Dropouts And Graduates: Is College Worth It?
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Dropouts And Graduates: Is College Worth It?

Just like a lot of people out here, just getting degrees by luck… or… by cheating their way through, if that was the case in colleges so accessible. I just feel like we’d have a lot of one of these. Can I have my college grads on that side and my dropouts on the other side ? ‘First statement: I feared how I would be judged if I didn’t go to college’ Just me then, that’s cool ! It was the fear of me caring about what was thought, as far as like, my peers, but then, when you start bringing your parents into it, and it’s like, that’s a greater fear [laughter]. But you live for your parents, it’s like, yeah, you want to make them proud, so I just fear this closure between me and my parents You know. – Yeah. – ‘I am Sean Fitzpatrick. I went to Columbia Chicago for not even a semester’ ‘And I was like : “No, you know what, let’s go back to California and do music.” ‘ I went because they wanted me to go and then… and then I said : “If you want me to make you proud, let me do this !” ‘Non-agreers, come on in’ I wasn’t afraid that I would be judged if I didn’t go to college, but I also didn’t question going to college. It was just kind of the next step… and I didn’t plan otherwise, so… Yeah – That path of growth seemed like it was the next step. – Yeah, and you’re encouraged by your parents. – And they gave me that pathway of saying, you know, “The only way you’re going to succeed is through college.”, but then, as I got older, they gave me the idea : “Well, you can do whatever you want if you find your path, though you need to find your path, but if you can’t you should go to college.” I believe college should be free [laughter] Yeah, let’s do that, right ? I had an in-state like, all of my tuition was paid for, and I still have debt ! Now I’m sitting on it, and I don’t have a job. Not like a real job. – Yeah, the debt definitely racks up. It’s ridiculous. That’s true, but that that becomes an investment in the future so at the end of the day so you have to take that on You have your education but does your like bachelors degree get you a higher paying job Not in my experience ‘I didn’t even question going to college until after I had finished it who’s like What do I do now and why did I even go and you know?’ If everyone went to college it would become useless Just like a lot of people out here, just getting degrees by luck or Getting degrees by cheating their way through, and if that was the case and college is so accessible I just feel like we’ll have a lot of Wannabes and that people who are really passionate about what they want to do or are dedicating sweat, bones and tears into what they’re doing so the world would, I don’t think would be a better place if everyone was this a Degree yeah (Offscreen) ‘Did you just get converted?’ I changed my mind yeah Yeah, I guess then you don’t think of it. It’s not college. You’re just doing it Just think about labour workers, like people that just do manual labor You don’t need a degree to do some manual labor work so if you have everyone you know sticking their heads in a book we won’t have stuff being built, your house won’t be built, your, Your cars won’t be fixed your oil changed. You know what I’m saying like, you have to remember that in life. Especially in the world It’s a balance of just people like I come from minority, underrepresented, Disenfranchised and in my college experience I, the higher I got, the less people that look like me that I saw so The more people that look like me in college would make me so happy That’s what I’m saying, so like it’s tremendous to see more people going to college. – But you have to realize that This is if [indistinguishable] a lot of people don’t want to – Oh no no no – People don’t have to, but if more people did, it would be a good thing – I just think that college education, if everyone had it, I don’t think would make the degree itself useless oh [indistinguishable] No, I’m I think we were taking it off a pedestal, not making it meaningless ‘I know what I want to do with my life’ [laughter] I’m still figuring it out, but I’m In it right now, so I feel like I know, but there’s so much more. That’s getting revealed as I find out I’m currently getting a degree in psychotherapy, however I still need two or three more years to get all my hours And so I’m debating whether or not even to get my license and just be an a woman empowerment coach And I’m gonna be done with grad school. I can fully invest my, all of myself into itself it. – It took a minute I mean yeah, it was not an easy journey, and it was a lot of Investing and finding out that I was investing in the wrong things so you know – I like how you changed your mind – I had to think about it harder. I was like wait. I really don’t know – I want to say that I mean I don’t feel lost like I don’t feel like I don’t want to do I don’t know what I want to do with my life I’m actively pursuing a lot of goals right now, and I don’t anticipate like one goal lasting me a lifetime – Exactly like and I know all the things that I wants to do I’m just not sure which one is the like, for you guys like ‘this is it’, for me I was like I’m dibbling and dabbling in so many different things. I’m just like anything could be the final go I just don’t know which one it is I want to perfect every craft. – I was going in school for architecture – Okay – And it was a three years in and then I got into acting and I booked the job And then I realized I was like whoa I really like doing this so dropped out of school And I decided that I’d pursue acting instead But that came later on after I did three years of college. – And I did four I had three classes before I graduated, and I just like ‘I decided to leave because I felt the time for me to pursue the things I wanted to do in my life was now and college was holding me back from that’ ‘Education is the key to success’ Mm-hmm So when I heard education and you know I didn’t necessarily associate it with college I just associated with gathering all the tools and the data and the knowledge and and then Embodying that into you, but in whatever field you want to be successful in – Beautifully put – And success to doesn’t just come with luck you know you have to you have to work hard at what You want to do – And what’s success? – Exactly I took education as like, a college degree when you presented that question Yeah, yeah, that’s why I didn’t even walk up – Yeah we’ve got to realise that because and we got to realize like we learn Daily like every day were learning something and it’s so funny But there’s no book in front of us to learn those things that we learn it just so happened that We cross the right person or someone related that information to us, or you know just based off life experiences So I don’t think that You’re gonna be successful based on the fact that you went to school or you know you’re opening up a book or something – You said daily is a learning experience every time you wake up in the morning You should be learning something new at the end of the day. That’s what I feel about life – So we’re actually more so on the same page Yeah, just different parts of the page, Yeah, I am on chapter one, Yeah, where you from, hahaha ‘That’s a wrap guys.’ – Cool -Sweet. Yeah thank you. Hey man nice meeting you Awww, Awwww Really nice meeting you. You too Yeah good times Hey guys, this is Dan and this is Jason, and you just watched another episode of middle-ground, thank you so much Please let us know in the comments below, which person’s opinion resonated the most with you We’d love to hear from you, so anyway. You can get involved Commenting, liking, subscribing, sharing with your friends. We really appreciate. It it all helps. See you later

