EDU in 90: Chrome Extensions to Save Time
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EDU in 90: Chrome Extensions to Save Time

back to EDU in 90. I’m Jilli, here alongside
A.T., and today we’re diving into Chrome extensions. Whether they teach second
grade or graduate students, any instructor will tell
you that they’re always on the lookout for
quick, helpful tools, and Chrome extensions can
definitely fit the bill. Chrome extensions allow you to
add features and functionality to your browser to make web
pages more useful to you. A.T. MCWILLIAMS: Throughout
this season of EDU in 90, we’ll examine how Chrome
extensions are helping educators increase efficiency,
collaboration, and innovation in their classrooms. We’ll kick things off with some
extensions that help save time. On social media, we
recently asked you for your favorite ones
to keep things running efficiently in the classroom. Let’s take a look. JILLI MOORE: Let’s
start with Tab Scissors. With this extension, educators
can split their window into two smaller,
customizable windows, allowing multiple resources
to be viewed at once. We’ve heard from many of you
that this extension helps you save time by presenting more
information in your browser, especially when
planning or grading, and it provides a
nice visual option when presenting to students. A.T. MCWILLIAMS: With the Save
to Google Drive extension, your Chrome browser
connects to your drive to let you easily
explore the web and store useful resources like
documents, images, and video without leaving your browser. Later, you can rename files,
share with colleagues, or organize the
files and folders. JILLI MOORE: Another
way to save time is by organizing your
browser with Cluster. Cluster’s a tab
management extension that lets you quickly
view all of the tabs open across your windows and
then search and categorize based on your needs. With Cluster,
educators no longer need to thumb through
all of their tabs to access grade books,
assignments, or resources. Instead, this extension
keeps all of your web pages tucked away and ready for
easy exploration and access. A.T. MCWILLIAMS: Another
highly recommended one was the Share to
Classroom extension. With Share to
Classroom, teachers can instantly push
a web page out to every device they are
using in the Google Classroom. It can also be leveraged to
post announcements, create assignments, or save web pages
to post to Classroom later. JILLI MOORE: A few other
favorites that you shared? for shortening URLs,
Toby for organizing bookmarks, and Bitmoji for adding
a little extra fun into your presentations. Those are just a few of
the many, many options. Be sure to check out these and
more in the Chrome Web Store. A.T. MCWILLIAMS: That’s
it for this episode. Stay tuned for more
episodes of EDU in 90 and don’t forget to
subscribe to the Google for Education YouTube channel. See you next time. Looking for classroom app ideas? Check out our last
episode to hear all about the new
Chromebook app hub.

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