EDU in 90: What’s New with Google Classroom
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EDU in 90: What’s New with Google Classroom

welcome back to “EDU in 90.” On today’s episode,
we will be looking at some useful new features
in Google Classroom. DREA ALPHONSO: One cool thing
about these new features is that they address
feedback we’ve consistently heard from teachers. Let’s check out what’s new. TIM ANDERSON: First up,
we’ve created dedicated pages for each student
and classroom that show all of their work
for a given class. With this new view,
students and teachers can see the status
of every assignment and can also use filters to look
at assigned work, missing work, and work that’s been
graded and returned. DREA ALPHONSO: And we know
flexibility is important, especially during a busy time
of the year like back to school. So one exciting update
to Google Classroom is the ability to
reorder classes. Teachers can adjust
their classes to reflect their daily schedule
or teaching priorities. And students can
use this feature to make sure they’re
staying organized and on top of all of their classes. TIM ANDERSON: And speaking
of flexibility, we know that a lot can change
over the summer, including who’s teaching which class. Now, teachers and admins
can transfer class ownership in Classroom and eliminate
the need to recreate anything. That way, the new
class owner can quickly get up to speed with complete
views of past student work and resources in Drive. DREA ALPHONSO: Educators
also requested the ability to use decimal points
when grading assignments and to display class
codes in full-screen. And now, those are both
available in Classroom. TIM ANDERSON: To see the
full list of updates, check out the links below. And if you’re a
new Classroom user, be sure to check out
our resource hub, where you can find
video tutorials, guides to help you get
started, and hear tips from teachers like you. DREA ALPHONSO:
Other features you’d like to see in Google Classroom,
we’re all ears in the comment section. We’ll see you next time. TIM ANDERSON: Check
out last week’s episode to learn about the
Internet Awesome, a new program to
help students learn important lessons in digital
safety and citizenship.

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19 thoughts on “EDU in 90: What’s New with Google Classroom

  1. Grading within the Google Classroom app on my ipad is very inefficient. I did notice the new addition of being able to make annotations right on the documents, however whenever my assignment is in PDF format that my students have annotated on themselves, those annotations don't show up on the ipad. So, I can't grade annotated PDF's on my ipad.

  2. We are looking for a way to assess that can be saved before a student is complete. Firedrills, accomodations for additional time and just short class periods make Google Forms a bit of a "one chance" solution. We'd like to see forms have the ability to start where a student left off after logging off. Perhaps this could be a Classroom feature.

  3. New students move in all year long. I'd like to have the option of whether or not past assignments get added to new students' missing work. Currently, when new students are added to the class, all past assignments are added to that student's missing work. Most likely, I'm not going to ask new students to complete all those old assignments (depending on the time of year and situation).

  4. The one feature I think would be helpful is to be able to sort by last name. Sorting by first name is completely not helpful. I like to go into the Drive folder in the classroom folder and look at student work. Thanks for your work on this cool product.

  5. I want a gradebook paste feature. Where you can grade and record in google classroom, but then one-click paste the scores into a gradebook.

  6. when a student completes a quiz/test in google forms it would be nice if the score transferred to google classroom as their grade so itś not double the work

  7. I post my quizzes (Google forms) as an assignment in Google Classroom. I would love to have a 1-click button to have the grades posted in Google Classroom instead of adding them manually.

  8. I would like to see the ability to change due dates for individual students (this way if a student is away or I am giving an extension for one or two students), it doesn't indicate late.

    Also, it would be really helpful if we could attach documents to the area where we assign grades (such as rubrics or feedback), so that when the mark/assignemnt is returned, so is my comments without adding it to the students work (especially when handing in google slide presentation)

  9. Will google ever create a rubric function to use while grading written work? Goobric and Doctopus are great resources to use, but I'd like to see what a Google designed version could do.

  10. Our division uses descriptors (Exemplary, Proficient…etc.) and not percentages or numerical grades. PLEASE add the ability to use this!!

  11. I would love to see a way to easily integrate Turnitin with Google Classroom Assignments. Thanks!

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