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100 thoughts on “Dropouts And Graduates: Is College Worth It?

  1. Autodidact software engineer here, never went to college or university. I wouldn't say they aren't nice to haves, but they're definitely not mandatory in my line of work. Instead of spending 4 years building up financial debts and knowledge, I spent those years making money and building up knowledge. I tried out university once when I was in my early 20s and I found I could teach the professor more than they could teach me.

    I think many jobs can be held without a formal education. Medical doctors are probably one of the few jobs where I would like to see education playing a big role. But honestly, even airline pilots and lawyers… that information can be learned without having to pay incredible amounts of money. Flight simulators already exist. The law is available to everyone. Uber replaced taxi drivers, perhaps we need another Uber for lawyers. Cheaper, not formally educated, but definitely in the know.

  2. Some people go to college like it's a "required thing" like Highschool but then have no idea what to do because you can't just "get a job" in 5 seconds

  3. The issue of "if college was free and everyone went, it would become meaningless" is a thing that's already known. A high school diploma used to be considered enough to enter a lot of careers. Since it became not only publicly funded but mandatory… it no longer is enough. We'll just kick that qualification down the road to the next thing that costs, that requires something of the person learning. If undergrad degrees become that common? It will be the minimum standard for a career to get an advanced degree and so on.

  4. Bro if you can achieve your goals without college, go for it. All I’m saying is it makes it easier if you go to college

  5. Why did you leave when you had 3 classes left. You already have the debt so you might as well get something from it. Even you end up not needing it, it would probably be reassuring to know you have something to fall back on or something to add to your portfolio.

  6. Surprised that the Ninja Steel Blue/Hyperforce Red from Power Rangers is here. Other than that I am on the graduate side. Without it then there will be no way my dream will come true. I want to help people. Inspire.

  7. Surprised that the Ninja Steel Blue/Hyperforce Red from Power Rangers is here. Other than that I am on the graduate side. Without it then there will be no way my dream will come true. I want to help people. Inspire.

