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76 thoughts on “Drama Teachers Play Never Have I Ever

  1. Jesus Loves you fam, regardless of your past, opinion of him and sexual orientation. He accepts you as you are; without judging you.

  2. they didn’t ask “never have i ever picked favorites” because they knew all of them would say they haven’t even though it’s a lie 😛

    this sounds mean- i was one of my directors favorites, i just think it’s funny they all deny it when the cast list has the same names every time LOL)

  3. Kinda disappointed that the drama teachers are only actors or directors. WHERE ARE THE BACKSTAGE AND STAGE MANAGERS. (I'm they have more interesting stories)

  4. Throwback to when I had to take a drama class my freshman year of high school and it kinda sucked, and somehow I ended up co-writing a short play about psychics that was genuinely terrible

  5. I still have nightmares (after three years) that my high school drama teacher tells us she wants to redo the last play and I‘m dying because (of course) I forgot all the lines over the years

  6. I’m am a former drama teacher of 6 years so…

    1. I have
    2. Absolutely not
    3. …not that I can remember but maybe….
    4. I worked with kids for 6 years… so absolutely things have gone wrong
    5. …wasn’t really how it worked where I worked. I got to cast how I wanted without auditions
    6. I have not…
    7. I have not, never jealous. Impressed or inspired but never jealous.
    8. I have… much like the chick in the orange shirt

  7. 2:57
    My brother was in a play in Highschool about American history. He played JFK, he spent what felt like years memorizing one of his speeches. It was super long and had a lot of words that felt big at the time 🤣. Right in the middle of his speech however he got a nosebleed. He was obviously in costume therefore had a pocket handkerchief on his suit. He held his nose and finished the speech. It was OBVIOUSLY not planned and the audience was super confused but the director almost cried at his dedication to stay on stage. Stuff happens, the show must go on. The other performances however went well and he had his moment to shine.

  8. I have two things that have happened in our play
    1. I was standing behind one of the sets because I had just come off stage, and they were closing the curtains for intermission. And our set was four canvases standing up, and as they shut the curtain one of them got caught and I had to sprint out on stage and lunge to go grab it from falling.
    2. We were doing beauty and the beast for our play, and somebody moved the mirror from its spot on our prop table, so the beast improvised and grabbed a piece of bread, and kept going with the same lines, just a different prop.

  9. Fun theatre trivia, Erik is the actual name of the Phantom of the Opera in the 1910 novel. Poor Erik doesn't get his name in the Andrew Lloyd Webber show😭

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