Education (Protecting Teacher Title) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 1
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Education (Protecting Teacher Title) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 1

guys habit call on members order of the day number for education protecting teacher title amendment bill at first reading Kyoto Mr Speaker I call Jenny Markoff I move that the education protection protecting teacher title amendment bill be now read a first time and I nominate the education and Workforce select committee to consider the bill mr. speaker this bill removes the ability of those who have not gained a qualification and teaching from using the title teacher I’d like to mention my colleague at this point the Honorable Tracy Martin she’s the author of this bill and she’s a passionate education advocate so I’m honored today to bring this member’s bill to the house and I’d just like to mention New Zealand first is a bit of a lucky party in terms of members bills tonight we’ve had Fletcher T Berto his bill the Kiwi fund bill passed through its first reading and now I have my first member’s bill drawn from the very first ballot of my parliamentary career so I am feeling a tad lucky tonight I’d like to talk on this bill because it is a great challenge to the New Zealand education system at the moment that’s almost everyone believes this is the biggest challenge almost everyone believes that they can teach now teaching is in fact very complex teachers who are specifically trained are able to design programs of learning that are directly in response to the diverse educational and learning requirements of our communities there is a wide range of learning requirements for our students teachers must not only be skilled in the curriculum and specialist subjects but in imparting that knowledge on to others effective teachers will design programs of learning that recognise diverse learners Mr Speaker I have been made aware that it was back in the 51st Parliament members of the former government who said on the Education and Science Select Committee had seriously argued that it’s not the education you receive but the cool tie that you wear that will determine a student’s future the previous national government allowed charter schools to put untrained and unqualified individuals into classrooms and call themselves teachers over the last nine years there’s been an expansion of what in reality as teaching apprentices into our classrooms by the teach versus Eden program now this is not an attack on these apprentices but this is a statement of fact that they’re learning on the job and are not yet trained and qualified teachers in fact there’s been two years before they do become fully qualified furthermore we’re not saying that those who currently teach in schools with a background and a specific topic that they teach are not efficient educators we are saying there should be differentiation between those who are trained in the practice of educating and these subject matter experts this will not stop these individuals from continuing to teach this differentiation will also facilitate better understanding for parents it is our view that it has become increasingly difficult for the public particularly following the introduction of charter schools to be confident that the title teacher used by individual means that person is adequately qualified for them to leave the teaching and learning of their children now under the spell all parents can be assured that their child’s teacher is an education specialist we believe that clarity around the use of the title teacher is essential in order to avoid any misunderstanding by the public about qualifications registration status and professional oversight by the person’s using the title of teacher the current governments are in the process of significantly reforming the education system since taking office just last year the protecting teacher title bill would complement the changes to the teaching Council of Ontario and the process of charter schools becoming special character schools now following on from today’s announcement by the Minister of Education the Honorable Chris Hopkins in a three-year work plan for education announcement the associate minister of Education Kelvin Davis highlighted the priority of lifting achievement for Maori students through professional development of a work player work face of culturally competent teachers now this bill aims to reinforce that teaching is a profession and like many professions you cannot give yourself this title without doing the hard work and gaining the appropriate qualifications we know that it’s not the pay or the glamour so what is it what draws people into the classroom to become teachers at the profession whose status has been under attack for the past nine years a profession that many people think they can do because once they went to school or because they have consistently heard that those who can’t do teach we need this rhetoric to stop this is a profession when done right can inspire a single individual or a whole group of people to become the best that they can be it can provide a springboard of lifting people out of poverty it’s the profession that pearance across the country and trusts the etomidate key for hours and hours and in a day weeks and years of their lives to be nurtured and developed and to have their eyes open to a totality of possibilities to begin the journey of meeting their potential in the 21st century nothing is more important than the role of our teachers the profession is not just a job it’s a huge responsibility using the title of teacher should be safeguarded in the same way as being a doctor a judge or an engineer in New Zealand that responsibility is not reflected in their teachers professional status however in Finland this is one of the most sought-after respected and highly prized professions in the country and Finland the status of teachers is on a par with being a brain surgeon high-quality teachers are the hallmark of Finland’s education system annual national opinion polls have repeatedly shown that teaching in Finland is the most admired profession and primary school teacher teaching is the most sought-after career and this is New Zealand first vision for teaching and teachers and ot or New Zealand now we acknowledge that some have expressed concern about this bill and we also thank those who have articulated their support to its first reading to get this bill to Select Committee there’s a swathe of professions that have their title protected and I could list many of them and some of them are unusual titles and some of them are standard through the health system many of those professions are listed and and protected you may be interested to know and probably the one I find probably the most interesting they have their protected title cadastral surveyor mr. speaker the education protecting teacher title amendment bill will ensure that those who use the title teacher must be qualified with the required training and skills with several amendments to the Education Act 1989 over the recent years it’s now possible to have individuals and classrooms who have no recognised teaching qualification therefore they should not be able to use the title of teacher they may use other titles such as educator or tutor lecturer or whatever but but the title of teacher must be restricted to those who have completed recognised qualifications this will provide a clear message for parents caregivers and students that the individual using the title has in fact trained and completed the training as a teacher now we note as I’m sure the opposition will the concern from the Ministry of Justice suggesting that this bill breaches in New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 they comment that and I refer to point number two we have concluded that the bill appears to be inconsistent with the right of freedom of expression affirmed and section fourteen of the Bill of Rights Act however I draw the members attention to number eight and I quote a section 14 of the Bill of Rights Act confirms that everyone has the right to freedom of expression including the freedom to seek receive and impart information and opinions of any kind in any for the freedom of expression is as wide as human thought and imagination and includes any activity which conveys or attempts to convey a meaning I would welcome Select Committee scrutiny of this advice and how that affects other professions say gas-fitters or plumbers or lawyers now by providing this simple method of identification parents truly have the choice when it comes to who is leading the learning in their child’s education if the teacher title is protected this is a simple clarification that will support the professional status of teachers it will send a clear message to our teachers across all tier or New Zealand that they are valued Mr Speaker I commend this house this bill to the house the question is that the motion be agreed to

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