Education (Protecting Teacher Title) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 3
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Education (Protecting Teacher Title) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 3

posing this bill I called Joel Oxton mr. speaker thank you for the opportunity to steamed in speak for the first time on this member’s bill this bill is in the Jay in the name of Ginnie Mae craft of diesel and fish and I congratulate her on what is a small but very important bill that means the Education Act of 1989 with several other amendments to the Education Act of 1989 we have seen teachers or people teaching our children that are not qualified is teachers who have not trained in qualified as teachers so this bill seeks to address that so what is the intent of this bill it is to lift the status of teachers but wait what is this strange and unusual concept let me repeat it to lift the status of teachers well I tell you finally finally we have a government that if Chile wants to lift the status of teachers in Venice reflected in this bill our O’Call when I was a group at high school in the guidance counselor or whatever you have whatever they are called Gisborne high school Campion College that’s right asked me what my what I intended to do in our life school I was young and I see it I want to be a hairdresser and they said no John you are better than there you are more capable of that why not consider being a teacher now if only we held teachers and that high regard today as they did back neither we wouldn’t be having Dressen invesco another example I have is in the early childhood center that I own we have lots and lots of Filipino families and Filipino families when their children arrive at the center they tend to just push them in the door and say goodbye and we wanted to understand why they did that so we asked them to come and address us and explain it and they said because you are the teachers you are qualified we are just the parents although I will not belittle their in any way shape or form because it is hugely important but they acknowledged you are the teachers that’s right so this mr. speaker is such an exciting time to be involved in education in the teaching profession what we have here is a government that is intent on reversing the D professionalization of teachers this government has a vision not only for education but also for the teaching profession we are already seeing that with our introduced bills the introduced bill that was recently introduced the education teaching Council of all 10 or amendment bill and we are also seeing it with the and with the government’s initiatives around wanting to bring back 100% qualified teachers and early childhood education centers how fantastic is that for the early childhood teaching profession I can recall and I think I have said this before when I spoke on the education teaching Council of old Tara amendment act I trained and studied hard to become a qualified teacher and I’ve had to put up with comments of being nothing but a glorified babysitter nothing but the chief nappy change in things like that now I worked hard and I study hard and I’ve got my qualification and so by rights I am a teacher and that is something I hold in very high regard that’s right I can’t go around and say I’m a lawyer I can’t go around and say I’m a doctor why because I haven’t trained in qualified to be one and I’d probably be in quite serious trouble if I did so why should the teaching profession be recognized as anything less so I just want to say that teachers again spend several years studying in training to become qualified and we want teaching to be seen as a valued career choice and is a fantastic profession to get into you know we are working and teaching the next generation and we need to ensure that we’ve got the best qualified teachers in front of our tamariki teaching them giving them the skills giving them the skills to have lifelong learning skills actually in education and so I just also want to finish off by saying that this bill will lift the status of the early childhood teaching profession and I absolutely where that hesitation can mean this bill to the house [Applause]

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