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20 thoughts on “Eddie Tells Louis He Wants to Go to Culinary School – Fresh Off the Boat

  1. This is when I am hating my eldest brother for asking parents to do whatever he wants and somehow I am the middle one that doing everything I hate but can't say something I love

  2. The best part was when Eddie cooked the meal and then Jessica responded by saying, "you put a baby in that ginger girl, didn't you?" XD

  3. Seems just last year, I was at college laughing like crazy at a kid who wanted "white people lunch." Really felt a connection to a TV show that portrays a ton of stuff I went through (half Asian, immigrant mom). Surprised at how much everyone has grown. And btw upon reading that caption – assuming it turned out well but yeah, God help him lol.

  4. Its been a while since I last watched this show. Last time I saw Eddie he was still short-ish. But is it just me or is his voice like a deep whisper?
    Anyways, right when i wanted to catch up its ending. Im gonna miss them all 😭

  5. This show is so white washed LOOL
    This is so unrealistic of Asian parenting, we wouldn’t get a hug but a smack on the face 😂

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