Education (Protecting Teacher Title) Amendment Bill – First Reading  – Video 7
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Education (Protecting Teacher Title) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 7

I called you into meeting Thank You mr. speaker very magnanimous of the opposition here tonight to feel sorry for Ginny mayor Croft taking up this bill to Ginny I say congratulations on getting such a fine bill drawn out of the ballot because this bill is actually raising the status of the teaching profession it’s another cog in the wheel to raise the status of the teaching profession in this country and there is something that needs to happen in this country so well done to Ginny Mycroft on that but I’d also like to acknowledge the Honorable Tracy Martin who wrote this bill in the first instance because Tracy has been an amazing advocate for education in this country and I have long appreciated the work that she has done to make education stronger here in New Zealand and I would absolutely support this bill because the intent that has gone and behind us is saying that teachers matter and as a former teacher I think that is fantastic as a former teacher a lot of people think that they could do what I did and as the previous member was also a former teacher I would I would absolutely 100 percent guarantee that he would agree with me that the majority of people who think that can’t teaching is an incredibly difficult hard profession and we heard the previous speaker also talked about how why would we do this when we’re wanting to get more people into the profession there is the point if we raise the status of the profession more people want to come into the profession why do you think we have the numbers of people that want to study law medicine those professions you raise the status and more people come out sorry speaker when the statuses raise more people come into the profession it is really important the government wants teaching to be one of the most highly valued sought-after careers that beer earth and this bill is another bill that will help achieve their goal we have already as my colleague here Joel Oxton has said we have already passed the first reading of the education teaching Council of Altea or amendment bill it is now before the Select Committee and it will rename the education council as the teaching council interestingly enough at the time that that bill went through its first reading the opposition said and had a little debate around that changing of the education council tomb to teaching council but the feedback that I have had on that from teachers as vets really important the language really matters to people they’ve said this is a government who does care about us and I was really surprised when the Honorable pulse Goldsmith did say he had doesn’t see there is a big deal actually should I be surprised probably not so surprised because again it points to the opposition trivializing teachers in trivializing the teaching profession the teaching profession needs to have its status raised we talked in that that education teaching Council of Altair or first reading about how people have trivialized teaching and trivialized teachers I told the story of how when we hit I spoke a former a former elected MP who was a national impair the time who said to me that he didn’t want his sons to be teachers because teaching wasn’t a highly thought enough highly sought after and thought highly enough of profession there is an appalling attitude we need to change that in this country we need more people and teaching and I really commend this bill because there is one way that we can do this now the opposition has brought up inconsistencies with the New Zealand Bill of Rights that’s for the Select Committee process that can make those refinements and look at their that’s why it is important that we send immense message to our teaching profession here this evening that we are going to help raise that status of that profession by protecting their title take it to Select Committee and look at those refinements so I commend this bill thank you

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