  8. I’ve been binging your channel and it is AMAZING! i love what you guys are doing and putting out there! never stop moremoremore

  9. 3:00 valid argument but i think he got confused with the question; it was NOT "if everyone was granted a college degree, it would become useless". IT WAS "if everyone went to college it would become useless". If it were the first argument, then yes, giving everyone a degree would degrade the meaning of the degree. But with the actual argument, giving everyone higher education, regardless of wealth, race, religion, beliefs etc etc… everyone might not finish or earn the degree, but we will definitely have a society with more individuals with higher education, which could benefit anyone's job or proficiency in a skill, regardless of whether they got a degree out of it or not.

  10. i saw the attractive guy in the thumbnail and as soon as i heard his voice i was like HES !!!! THE GUY FROM THAT BOTH SIDES LOVE VIDEO !!!!! applauds extremely

  11. Europe has a different relationship with higher education: Would love to see one with Europeans (and Brits 😉 )

  12. It also depends on what you go to college for. I’m a chemical engineering student, and I know that college is so worth it.

  13. I'm 40, didnt go to college and I'm still here at mc Donald's. Kids go to school or you can work at a fast food for the rest of your life. Gl

  14. I was good with physics in my last year of highschool. Actually ahead of everyone in my class. But I didn't graduate so I was like people are set up to fail and I admit some of it was my fault. But still it's literally garbage .

  15. Is it just me or that one guy's decision to drop out with 3 classes left seem like a boneheaded move? I get that there were other things he wanted to do, but at least if he'd have finished he couldve had that backup and then gone and done what he wanted

  16. Pursue your dreams. Whether that takes you through college or not, success is measured by pursuit not credits.

    I spent a year-and-a-half in Film School, and learned a great deal. But most of it was reassurring and once I knew what i needed, i just wanted to get the heck out of there and pursue the world.
    Spending 4-5 years in a program is mind-blowing. When you know there is a whole world out there, creating and moving fast and you're stuck spending hours a day in a classroom. I'm sorry, but knowledge only takes you so far. You have to have the goods, the passion and the vision. School doesn't give you that. You have to give it to yourself.

  17. College should never be free, because at the end someone's gonna be paying for that. College should be for those who really deserve it, not for everyone.

  18. The problem with college is, if everyone goes and get a bachelors degree, the degree would be useless. You will need more and more years to gain a masters, then a PhD or a specialization, then more schooling and training just to make yourself “stand out” from the crowd. By that time, you’ve spent 5-10 years of Education, and another 5-10 years after paying off debt. It’s not practical when in today’s age, 17, 18, and 19 year old kid with no college can make a salary of a brain surgeon selling cups on the internet.

  19. Funny how a lot of things can happen in a year. Last year, I was watching this while I was still in uni with my grades up, an intern and was socializing with people. One year later, I’m living with my parents, quit uni, depressed, barely talk to my friends and unsure of my future. But this video inspires me that people have different choices and in the end, with or without college, you have to choice to work hard for a successful future.

  20. All idiots tbh. Pick a program in college that isn’t going to land you in the same spot you started in. Joseph sounds like the only one who will be successful.

  21. yea lady, a bachelors degree doesn’t get you a high paying job, probably because you majored in English or some other useless major

  22. I dont know what i want to do with my life. Ive struggled with mental health my whole life and when i discovered drugs at 14 i was tooken out of school and wasnt aloud to go back. And by the time they let me i had no motivation to i ended up getting kicked out at 16 and strugged with homelessness for near two years and i know have a place but still struggle with day to day things and things im passionate about i cant pursue it sucks so bad to release later that i should have done evrything in my power so if you can go to school i rhink you should

  23. More I watch Jubilee more I realize they have a leaning toward an agenda. There are no entrepreneurs, first gen immigrants that cant go to college to due language barrier but are welcome to pay for others through taxes. There easyly could have been a more intellectually diverse crowd. They do others like capitalist vs socialist where they pinned 3 students age 20-24 against 28-50 year old socialist one of which ran for office last election. There is defiantly a trend. Middle ground my $$.

