Education (Teachers’ Code of Ethics) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 11
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Education (Teachers’ Code of Ethics) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 11

the Honorable Ruth Dyson in reply and I just noticed the members more considered contribution to this debate than that of his colleagues it was appreciated his colleagues demonstrated in arrogance in a disregard in a lack of understanding of the proposal in the spill and that I find really frustrating it doesn’t take long to read a member’s bill they are very really large or complex we don’t have the advantage of government departments or agencies to write them we write them ourselves Clank what happens now that one of the members Todd Muller suggested that my bill was a waste of time this is the member who supported his colleagues writing outstanding contributions to the parliamentary process such as allowing airport companies to advertise lost books from the from the cafe at airport in different ways or met Ducey’s bill which gave companies the right to ask this year holders by lita or email if they wanted a hard copy of the annual report that’s the rubbish that those members supported to waste the time of Parliament and they hit the arrogance and the audacity to say that the skull is a waste of time at least the member who just resumed his seat acknowledged the integrity in the professionalism of teachers it’s actually what the spill is about mitchells got a track record in regard to its relation to teachers I remember when the national government removed the registration of teachers in what did they do at the same time what did they do at the same time introduced a mandatory registration for bits that’s what that government it don’t have to be reducible to be a teacher but you do have to be registered to be a vet how does that show respect towards a profession will actually it doesn’t Todd mark also come and join this site if he’s so supportive of our debate honorable Simon Bridges you’d be welcome briefly todd miller also demonstrated his ignorance of the process that the education council was going through I shouldn’t just pick on him Todd Barclay and other national contributors did as well including sadly the chair of the Education Committee my bill was put in is a response to the punitive measures introduced by the Minister of Education coupled with who disregard for teachers in the recognition of their profession in the name of the regulatory body formerly known is the teachers council it’s not something you need to die in a ditch for but if those members hid the carriage of the conviction in the confidence of the quality of their debate they would test that in a committee they would support the school to go to a committee and say let’s hear from the public let’s hear from the professionals it’s hear from parents in the broader education sector and see what their viewers but they’re not able to do that they don’t have any courage and the conviction they just have poorly written research notes probably by mr. Bishop actually judging by the quality of them that they just read out no understanding all right perhaps they weren’t their bed I apologize for that insult to the researcher who did write the notes so the education teachers code of ethics amendment bill recognizes the value in the integrity of teachers as professionals it goes to that high regard hi trust relationship that I talked about earlier it’s an aspirational code an aspirational set of principles rather than a punitive wonder his a commitment to learners to family to society in the profession mr. speaker the timing of this was that it was in the ballot until the day but for the education council released their draft code my bill came out first and then the Education Council released their draft code I am supportive of the code I think it looks good there is no guarantee that a future Minister what will appoint people who are as supportive of the profession to the council is the current makeup of it allows we could end up with a punitive regime for the code for teachers in the future this bill would future proof against it and ensure that we retain the integrity of the profession and retain the confidence of the public the question is that the motion be agreed to those of that opinion will say I they can’t we know well maybe I could maybe I could have my say first there’s delahunty I I know given our relationship for the last sort of 50 years it would be unusual the eyes heaven a party boat is called for the clerk and conductor / Devo

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