Education Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 14
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Education Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 14

I call gentility Rico this is a great day for public education this is the best day because today we are writing an attack that was made on our public education system that started with a false crisis and education that was constructed to by the previous government to bring in their ideological policies back in 2008 why when we were one of the most high-performing systems in the world were we then blended with problems then they were problems to us those of us that worked in the sector such as national standards but then when we got charter schools you know what Mr Speaker I think it was about the distraction the politics of distraction and one of the previous governments graces educationalists that they quoted a lot professor John Hattie talks about the politics of distraction distraction number one appease the parents and that’s what we’ve heard here a lot in the House today is appeasing the parent but they weren’t my parents my parents of my school hated national standards we would have sessions on them they didn’t cope with them it wasn’t we’re talking about they listened to the appearance who are the a boating base John Hattie since parents have the power for the the government that son start and charge at the time because they not the students are the voters they were being reactionary to their voters into charter schools there was his distraction number four fix the schools it’s ironic that a popular solution that claims about failing schools is to invent new forms of schools to privatize this was a way to break down the public education system this wasn’t about a good education de system a decision this was about breaking their education system and that simply isn’t good enough there is why this is such a great day in education because we are restoring public education once again in this country and it is very exciting so on that note Mr Speaker I commend this bill to the house the question is that the motion be agreed to those of that opinion will say aye to the contrary no the eyes have it a party vote has been called for the clerk will conduct the party vote

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