Education (National Education and Learning Priorities) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 10
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Education (National Education and Learning Priorities) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 10

Thank You speaker I called Jamie strange mr. speak I’m delighted to stand to talk about this excellent bill bill whose time has come mr. speaker I’d like to thank Jane to Nettie for bringing this bill to the house now I’ve known Jane for a while and her passion for the education system is second to none so Thank You Jan and Jan believes and putting children first and I’d like to also congratulate the member opposite who almost did do her five minutes um I think she did maybe four minutes teens that wasn’t too bad but I would like to mention I just pick up on something the members said so the members to met partnership schools and she was talking about partnership skills in terms of consulting with the children and the partnership schools well she has spoken about that a lot in the house well this bill does talk about consulting with children and that’s a key aspect a key aspect of this bill because mr. speaker children do know a lot of things in fact I’ve got four young children and sometimes they think they know a bit more than dead but they probably do actually it’s particularly on my phone whenever my phone gets broken they I’ll give it to them and they they tell me to do something there but certainly young people do know about their education system and I think that’s absolutely fantastic that we’ve just heard from the minister how he is also excited about putting young people at the center of our education system we do have a world-class curriculum and it’s a diverse curriculum there’s a huge amount of aspects to it not just literacy and numeracy as we found out this week and this bill here is about is about amending the Education Act to align the enduring objectives for the education learning system more closely with that curriculum and obviously as we talked about requiring consultation so some of the key learning priorities that this bill supports so it supports learners who are resilient now as most of us will know and most of us will agree resilience is vital for young people as we go through life we have ups and down and the importance of getting up again is vital for lifelong learning there’s a key aspect here around creativity teachers are preparing students for jobs that don’t currently exist and that’s one of the challenges that that some teachers have in our education system how do you prepare someone for a job that doesn’t currently exist and one of the key aspects of doing that is the word creativity so areas like the arts where you develop a creative mind are absolutely vital and this is another of the learning priorities that this bill will support employers want creativity then the changing workforce and other aspect is around communication and interpersonal skills and so these are also involved and like I said it’s now in our world-class curriculum and this bill helps improve these by putting the child at the center of the learning I once taught a young a young boy I’ll name him Jimmy and he struggled it’s always do me oh no oh no um Jimmy but he struggled in school various aspects literacy and numeracy he was in fact he was well below so in terms of national standards he was a failure for eight years of his schooling I came across him when he was 12 so he was he was labeled a failure for eight years under national standards but when it came to music Jimmy was a natural he naturally excelled and I bet you Jimmy Hendrix and and I made a big deal out of this because I could see his confidence start growing and confidence is one of the key learning priorities that this bill supports because without confidence mr. speaker it’s very difficult to go through life and to achieve your full potential there’s other aspects around learning priorities that that this bill will accentuate collaboration independent learning so young people taking ownership for their own learning I believe education is one of the most important investments a government can make education is one of the key things in life that opens up opportunity it’s a great leveler and I’m proud that this government is valuing our education system we’ve had a number of bills come through already around education and this is just another in that long line and so Mr Speaker I commend this build of the house I think the member jan10 ad for the for the incredible amount of work she’s done on this and I look forward to it passing and going through a select committee thank you I called Danny

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