Education (National Education and Learning Priorities) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 6
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Education (National Education and Learning Priorities) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 6

a carton a tatata it’s funny before the dinner break we were on the first reading of the education national education and learning priorities amendment bill gen Logie had the call and she has three minutes and ten seconds remaining to speak J Logan Thank You mr. speaker and so again to congratulate the member for being in the house for such a short time and being lucky enough to hold on but a very good bill based in your leadership and your experience from the community so it’s welcome to this house and so as I was saying before the dinner bells rang that I was speaking on behalf of our new education spokesperson close forbit who’s been visiting a number of schools around the country and has been being introduced to some student leaders as she’s been going around and she’s noticed that fact that she tends to be introduced to the scholars and the sports stars and the prefix these young people who put in the really hard work and are doing really well and but it is she has noticed that they tend to be the young people who have worked out how to navigate the system and who the system is working for which is great that we have young people in that situation but there is a problem as she’s pointed out when we subconsciously don’t hear or don’t seek out the voices of young people who aren’t currently being served by our education system and when we’re not seeking out those voices we’re at risk of perpetuating a system that too many young people fall through the cracks and the opportunity to change that exists with actively consulting young people and so that’s one of the reasons that the Green Party is so excited to support this bill it adds a requirement for the Minister of Education to consult with young people in setting the National Education and learning priorities for the country and that’s a massive paradigm shift so frequently in this house when we’re debating education we hear people talking about parents and we talk about teachers usually in a complementary way on this side of the house not so much on that side and often only here MPs mentioned children when they speak seek to speak on their behalf and most of them include myself in that so the requirement to consult with children represents a conscious change it puts children at the center of Education where they belong and for most teachers they know that child centered learning is the best type of teaching and so this is building it into the whole system not just in the classroom and so I know that Chloe’s Warbeck is really looking forward to seeing the submissions that come before the education and Workforce select committee and we are very happy to support this wonderful new members bill I called the Honourable Tim naked

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