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29 thoughts on “EDU in 90: Gradebook in Google Classroom

  1. Good job!
    It would be very interesting to be able to form groups (or to allow students to form a group) and facilitate the delivery of team work.

  2. Hey Google, I wish that I could auto-sync grades in Classroom to other services like PowerSchool! I love Classroom, so I use it as my primary option, but my district uses PowerSchool so I have to do all of my entering of grades twice. Whomp whomp. 🙁

  3. hi guys, thank you for the videos and the updates you are bringing in.
    I have a question: why do you limit the number of teachers in one classroom? My school would love to see that number increased so we can have more than 20 teachers in one class. We think this tool is wonderful in providing collaboration among the staff and we would like to be able to create some classes that are shared between a lot of teachers. Thank you.

  4. I`m a new institute, online university, for MBA and DBA grande degree, I need to know more details please about a classroom, subjects, curriculum, exams quizzes, student record and everything for online education
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  5. Thanks as always for the informative video and for listening to teacher feedback! I would like the ability to have students view comments on work before I return the assignment and grade. This feature will help students focus on the feedback and learning without being distracted by their score.

  6. Do you know a way that I can exempt one student from a particular assignment? I usually drop a low homework grade each quarter and without this capability I would have to download all the grades separately from classroom. I currently have the Beta access and giving it a try.

  7. The Gradebook is great, and I would like to be able to filter it by the categories I have set up. For example, so I can look at just quiz grades, or just homework grades.

  8. A good idea for a new feature to be able to colour in different topics in the classwork page to make it easier to distinguish the different categories

  9. Is this still in Beta? I'm looking for a simple way for students to see their overall grade average. Students can of course see individual marks, but not an overall grade.

  10. Looks good – does it have an option for levels instead of grades? R, 1-,1,1+,2-,2,2+ …. up to 4+ Thanks!

  11. Hello! I used the gradebook last semester and I loved it, but here are the things I wish SO BADLY that they would add:
    1) I love that you can categorize assignments (hw, quiz, test,…) but there is no way currently (that I know of) to see the average for a given category. I would love to see a student's HW average, or test average in addition to their overall average.
    2) It would be great if I had the option to "drop" a set number of assignments. I usually drop the lowest quiz grade but the only way I could find to do that was to delete the score for each kid in their lowest quiz. Total pain to do it manually.
    3) Also, I don't think parents/guardians can see their student's grade. Am I wrong?
    THANK YOU!!!

  12. How to auto grading multiple choices quizes so we don't need to find who and what their quiz accomplise since the submittor is not recognisable????? Help i really desperately need it rn!!!!

  13. I'm a little late to the game, integrating the classroom into my college class as an add on to Google Sites, which I use for group discussions and content management. I use classroom strictly for the assignments/gradebook feature. Is there a way to add grades that are not "assignments" in the actual classroom — like presentations or participation, or extra credit elements (attending outside speaker events)? If not, I'll have to only use this for part of the student evaluation experience.

  14. I can organize the assignments, but the grade book doesn't follow my organizational pattern created in the assignment area. Is there a way to have my gradebook match my assignment list. I have looked at numbering them, I have looked at the dates and can't figure out why the gradebook has the assignments listed in odd places. Help!

  15. I am trying to find out how to use assignments but not use the gradebook feature and not send parents emails when there is no grade added to gradebook because we keep all our grades in our SIS. I want my students to get an email with the assignment and the due date but I do not want to have to keep two gradebooks.

  16. I need to know how to create a new grading period without deleting old grades. How do I move from 1st quarter to second quarter for instance?

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