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Edible School Supplies for Back to School 😆 ft. JoJo Siwa, SpongeBob & More! | #WinYourWeek

Fresh from your feed, here’s
the hottest info you need to know to Win Your Week. Last week we challenged you
to guess the holiday we were celebrating. Congratulations to My Jazzy Mac,
AKA Jukebox James, for being the first to guess
National Cheese Pizza Day. Hey, it’s Alex Wassabi! Here’s a six second joke
from Aidan Miner Fan. Why did the cantaloupe
go into the sea? I’ll think of something. He wanted to be a watermelon! [laughing] Today is Wonderful Weirdoes Day. So get ready for the Weird Your Week
Celebration of Strange! If I’m going to get weird,
I’m going to need to see a professional. But first, here’s a You Pick Poll. When you hit the halls for back to school,
we know you’re gonna be looking fresh! Which are you more excited about? A new outfit or a new haircut? That haircut really bowls me over! Let us know in the comments! To help you choose, here are some
of the weirdest outfits and hairstyles ever seen on Nickelodeon. [music playing] [screaming] [yodeling] That was totally weird, dudes. Speaking of weird… Here are the top three strangest stunts our Nick stars have ever done
for their fans. I think I should eat this how
a reindeer would eat their food. Did JoJo just eat poop? That’s good! Oh, no!
You’re gonna break it! [yelling] I ain’t finished yet! I ain’t finished yet! [yelling] Wait, and did Jace just peel
a banana with his feet? And are Kira and the crew
touching cauliflower? Oh! Oh no,
it’s broccoli or cauliflower. Cauliflower! – Cauliflower, has to be.
– Oh yeah, it’s definitely cauliflower. – Yes!
– Oh, that is weird. One of our favorite weird trends right now is making snacks
look like school supplies. Check out these sneakily disguised treats. And you get edible paper,
which is basically a sheet of sugar. Take the licorice. Stick it through here. What if your teacher catches you
passing notes in class? Then you just go like this. Be sure to not eat
any real school supplies. These are specially made to be edible. [alarm ringing] [moaning] We now interrupt the
Weird Your Week Celebration of Strange for a heartwarming comment from Niki S. I love Nickelodeon because all
the actors are so incredibly talented and their shows are so funny
and filled with loads of LOL moments. [laughing] We love you too, Niki!
Thanks for making us smile. – Thank you!
– Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you. We now return to our
irregular scheduled weirdness. See?
Looking normaller already. Here’s ten seconds of Jace Norman
saying his own name in reverse. Hey guys, what’s up? [speaking backwards] [speaking in slow motion] Time for a pop quiz! When SpongeBob and Patrick
get to Rock Bottom, who is the first weird creature they meet? Sure is weird around here. Is it…
A. The Alaskan Bullworm, B. A disgruntled handful of soil, Or C. A talking stop sign. You have six seconds.
Comment now if you already know. [music playing] The answer was B. Do you mind putting me down? Thanks for playing!
By the way, here’s what it looks like when you put
gummy bears and marshmallows in a hydraulic press. Don’t try this at home! [music playing] National Video Games day is coming up. And since we’re celebrating
all things weird… A booty! A booty! A booty! Did you catch this very unusual moment
in Nickelodeon’s Portal Chase video? ♪ Dragon Boy Band ♪ [music playing] [groaning] Roar! [music playing] [giggling] [cheering] What’s weirder than the innermost
thoughts of a talking Chihuahua? Absolutely nothing! Introducing Mort’s Musings. Hey, I’m Mort and this is Mort’s Musings. What if, uh, instead of
the leaves changing color, uh, everything else
in the world changed colors, but, uh, the leaves stayed green? Wee! Ow! Anyway, I’m Mort and this
has been one of Mort’s Musings. [speaking Pig Latin] That means don’t leave yet, because here’s how you say
‘fart’ in Pig Latin. Art-fay. [farting] Thanks for watching! Check back next Sunday for
a brand new Win Your Week. And don’t forget
to comment below the video. Your comments could be featured
in our next episode! Be sure to check your notifications
this week to see if you get picked.

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