Education (Protecting Teacher Title) Amendment Bill – First Reading  – Video 9
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Education (Protecting Teacher Title) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 9

I call Erica Sanford Thank You mr. Speaker I rise to speak in opposition to the education protecting teacher title amendment bill how can I first can I first justify start by saying that I want to offer my congratulations to miss Ginny Mycroft for having her bill selected as I said earlier I’ve got a bill that I lodged today hoping that it will also be selected and just like to say congratulations well done I want to see the good intent in ms mark Roth’s bill not because she’s a new MP like me and because she’s a very nice lady we served together on the Environment Select Committee and she’s a very good member of that committee and like I say I consider her a friend but because her bill talks about the uplifting and protecting of the status of teachers and that is admirable our teachers in New Zealand are unsung heroes they are thoroughly professional people who are dedicated to the vocation and supporting their students to achieve and succeed and they often go beyond the call of duty and they do that with less acclaim than they deserve so don’t get me wrong Mr Speaker we absolutely back and celebrate teachers and we are in their court must madam speaker sir we’re in their corner but I’m not going to pretend that this bill is anything more than yet another thinly veiled attack on charter schools members of that 3-headed coalition on the other side of the house have deep-seated ideological opposition to charter schools they have it in for charter schools despite the fact despite the fact that charter schools have lower truancy rates less bullying the fact that their students have phenomenal NCEA achievement when they were failing in the mainstream but the fact that charter schools have given their students confidence self belief and a feeling of belonging this bill would restrict the title of teacher to a person who has a tertiary qualification and teaching never mind people who advertise themselves as driving teachers dance teachers or coding teachers or the self defense teachers who teach my son Alex at the bays Marshall Academy according to New Zealand first New Zealand has this huge problem with people misrepresenting themselves as teachers something that is news to most people probably listening to this debate actually this bill does misrepresent charter schools and perpetuate the myth that they are rife with teachers who are unqualified unregistered unskilled and unprofessional mr. speaker madam Speaker sorry that could not be further from the truth of its entire teaching staff Vanguard military school in my electorate I will always stand up for them a charter school of my electorate has only two unregistered teachers a Defense Force teacher teaching military studies in at arroyo teacher and under this Labour lead government Vanguard and other charter schools like it will be closed these teachers will have more to worry about than what they get called because they will be looking for jobs and their students will be looking for schools for any other teaching professionals who do keep their jobs under this coalition government well if they don’t meet the requirements of this bill they can expect to face a fine of up to $2,000 for calling themselves a teacher no matter what subject matter expertise or experience they might be imparting madam Speaker I cannot wait for the education ministers bold education summit and the ambitious work programme that he has announced today because they just might actually generate some good ideas and policy that put kids first and make constructive it occurs constructive contribution to our education system rather than what we’ve seen so far which is repealing taking away removing national standards closing down charter schools because all I have seen from this coalition government as a government that’s bereft of ideas they are writing bills to close charter schools get rid of national standards and to try and solve problems that don’t exist like this bill miss madam Speaker it’s a very poor bill with absolutely nothing to offer except to waste this houses time it’s a solution searching for a problem and we will not be supporting this bill I call Jamie strange madam Speaker it’s an honor to again follow their member on an education bill tonight is just getting better and better one education bill after another this is a government who are absolutely committed to fixing nine years of inaction in our education system nine years of not listening to teachers and we will listen to teachers and as we heard before we’ll listen to students as well which is even better I’d like to acknowledge Ginni mark Roth for bringing this bill to the house a little also night to knowledge the work they administer Tracy Martin did on this bill and as I said it’s an honor to again speak about an education bill what a great night we’re having hopefully the cricket improves though madam chair now when I’m out and about in the street I often have people come up to me former students because as many in the house will know I used to be a teacher and they come up to me and they call me mr. strange because they remember me as mr. strange sure they most of them most of them are taller than me now madam Speaker but they still call me mr. strange because there’s that honor and there’s the respect that they have for me as one of their teachers and as always always that close bond and this bill is about valuing the teaching profession it’s about putting teachers first we’ve heard about charter schools we heard about Vanguard again and part of this bill is around charter schools because as we know charter schools don’t have to employ registered teachers and we’ll be working with Vanguard and other schools to come into the into the education system but but look when you go to a school like that sometimes you’re not sure who is a teacher and who isn’t and so this is about providing clarity we we have heard about teacher shortage but if we value the profession if we esteem the profession we will have more people wanting to become teachers which will help would that teacher shortage let’s for a moment madam Speaker can’t air camp teachers with members of Parliament’s for a moment here so teachers trained for three years sometimes four sometimes five they trained and they become qualified I would question whether Samian Pisa truly qualified but people call us in peace although in terms of qualifications the my teetotaler over there the National the National member for Northland mate King is definitely qualify met mr. King I think you should think of it you should look at a leadership bid mr. King I think just a bit of advice there by getting back to the bill madam chair getting back to the bill this bill as I said it is about valuing teachers can anyone teach and that’s and that’s the key question when you look at is teaching one of those professions where anyone can just get up in front of a class and teach or do you need the training three years of training or or four or however long it might be in order to be able to teach so I’ll just share a personal story as many obviously you know I used to be a teacher I thought that teaching would be pretty easy and in my first practicum I stood up in front of the class and I gave a list of instructions for the students to do and none of them moved and I looked over my associate teacher who was training me and the associate said Jamie even I don’t know what you want them to do so the point on making beer is that there are certain skills required to be a teacher there are certain skills they need to be learned you need it through training becoming a teacher is not just like opening a box of wheat books and finding the cards and the bottom of the box and one of the cards says teacher and now all of a sudden I’m a teacher it’s more than that madam Speaker it’s more than that a couple of teachers I’ve had in my life mr. degrow and mr. Crawford unfortunately both passed on but they left a lasting legacy on my life and they were trained skilled teachers they had to be to put up with me but so the crux of this issue is what is it can anyone be a teacher can anyone just stand up and be a teacher or is being a teacher something that you need specific training specific qualifications for and this bill addresses that issue and this bill says that becoming a teacher is something that’s to be valued there’s something that has to be earned and not just anyone can be a teacher so look I commend this bill to the house I convened the value they’re places on our teaching profession and I look forward to hearing the other contributions thank you madam Speaker I called

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