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8 thoughts on “EDU in 90: Better Feedback with Google Classroom

  1. So excited about the new feedback options! One feature I would love to see added with the ability to record from your webcam or mic into assignment directions. This is currently only available in the mobile app.

  2. Hi. Love Google Classroom. Switched over recently and I am using it constantly. Can you have a small area on the bottom of the screen that allows the teacher to see which students are online/using classroom. It is a nice feature that I saw on some other programs and found it useful

  3. I would like to be able to hover over numbers on the "To Review" screen and see which students haven't submitted an assignment or see whose assignment needs grading.

  4. I'd love to see the ability to lock down assignments to make it so that after given time (due date, for example), students can no longer edit. This is ideal for in-class writing assignments, where the teacher can't immediately get to grading (ha!). This has been a function in doctopus forever, and I'm surprised it was never adopted for google classroom.

  5. Can you share your comment bank with other teachers? For example, if more than one teacher teaches Junior English, what can be done to ensure multiple educators provide consistent feedback?

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