Education (Protecting Teacher Title) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 2
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Education (Protecting Teacher Title) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 2

the question is that the motion be agreed to I call the Honourable Nicky Kaye mr. speaker can i McGeehan acknowledge jr Malkoff for bringing this bill to the house but I also want to acknowledge Tracy Martin as Ginny has also acknowledged who did the work on this bill and but the first thing that I want to say is there is no doubt in my mind that every member of parliament in this house values the teachers of New Zealand we all know more than ever the huge role that they play in our society and so the question is can we do some things to ensure that teachers are valued more then members on this side would absolutely support that however there is not what this bill is about this bill has several major flaws and if you want if you don’t believe me and you’re watching the telly then read the Bill of Rights report by the Attorney General the Labor Minister David Parker because he effectively has written half of my speech today and it is ironic that a party like the Labour Party that says that they support freedom is voting for a bill that the Attorney General the Labour Minister has said in his words and his words the bill appears to be inconsistent with section 14 of the Bill of Rights Act and the inconsistency cannot be justified under Section 5 of that Act that reason alone is a reason to vote down this bill and that’s one of the major reasons as to why I will be voting down this bill but the other point that we want to make at the outset is that we don’t believe and putting up legislation when there isn’t a problem there aren’t a whole lot of people out there going out and misrepresenting themselves as teachers we know there is already a provision within the legislation section 303 48 that deals with people who could be misrepresenting themselves it’s already in but there isn’t a big problem here the next point that I want to make is when you look at this bill it refers to partnership schools this is one of the reasons that this bill has come to the house as as a result of partnership schools isn’t that a bit ironic isn’t that a bit ironic that we have a piece of legislation in here and part because of partnership schools when potentially New Zealand first hasn’t listened to what the Labour Party is actually putting up they have another piece of legislation before their house which is completely getting rid of the partnership schools model so not only do we not have a problem here of a whole lot of teachers must representing themselves we also have another piece of legislation in the parliament that seeks to get rid of partnership schools model so it’s not a reason for this bill to come to the house by coming back to the very important bill of rights issues and I think again I do want to quote some of David Parker’s not the Ministry of Justice the Attorney General his report on this bill and the point that he makes ism is in my view not only is there not a problem not only is the government getting rid of partnership schools so there’s even not a problem there but then it will be harmful this film will actually be harmful and he he talks about in his report the fact that you have a whole lot of people at the moment for which they might be dance teachers they might be yoga teachers but they are using that word teacher and that the impact of putting a bill like this through to their lives could be quite significant and he actually says the restriction imposed by the bill would impose a significant limit on the ability of these people ordinarily thought as teachers to conduct their business and described themselves as teachers so that is from the labor attorney general it is gobsmacking that this bill is being supported to go through the house another paragraph and point that the Attorney General makes is it’s not just about the impact on potentially some of those people who might be limited there already to teach but also those people that might be dance teachers or yoga teachers he also says unlike other protected titles such as lawyer there are numerous people who legitimately use the title teacher to earn their livelihoods indeed the natural reading of Clause 5 would also prevent any businesses using the word teacher in their title for instance if they were selling teaching supplies the limit the bill places on freedom of expression is significant so not only do we have a situation that there isn’t a problem here not only do we have a situation that power ship schools are being repealed so their original reason for the problem doesn’t exist we also have a situation where the Attorney General is saying it’s going to limit the ability of people to go about their ordinary lives if they are dance teachers or yoga teachers but also there’s a whole lot of other businesses in New Zealand that may have the word teacher and their title for which the Attorney General says could be impacted by the Spill and we don’t know what the cost could be what the impact on their lives and their businesses could be so we’re very clear on the side of the house of course we massively value the role in the importance of teachers and we believe the way to lift the status of the profession is by doing things like supporting communities of learning by improving professional development by doing what you all have talked about improving that our teacher training all of these things will make a huge and significant difference and raise the value of teachers not a fundamentally flawed bill that restricts a basic freedom of expression of New Zealanders that’s why we will be opposing this bill I called Joel Oxton

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