Education (Teachers’ Code of Ethics) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 8
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Education (Teachers’ Code of Ethics) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 8

patient well see good mother Thank You mr. Speaker I rise to speak against this bill Tracy Martin it’s very important to get people’s names right on Todd Muller not Todd Miller and it’s really important to get this stuff right can I first just want to ask the question we are on earth that this come from mr. chairman and mr. speaker and I can imagine the Labor Party war room the education war room Chris Hipkins is the chair and we’ve got Ruth Dyson there and we’ve got sue Moroney and the others and they’re reflecting how can we put a chink and a national power armor the 18 the education a team how can we put a chink in the education armor of the national government and they said I know we’ll attack national standards mr. speaker oh no that’s not going to work because that’s actually very popular if you ask any parent if you ask the kids and I was in a conversation around us just last week it’s actually a popular policy oh no we can’t we can’t deal with that one I know let’s attack community of learning let’s commit a tech community of learning Oh No 1400 schools have signed up to that that was probably updated by sushi would have popped that into the war room conversation fourteen hundred schools half a million students are affected are involved now we can’t use that as the attack line what about the education amendment bill oh well we’ll have a go on that but yet again the way the government spoke to that legislation so comprehensively yesterday and talked about how it will fundamentally change the education sector moving forward they realize that they don’t have an opportunity to hit us with that and so Ruth Dyson says I’ve got the idea I know what can really put the government on its heels why don’t we change the name what do we change the name of the Education Council back to the teaching council brilliant says Chris Hipkins absolutely brilliant let’s put that up as a member’s bill based on Ruth’s luck that might actually get picked and so here we are and so emboldened actually buy that she decided she’d add a bit of depth to it a bit of spice to it and look to revert to a teacher’s code of ethics as opposed to the code of conduct and to echo the deputy chair of the Education and science committee is that the best you’ve got when you’re trying to find an angle as an opposition MP to be able to articulate a different vision in terms of the education provision in this country if that is the best you’ve got to be under stand up and say Mr Speaker I want a change of name back to the teachers Council we don’t want the Education Council about Tara let’s change the name back to teachers Council I mean with respect mr. speaker that is not the level of contribution order I apologize for interrupting but I am going to ask the members sitting beside the member currently speaking to stop interjecting in a way which draws a chair and to debate he may be pretending to be nice for the sound sarcastic Todd mala that’s so unlike a mr. mr. speaker yeah look let’s turn more deliberately to the components of this particular member’s bill live has had so much thought I go into it mr. speaker we’ve already heard from so many of the speakers on this side that this education council leveah tea or our new zealand was actually a carefully considered name mr. speaker it was chosen to represent a more refocused organization that would arguably take some of the best of what was there previously and put it together with a refreshed mandate to talk to the whole sector and its particular interests not just the teachers mr. speaker and that was well received a number of stakeholders were involved in that and it was real received and so when you look at that mr. speak you say why on earth are we wasting parliamentary time to have a conversation about reverting back to a model that was proven to be a failure that had so many negative consequences that has been adopted as being successful over the last few months and genuinely reflects the ambitions of the broader sector and not just a single component in it mr. speaker and of course the second component which we’ve already heard and even acknowledged by Ruth Dyson as largely redundant that we already have now out in the industry and the sector for consultation this document yet again we are having a waste Parliament time reflecting on a particular view that it would be useful to go back in yesteryear and and and create a model that was already and has already been so comprehensively thrown out mr. speaker this is a waste of time and I do hope that the house will see since and reject it when we vote on it shortly thank you jennyugi Thank You mr. speaker

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