Education (Teachers’ Code of Ethics) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 9
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Education (Teachers’ Code of Ethics) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 9

Thank You Jane logy Thank You mr. speaker um I rise to support this member’s bill which is about restoring a code of ethics for the teaching profession in the Civil reasons that the greens are supporting this bill and one of them is that it is a chance for this house to start rebuilding some trust with the teaching profession profession in this country trust that has been so comprehensively undermined by the actions of this government first overriding the core principle of Education around the learning should be to the needs of the child by introducing the concept of national standards that basically eliminated the individual needs of every student from the focus of the classroom and it also in terms of the introduction of the charter schools and now the further privatization and almost eradication of decent education in the calls venture and we heard from a previous speaker and Jo Goodhew saying that you know this is it because they were moved to a code of conduct because teachers have let themselves down so jolly badly and she’s suggesting that we’ve only been listening to unions and it’s true that I have not been listening to her here Parata when it comes to good educational guidance and I have not been listening to people in the karoo lounge we have in the Green Party however been listening to the hundreds of teachers from schools all around this country who came to select committee when the bill that got rid of code of ethics came before Parliament who said they did not want this change that is where this bill came from it came from listening to teachers and it is completely disingenuous to say that unions are pushing that line in opposition to teachers that is just simply not true and we’ve heard also for members on the side saying we want to go backwards to old thinking around ethics and that the new modern thinking is the code of conduct we’re actually that’s just rubbish the new modern thinking as saying that good decision-making happens within safe frameworks the more and institution and this is regardless of what the institution is is bound by strict rules then the more room there is for error the less judgment is developed and we need our teachers to be working in environments where they develop judgment because there are no rights and wrongs in good teaching there is relationship and there is development and moving to a code of conduct conduct moves us away from the framework that will support safe practice and I do support the previous comments made by Tracy modern pointing out you know noting the fact that we are I’m a profession that is mostly women and that this government who you know has been characterized I think fairly as paternalistic is moving to telling women how to behave and rather than trusting them to have their own ethics and I do think that there is a significant point in that and that it is she gave the example that in the Code of Conduct there’s very specific provision about practice around two treaty obligations whereas the Code of Conduct code of ethics has in there a set of principles which include a commitment to learn as far no society in the profession and confirms obligations under to treaty of waitangi and a commitment to Mari as tongue adiphene or now anyone would suggest espaço who is engaged with t3t knows that you can’t lock that down and you’re learning into a sense of right or wrong and absolutely is something that has to be developed in relationship and partnership with monofin or and when you move away from an ethics and creating a pro framework for developing that understanding you lose that relationship and you lose the opportunity for growing understanding and you inder more likely with resentment and poor practice we’re pleased to support this bill a procedure or not sorry the Honorable Pacific the same not alone yeah oh thank you

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