Education (Teachers’ Code of Ethics) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 4
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Education (Teachers’ Code of Ethics) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 4

called Buckley thank you very much mr. speaker i rise in opposition to this bill for two reasons are firstly because it will achieve absolutely nothing at his absolute jiggery-pokery and if this is all that the Labour Party can suggest in terms of reformation of the education sector then we know we’re on the right track mr. speaker and secondly because this member’s bill rehashes a Labour Party supplementary order paper from 2014 and that education amendment bill which was before the house we oppose it then and we’re opposing to gain now mr. speaker the ironic thing is that the Labour Party puts forward a private member’s bill which is actually redundant because what’s happened since since Ruth Dyson foot the bill and that and the biscuit turn she had the opportunity to pull it out save herself some embarrassment she decided not to let it sit in there and linger collect collect crumbs and then what she did was when she saw that the professional code of ethics was released she didn’t say all right maybe I’m on the wrong track maybe the professions actually right behind list they’re right behind us and they support the approach that the government’s taking so she keeps it in there and they they once again embarrass themselves Mr Speaker I think the name proposed by Miss Dyson was previously used in 1996 by an independent voluntary teacher run fish ‘nobody there the ironic thing about that mrs. because the organisation folded after two years due to lakers report by the teachers themselves why would the Labour Party who proclaimed to be the supporters of the teaching body put forward something that’s not even supported by the teachers bodies themselves Mr Speaker I think the funny thing about this is that the Labour Party who used to be the party for the teachers the party for education that’s long gone mr. speaker under hekia parata superb leadership and the education sector bringing together a ministerial cross-sector forum reforming education act conducting a fundamental review of Education Funding initiating in her first couple of weeks as Education Minister the ministerial inquiry into sex offenders and schools which was one of the toughest things that this government’s done in its first at it sickened at his first couple of weeks and its second term and government to take on quite controversial issue and deliver a result which ultimately recommended by former Ombudsman Mel Smith former CEO of the ear Education Review office in former CEO of ministry women’s of fear stop to do they can that the first thing that government should do is implement a code of conduct well mr. speaker we’ve done that that’s what this bill sets out to achieve well this is what this bill sets out to to try and cross right right through mr. speaker and it has no fundamental value add to what this government’s done over the last six years Ruth Dyson clearly has not paid any attention to what our sectors requests are in the space clearly hasn’t paid any attention whatsoever to what’s happened in the education sector under the leadership of the Honorable hekia Parata it’s no substance as absolute jiggery-pokery labour new this bill became completely redundant as soon as the dr code of conduct was relieved but refused to withdraw wasting Parliament’s time and wasting taxpayers dollars ironic given we’re doing a funding review of the education seek to the moment mr. speaker which aspires to have a clear line of sight for value of taxpayers dollars into education they oppose that they oppose this they oppose what we’ve done in the Code of Conduct code of ethics and what it does actually mr. speaker quite apart from the politics and setting aside national that this is a national government ishit of what it does is that it’s a complete and utter insult to very highly respected people in the sector Mel Smith former Ombudsman recommended this as part of his review of Minister enquiry and six pins of school dr. Judith a conformist e of the Education Review office dr. Graham stoop who’s the current CEO of the Education Review a former CEO of education of yours current CEO of the Education Council they’re all recommending these steps at the government’s taking what Ruth Dyson fails to understand is that this isn’t about politics this is about fundamentally experts on the sector recommending some changes that will and help enhance the sector help protect the teaching profession and vulnerable children but what she does is take tries to take a potshot at the government of hotshot would be the Minister of Education utter disgrace utter waste of taxpayers dollar mr. speaker that’s why I oppose the school oh very well done Catherine Delahunty technically mr. speaker court cure coy tokoto court in airports

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