  24. These guys feel like they'd be the next modern Power Rangers or something LOL they are so diverse in so many aspects and topics but seem to get along incredibly well

  25. College degrees aren’t needed for every job. The guy in the cream shirt is right! Trades are where it’s at.

  26. All I want is the school systems to be fixed and teach things that matter.. so people will actually love to go to school

  27. Read! John Taylor gatto books "weapons of mass instructions" or "the underground history of American Education"

  28. At first I wasn’t passionate about college and just went because of the social stigma.
    I have since found a passion for engineering and have started interning recently as a civil engineer and am excited for my upcoming senior year.

  29. I'm a highschool drop out that now a decade later wants to choose a career that means going to university. I wish I never dropped out

  30. In my opinion if everyone had a degree nothing would truly set you apart and how would everyone have a higher paying job? I don’t really see the point in doing it now even when it technically sets you apart, all the people I know are in serious debt and are working jobs they could have gotten without their degree, it’s very discouraging to anyone thinking of going back to school since the chance of getting a job in the field your majoring in seems to be a rare thing at this point, again this is just my opinion from things I’ve seen and things I feel from my life and people in it.

  31. I finished college in Europe. I studied engineering and I am grateful because I found a job without paying that much money for my education. However, I must say that I feel scammed timewise. The education should not be 5 years. The time just artificially inflated so that the system could suck as much as possible from you. Most of the stuff I learned were semi useless or easily findable on the Internet. College in America is a complete and total scam. It is just to expensive and not worth it at all. I have friends that still pay their debt and they will continue to do so for the next 10 years.

  32. Topic: Sex and Relationships
    Side A: Millennials (18-25)
    Side B: Senior Citizens (65+)
    My reason is bc I was talking to my grandma and I realized that we both have very different view points on this topic. For example:
    – Sex before marriage?
    – Is it okay to borrow money from your partner?
    – At what age or time together do you get married?
    – At what age or time together do you have children if it's what you want?

    I'm not trying to write the whole episode, but I think you get my point.

  33. Should have picked a better degree to study. If you study business, marketing or communications. Those are the ones to get screwed.

  34. One of the Dropouts the Asian guy his name is Peter and is the Blue Ninja Steel Ranger Prestan. His brother in real life is Blue Dino Charge.

  35. Depends on what field of study one enters into.
    Some trade skills can make people bank and some degrees just make people permanent residence in their parents house.

  36. College is for doctors, lawyers, computer scientists, and many more. It's not for someone who wants to do video editing or build websites, or wants to start a traditional business. More often than not, people without college degrees are the ones who hire people with college degrees.

  37. If you work a part time job and keep your expences to the minimum you can use all the free time to create the life you desire. Wake up at 5am and work on your dream/plan.

  38. I’m 21 and in my 3rd year of community college. I’ve been contemplating on dropping out. I’ve failed & retaken plenty of classes that I feel aren’t necessary for what i want to do, actually I’m not even sure what exactly what i want to do. I haven’t taken a break from school since graduating. i went straight into college due to me feeling overly pressured by family.

  39. I know probably about a third of my graduating class would not have graduated if they couldnt cheat. It was a huge problem that not much was done about because the it wasnt worth the measures to prevent or deter.

  40. 4:52 – I FEEL THAT. I feel that. You are NOT alone in that, any of you – the girl who didn't go up, the guy who went up and then retreated. Absolutely. I appreciate seeing this, cuz it IS reality. A lot of us just don't know…

  41. You can still do whatever you want even AFTER you graduate college. This dude had 3 Days until he graduated and he just dropped out?

  42. I wanted to become a lawyer. Now I plan on dropping out and joining the military and maybe pick up my studies with them. None of that got me into debt because where I live you don't pay tuition. I could change my mind on my studies three times and not have huge debt because of tuition. If I knew I'd be in debt I probably wouldn't have gone to university or chosen a community college

  43. I have to give my two cents about the "if everybody went, it'd be useless" thing. Where I live (germany) university bis free and a lot of people go. Which is now turning into a bit of a problem because we were always really good in I think what would be a trade in the USA. You go into a business or institution and learn for three plus years the ins and outs of your job with school education and everything. Nursery is a trade here, bank jobs are a trade and stuff. Now it's pushed that people should go to university which not everybody is made for so were losing good quality workers who might have done amazingly in a trade to degrees in Romanic studies and not because they have a passion for it but because they thought they had to go to uni and that was something they thought they might like.

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