Education (Protecting Teacher Title) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 5
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Education (Protecting Teacher Title) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 5

putting this bill I call Chloe schwarber tomorrow 18 are 18 I go through this Friday I would like to congratulate congratulate her first and foremost Ginny Mycroft for having this build one which as the Honorable Paul Goldsmith has noted the original Drori author was the associate minister for education the Honorable Tracy Martin so as has been noted by a number of speakers who have spoken before me on this piece of legislation and there are lot of education bills currently going before the house and I think what that speaks to is the priority that this government places on education which I personally think and the Green Party thinks is awesome so this bill essentially does what it says on the box it protects teacher title to echo the sentiments of one Joel Oxton my colleague and the Labor Party this is about the status of the profession how is it that you know a doctor can call themselves a doctor and expect nobody else to do so that a lawyer can call themselves a lawyer and expect nobody else to do so it’s because they have progressed through the requisites training in order to Don that title that title holds status and it holds immense value the premise of this fella is to ensure that that value is protected for our teachers who actually go through quite a bit of training in order to stand before their classrooms and do teaching I’d like to touch on as well at what the Honorable Paul Goldsmith said around this being a basic title the title of teachers I think it’s a little bit disappointing to hear from Paul Goldsmith this is not and a basic title here we are talking about the people who are educate sing the next generation to reiterate what I’ve just said previously this is about ensuring that we see the value as a government as a parliament as a House of Representatives and the work that these teachers do to draw some kind of parallel I think it would be incredibly interesting to see the response of certain politicians in this house should we suggest that it would be alright for average members of the public to be calling themselves the Honorable you know to draw this this parallel out about how you know we hold titles in this house in those titles we consider to be somewhat important there are official titles that we can use in corridor and dialogue with each other and we’re expected to use them because they are of course formal titles they hold value they demonstrate the Mucky that people have put in to holding those titles and so you know it’s also been noted that this is something which is supposedly ideologically driven you know it’s about charter schools and it is actually indeed our premise on charter schools and what’s the previous government did with those charter schools and enabling people who did not hold the qualifications of teachers to stand before our kids and teach them no no they do not know that it is not universal I would add Mac King so and this is this is absolutely a premise and was introduced with those in mind this is all part of a massive work program I would not that I’m incredibly honored to be working on with the Associate Minister for Education Tracy Martin who was the original Drori author of the spell and the Minister for Education Chris Hopkins to Arthur to use the words of one honorable are called God’s me so in summation miss speaker this is a small but significant step towards ensuring that we as a government as a parliament as a House of Representatives move towards recognizing the value that teachers generate in our society and the work that they have put in to holding that kind of position so I look forward to hearing from the general public on this bill at the Select Committee stage and would like to say that my views diverge from one second though I do think that it is really crucial that we are having these conversations with the general public it is important that our work vote aside because that is what we in this house are paid to do Mr Speaker I commend this bill to the house and the green party will be voting for it through two sleek messy as a matter of fact I’ll add the Honourable to

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