Education (Teachers’ Code of Ethics) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 5
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Education (Teachers’ Code of Ethics) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 5

very well done Catherine Delahunty did not clear mr. speaker kurac I tokoto court in airport I’m really pleased to support this bill and you listen to the last speaker it was a little bit like a parallel universe the Age of Aquarius the summer of love we’re by the teaching profession have actually had a great run with hekia parata it’s all been just a beautiful the flower children of the government have embraced the teaching profession it’s been you know hand-in-hand to a field of daisies unfortunately I’ve been here the whole time and upset through all these bills and I’ve listened to every submission on them and I support this bill because the conversation about the status of teachers is really important we are now in a low trust environment between the education profession and the government so when the government put up education bill number two I think it was that it talked about changing from ethics to conduct in that load trust environment broken by the debacle of national standards the absurdity of charter schools a number of other under funding initiatives that have destroyed trust there was no appetite from the teaching profession to see a change that would lead from being recognized as professionals with ethics to people who needed to be controlled by a code of conduct and so despite the fact that educators has a greater relationship with the sector then the government does and have created a draft code without mentioning the word conduct because they know even though the government hasn’t grasped this concept that that was offensive it will be good to get this bill to the Select Committee to have the conversation about the status of the teaching profession now ironically educates was created one of the new functions is to lift the status of the profession while at the very moment the government by saying they needed a controlling code of conduct not a code of ethics had undermined what was already a fragile and shaky relationship so it’s a bit like partner who’s in denial but there’s any problem oh no we’ve got a great relationship everything’s fantastic meanwhile the house is falling apart meanwhile the other partner is struggling to have a voice and in this bill we have a chance to discuss have that voice discuss what it wants and far from being something that Ruth doesn’t made up it’s actually what the teaching profession want to talk about because there’s a difference between ethics and behavior conduct relates to behavior ethics relates the standards and relates to professionalism and the teaching profession much like the medical profession is highly involved in very very ethical decisions every single day about working with young people and about using their professional judgment around developing the minds of the future of this country and so those ethics were what that code of ethics was about and that was a recognition of the status of profession one way that we lift the status of the profession which is the supposed function educates is to recognize that that’s what it is and that this workforce these public servants should never be shut down because educators are the critic and conscience of society not only at university but at every situation we need our educators to be free to say what they think particularly about education but in fact about anything any social issue in society because the educators are the the practitioners who reflect and this code of ethics bill is about recognizing the reflective nature of the practitioners who operate at that level and so I’m sorry about the previous speaks from the government is completely wrong about this one of the other reasons I’m really passionate about the code of ethics is that it creates an obligation under t3t of white sunny and the commitment to marty’s tongue into fennel and that for the Green Party is a pretty critical thing as well and so we’re pleased to see that this is highlighted in Ruth’s theissens bill as she has also highlighted the issue about not silencing people as critics and conscience of society so we don’t need punitive measures we need a debate about how to lift the status of the most vital profession that works with our young people every day and so the Green Party would like to see this go forward we’re pleased to support the bill and we feel sorry that the summer of love fantasy doesn’t really exist between the sector and government but when there’s a change of government where at least we’ll get to reality and we can start improving things from there so bring it on thank you very much mr. speaker mr. speaker the Honorable Joe good key I

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