versus doing the job on the teaching Council of auteur or potentially altero and New Zealand’s is very similar so fundamentally madam Speaker this is a partnership between the government and teachers and it is about recognizing the value of teachers and our society and affording them the the very common-sense straightforward kind of ability to elect their own representatives on this teaching Council and for that reason the Green Party is very happy to support and come into the bill to the house I call the Honourable – Megan doe Kieran Oh madam Speaker

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