Education Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 5
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Education Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 5

I call the Honourable Tracey Marshall thank you madam Speaker I rise to speak on the education amendment bill and for the first time and the years that I’ve been in this Parliament it’s a pleasure to rise to speak on an education amendment bill I know I want to be I want to be very clear yes you can hear out there and you know on the radio those listening on the radio those watching livestream at what you can hear is a national government freaking out because what’s very interesting about this piece of legislation I want to make this a hundred percent clear this legislation does not close a single charter school now you see and then there’s the problem mr. Seymour’s just go on a picnic because he doesn’t seem to understand this either this piece of legislation does not close a single charter stall what it does do madam Speaker is it removes the capacity for any more to be opened so this doesn’t shut anything but it means no more can be opened this first fact right second fact the the levers that are currently able to be used by the current Minister of Education around charter schools and their futures were put into place by the National Party and hekia Parata we have changed no legislation we have not introduced any other tool by which these schools can be managed and I go to talk about fungo Ludo and the very instrument that is at the disposal of the current Minister of Education which was used by the Minister of Education hekia Parata to close that school was put into place and voted on by the Act party and the National Party so I just want to be a hundred percent clear when we’re in this conversation who put in place the tools to close charter schools and it was David see more of the Act party and hekia Parata of the National Party now let’s have a conversation about wasting money shall we four point eight million dollars listen up mateys because it was your party four point eight million dollars of taxpayers money given by the National Party to follow to trust who now owns a farm they all own a farm how many times did the National Party Minister of Education hekia Parata stand up and say we are working through opportunities to bring back that tax payer purchased asset and through the state and underneath the state umbrella how many times and I challenge any member over there to provide me with any evidence that that was ever done I challenge any member over there to provide me with any evidence that the previous government sought to repatriate repatriate that farm and that four point something million dollars mr. Simo I want to talk also about the fact madam Speaker that somehow people think that when this bill passes there’s no opportunity for pen guard for example or no opportunity for villa schools I just like to mention I’ve visited Vanguard are you as you suggesting that I shoot myself is that why you’re sending mail order order I bring me into the debate sorry ma’am point of order madam Speaker point of order it was a Haitian signal of a gun to the head by one of the new members of the National Party point of speaking to the point of order myself clearly said it’s a gun to be here it’s not a negotiation I would never can you say such a thing there was a gesture made yeah withdraw and apologize if that’s what she believed that it was but it wasn’t does a member feel she was more in some apology yes please remember a word I was drawing apologize thank you appreciate that Honorable Tracy Marshall thank you madam Speaker so let’s just be clear so it’s being suggested that that none of the things provided by charter schools for example and the two schools that have constantly talked about Villa schools those I have visited I have visited Elwin pool at his school Vanguard I have visited I visited Nick and the other students at Vanguard school I visited they could open for a day because unlike the suggestion from the members of the opposition it’s not ideology it’s about students it’s about student it’s about models and I just want to point out madam Speaker what I have here pictures are and this is to educate not only the public but the members of the opposition these are all the trade academies these are all the service academies of military service academies available in state schools across New Zealand this is the mapping that model is available in the state system and has been since the Education Act 1989 was first introduced there 23 trade academies where students can actually go and be funded – not only from here 11 – year through 13 not only get NCAA credits but also get level 1 level 2 level 3 and so trade qualifications there are 28 services academies 28 Services academies which have a military ethos and so there is no need to panic for those parents who believe that a military-style services style model will not be available for their students and we hope we wish we are in conversations with Vanguard because we want Vanguard to work with us to transition these students with that model grow that model learn from that model as they are there I have delegations around alternative schools that model is already available and has been available for some time unfortunately this legislation the ability to open charter schools was put in place by an ignorant government and ignorant government who did not know what was available already inside the state system and ignorant government that had marketed themselves on bulk funding back in the 1990s and finally found a partnership with the Act party – by stealth bring bulk funding back into the education system of New Zealand I will just start to close madam Speaker on national standards I have recently been in conversations with a particular political party that we’re rather in depth and what I found very interesting was that during some of those conversations and since then publicly a member of that political party has talked about how there was recognition that they needed to move to progressions that they recognized that national standards and a line in the sand were not working and were not appropriate and that they needed to move to progressions and Nikita the Honorable nikki kay mentioned it in this house during her speech just earlier today the curriculum levels in 2009 the New Zealand curriculum which was and I believe it was them not good Smith I understand it was not good Smith that all the work on the New Zealand curriculum a proud National Party member a man who understood education and worked with the sector to create the New Zealand curriculum and the progressions that are inside that document progressions that parents understand because they mirror in some way the growth progressions that they already know with regard to their children’s growth at Plunkett because what it is we were talking academic growth of children in the similar way that we were talking about physical growth of children nobody expects every child to be at the same height on the same day at the same time and that’s why even the Honorable nikki kay talked today earlier in her contribution about knowing that they needed to shift to progressions so it’s a it’s very difficult for the members of the opposition to stand knowing that they were about to change their policy anyway and national standards have been removed they’ve been removed the administration burden that was on them has been taken away that has been on schools and we have had nothing but sort of comment after comment after comment from parents from teachers from students about the removal of national standing now and there’s no point better than the thing is what I find really interesting is when the opposition the opposition says they’re you to the opposition says they yet to the unfortunate thing as people can see those that there’s no point having that conversation words so they don’t bother to actually reach out and have that conversation with certain members of the National Party but Minister Kaye mr. K already acknowledged that there was a need to move to progressions so we will be working with the sector we will be having the nationwide conversation to actually talk with the New Zealand parents the sector anybody even the members of the opposition can participate if they like about setting that the criteria of what a success in this country and we will take education forward but we will not continue to burden either the sector or our children with an arbitrary line in the sand that everybody needs to try and jump over and some have been teachers that are sitting over that side and some know exactly what I’m talking about some know about those students some know about those students that require more that require the confidence of knowing that they are good at something that they moved from there to there some on that side of the house who have been teachers also know that progression takes place at different at different speeds for some children or you might get great progression in one year at flatlines for a period while you entrench that learning and then you go on those are real education conversations that should have been had in this house not about an arbitrary line set in the sand not about a packed tool that was to try and get teachers to fit inside a box to tick box off and to dumb down the profession nor should it have been a conversation where we took away the status of our teaching professionals decided that we would bulk fund others and leave that profession out to dry sure madam Speaker

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