Education (National Education and Learning Priorities) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 7
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Education (National Education and Learning Priorities) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 7

port this wonderful new member’s bill I called the honor of the term megiddo curator WA tena koe Toyota firing sir customer by slightly gobsmacked to hear Chen Logie described this bill as a paradigm shift in thinking because as will have been apparent to anybody who was listening to this debate prior to their dinner adjournment in fact it’s one of the lightest bills as far as having anything of substance to discuss of anything that we’ve considered in a very long period of time but let me start on a positive first I want to congratulate antonetti on having her bill drawn as somebody who is now in his 10th year in this house and has waited ten people nine and a half years still for that privilege I find for it to happen to somebody had been here for about ten weeks when her bill was drawn a little bit infuriating buddy congratulation ten and I also would like genuinely to congratulate her on the way that she chaired the education and Workforce Select Committee this morning she was the Deputy Chair and this morning she was filling in and I thought she did a very good job so well done and thank you for that but I have to say to the member I cannot support this bill and it’s not just because it is a stocking filler but I do want to remind a members of the opposition I’m sorry members of the government particularly while the leader of the house is here well the leader of the house is here that when labor were in opposition not so long ago they always used to rail against stocking fillers on the days of private member’s bills and sometimes I felt they were very churlish and unkind in those particularly measures that they describe it as such but Mr Speaker there is no question that this couldn’t unusually the argument we heard from the Labor Party was why not just shove this bill into a statutes amendment bill and it could be dealt with very very quickly we wouldn’t have to use up a lot of the house time well here we are on members day which comes around once a fortnight usually in the timetable of the house it is very special to members and we’d all like to be able to debate matters of substance particularly to be able to advance measures that really will make a difference our communities and improve the laws of this land and often the opportunity to do that is by having a bill that probably wouldn’t make it onto the government’s agenda just because of the pressure on what they can get through but the members day is a really good way of getting this true so I have to assume that antonetti has the numbers some realistic I can do the maths and therefore I want to make this point to her particularly having referred to the fact that she is a member of the committee that I assumed the bill would be referred to and she was chairing it this morning our committee is going to be very busy over the next few months because not only do we have the education amendment bill that was debated last week and that is substantial and very contentious and that’s going to draw probably quite a lot of submissions and require a lot of work but we also because of the way in which this committee is now structured had the Employment Relations bill and that of course it’s going to be hugely demanding for all the members of the committee and these are substantial waiting things that all members should be all members of the committee should be applying their attention to and I really have to ask why on earth we would be trying to squeeze something like this in and requiring submitters to come before the committee to talk about something that is of so little significance now unfortunately the debate was broken up by the dinner adjournment so they’ve just point out for those who may not have been listening that far from the paradigm shift that Jan Logie mentioned this is about very slight rewording of a few paragraphs for instance the bill replaces the sentence to focus on helping each child and young person to attain educational achievement to the best of his or her potential with this to provide learning experiences that support children and young people to reach their potential and a system that aims to achieve equitable outcomes for all and so it goes on there’s so little change in this that you have to ask why on earth would a select committee be required to look at it and I’ll just close by making the pointed Ms Logie commented on the fact that in a disparaging way she suggested that members of the side of the house don’t value teachers well I can assure you that we do and as one of the former teachers who was in the National Party caucus I can assure her we do but to suggest that we don’t value teachers and that we seldom think about children is completely contradicted by the debate we had last week on the much more substantive measure the education amendment bill when it was members on that side of the house who spoke solely about systems and unions and I don’t think I’ve ever heard the word children being mentioned and in that particular bill where children should be at the heart of any substantive changes particularly whether we’re getting rid of national standards or getting rid of partnership schools that is surely when we should be looking at the interests of children this bill sir will not do that the honor

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