Early Childhood Education Program Graduate – George Brown College
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Early Childhood Education Program Graduate – George Brown College

Even as a teenager,
I enjoyed working with children. I grew up in a rural community,
so I just walked to the neighbour and babysit
the neighbour’s children. I’m Linnet Reesor.
I studied at George Brown College in the Early Childhood Education Program
from 2004 to 2006. Before attending George Brown College,
I went to school at Fanshawe College and took Business Administration. After the first year, I decided
it wasn’t the right path for me, and I really did
enjoy working with children, so, that’s where I decided
to change my career path and attend
George Brown College. I investigated different schools that had
an Early Childhood Education Program, and George Brown
was attractive to me. One,
for its downtown location. And secondly, I really
like the block placement that’s unique to
George Brown College. And the way it works is, you spend
seven weeks in an academic block, and then you spend the next
seven weeks in a childcare centre. And you can apply what you’ve learned
in your academic to your experience
in the childcare centres. The program’s designed to provide you
with different experiences and opportunities to work
with different age groups and children
with diverse abilities. I was able to work
at two community centres, Waterpark Place – which is
a lab school run by George Brown, as well as
Sick Kids Hospital. In my second year of studying
at George Brown, I heard that there was an opportunity
to go to China and help plan curriculum
at an international school there. So I applied and I was
one of the two selected to go, which was
an amazing experience. Just gaining that international knowledge
of children from around the world. And it’s amazing that now
it’s a huge part of the ECE Program
at George Brown College. In addition to China,
there’s also a Jamaica project that students have the opportunity
to go to Jamaica and implement
curriculum there. Working for a
George Brown lab school like I do here
at Richmond Adelaide is great, ’cause not only do I affect
the lives of the children here but also other children in the communities
as early childhood educators come to our centres
to absorb information, go to workshops, and take that information
back to their community centres. One of the big things that surprised me
when entering the field is how fast the field changes and how
important those zero to five years are, and how the community
is seeing this now. It’s very gratifying to see
George Brown respond to that and put an emphasis on that
as part of their curriculum. They’re actually shaping
the field of Early Childhood Education. The most important thing
that I took from the program is realizing that you take many
different pathways in your future career. For example, working
with children who’ve disabilities, doing international work, or working for
the Toronto District School Board and the full day
learning program. I’m confident that George Brown
has given me the tools to succeed, and could do the same
for anybody.

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