Education Amendment Bill (No 2) – First Reading – Video 4
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Education Amendment Bill (No 2) – First Reading – Video 4

be proud an idea for commune the spill to the house I call dr. pam chief Pamela thank you madam Speaker for this opportunity to speak on the education amendment bill number two this bill amends 3x so obviously there is a list of things that this bill does and this is the list that we do not agree with and I haven’t seen any good reason so far from the two speeches that we had from government side that would convince us to agree with the provisions that are proposed in this legislation madam Speaker was very interesting that the member who spoke before me was really reluctant when she spoke about the education council and the provision that is in this bill that affects the education council legislation that passed earlier this week yes earlier this week on Tuesday we passed a legislation that was because government members supported it it was a government bill that was education teaching council of out Ururoa amendment bill in that bill the big argument we heard from the minister and all members on that side was that they want to make education council or now teaching council an independent body independent of government independent of the minister so they wanted to increase the membership on it increase it from current 213 can I bring a member picture the specific bill if the Menai wants to speak about the education council there is a provision within this No yes discusses and referring to a previous book yes thank you madam Speaker so I’m actually going back to state that that big argument we heard about the independence of that education bill from the minister or from the government actually is ruled out because of this bill so the provision in this bill is connected to the legislation that was passed earlier this week so it’s important to give that background to people those who are just focusing on this legislation that the other legislation said that that education council is going to be independent and the basis of bringing elected and appointed members on to that that mix of elected and appointed members was that that it’s going to be an independent council but now in this legislation we have four main provisions and one of the provision says that the Education Council will have to work within the context of government policy so real is that independence that the minister was claiming and that other legislation when we had first second third reading and we pass it through the committee stage because government members supported that legislation so that independence that was talked about in the other legislation does not exist and I think the minister must have thought that it will be easy to slip it through in another legislation and then later on he realized that this provision should come into effect when the other legislation that was passed earlier this week will come into effect because it’s all connected and so yes didn’t get that opportunity to give that big gap and so madam Speaker we are quite disappointed that this provision actually should have been in the other legislation so that we could see the whole picture of the Education Council that the minister of this government proposed and but that didn’t happen that didn’t happen and what we saw was that from the education council that big emphases we had on leadership and governance that was taken out and now we understand why because it has to work according to the government policy so that leadership and governance that was required that we had put in is actually not required because the minister doesn’t want that Minister doesn’t want the Education Council to be self regulated he’s taken those components out it’s all about government control it’s all about nanny state approach on the education council and we can see the and the other provisions in this bill exactly the same same thing it’s the nanny state approach ma’am speaker the second thing I want to talk about is the is about in this legislation is is about getting rid of communities of online learning provision that was put in place by national in 2017 yes there was plenty of time to establish communities of online learning this is about giving access to people those who cannot be physically in a classroom cannot be physically next to an University they could be living in different parts of her country but they want to access education this could be part-time or full-time so why would an Education Minister take away access to education from these people those who cannot be physically in a classroom I simply do not understand I didn’t get any good reason for this to be repealed so we want to see that technology’s actually adopted in the education sector this is a good way that people those who cannot so there are some people they don’t want to do full-time studies then I want to just do part-time studies and sometimes it doesn’t work with their other commitments and so they yes they want online tuitions they want online learning but with this provision that is going to be repealed so people will not have access to online learning because of this provision in this legislation and I think madam Speaker it’s because private providers can provide online access to learning and we can see that this Minister is auntie provider private providers he’s getting rid of he’s already got rid of partnership schools so he wants to get rid of communities of online learning only to get rid of private education providers because there is another another provision in this bill which is about again private education providers I understand the basis that is given in this legislation that is to make sure that students are looked after well and we want to make sure that all our schools are able to look after students in terms of any physical or emotional harm that is kept to negligible and schools should have system to control that but what this minister is saying that the Secretary of Education will look at this factor while registering the school and if the Secretary of Education thinks that there are some concerns then they can actually cancel the registration so to me the way I read the bill it appears that it will be really easy for the Ministry of Education to cancel the registration of private schools when we compare it with state schools so why are we making it easier for private schools to be shut down based on this concern when we compare that with state schools so again madam Speaker I have this concern that the minister is definitely targeting private education providers the fourth provision in this bill which is a very interesting Bank a 1 and I guess we all are passionate about this because this is about children starting school so fifth birthday is special for every child it’s not special just because it’s a number five it’s also special because the very next day if it’s a school going day then that child starts school and there is a lot of excitement in the family as well because they’ll take that young one to the the uniform show of trial the uniform on take several pictures and then the kid is also looking forward to starting school but now the age of five years is not going to remain connected to school starting age so what we did we wanted to make it easier for schools to make sure that they understand what their enrolment is we wanted to make it easier for early childhood education centers to make sure they understand what their enrolment is and also to make it easier for parents from 1st of January 2018 we said that if there is a child that is within two months that is eight weeks of five years of age can start school at the start of the dump so that was just to make it easy it’s not like four year or three year olds are starting school there is no harm if kids are able to learn from the earlier age and that is why we want to see them to be going to early childhood education center so that they can interact with other children there they can interact with their teachers and they can understand what learning environment looks like but now this Minister is saying that actually no they cannot start school at that time they can start school only after after they are five yes after they are five so there will be cohort entries for a first one at the start of the term and the second one sometime during during the term so there could be some children they’ll have two that will have to wait for two to three months to start school after they turn five how fair is this for a children it’s not fair at all it’s not fair at all we know that some students some students in year 12 they get enough credits and they start University without doing year 13 so I think that is the next thing the minister will do block kids accessing university earlier if they are capable so what I have seen in this whole legislation actually what I’ve seen is yep good that control nanny-state approach through the education council bill which passed earlier this week and now we see that it is going to work within the government policy and then we are seeing another nanny state approach how they want to control a school entry of children how they want to control communities of online learning because they do not want actually they’re denying access to education access to learning I just simply don’t understand how can this be an education education bill this is a bill which or if you just look at the name of the bill you would think that it is going to improve access to education make it better for everybody to access education but it’s not it’s not because because first it was misleading one of the one of the bills that was passed earlier this week because we did not see the whole thing in that one legislation it came out in this legislation and the other provisions that are coming are actually denying access to education or delaying access to education denying when I talk about the communities of online learning a repeal of that provision and delaying when I’m talking about year five students starting school so we oppose this legislation madam Speaker thank you I call Matt Harrison I rise on behalf of Jersey on the first two

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