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100 thoughts on “Don’t Repeat My College Mistakes | Dr. Jubbal’s 6 Pre-Med Regrets

  1. I thought I really really wanted to attend medical school. But for me it's just not the best option for me.
    either financially or emotionally. I love medicine but I wont sacrifice years of my life. 🙂 good luck to future MD's/ DO's

  2. As a pre-med here I go out every other weekend. Only have a couple of drinks but during the break like Christmas break ill go out more because I've earned it but I agree with you on the notion of it's not healthy to drink at every occasion but I also would follow up with not having alc at home. Plenty of people don't go out but drink at home everyday which is just as toxic.

  3. It’s my last year of medical school which is going to end in few months. Honestly speaking I have done all of these stupid mistakes. I have always been a perfectionist and got outstanding marks in every finals, and it’s only in this last year I have-started thinking that my whole life is a mess. Always worked hard for grades.
    Completely exhausted at this point while I am preparing for final professionals.
    Thought of having a brilliant academic record but zero social life and extracurricular activities, just give me nothing but regrets. Wish I had a balanced everything my studies, social interaction and extracurricular activities.

  4. Interesting video! I used to study biomedical science but after a year I switched majors and now I'm doing mathematics. There could not be a bigger difference in the studying techniques I used! While "just studying" (reading, rewriting, flashcards etc.) was what I mainly did in Biomed, Maths FORCES me to think actively as we have weekly assignments neccessary for being allowed to the final exam. I personally think career paths such as medicine require a lot more discipline, while others like maths require more focus and interest (Not offending). I have deepest respect for anyone with a degree in the medical field

  5. I'm still in high school but I'm not happy with my grades at all and I don't know how to raise them. I study for hours every day, and still my friends that don't even study get better grades than me. I study effectively, I schedule, I sleep enough, eat enough and I use different memory techniques that are supposed to help. What am I doing wrong? 🙁

  6. Hey I loved the video! Could you make a video on how you schedule your days now? what apps do you use to maximize your productivity?

  7. "I'll sleep when I'm dead" is one of my favorite thing to say when I'm cramming 100 pages of information into my head 12 hours before an exam 😂😂

  8. I failed an exam lately it got me into a very stressful situation but I delt with it by managing my day schedule and workout routines now am more efficient during the day… I follow you motivation videos since am a medstudent… thank you so much for your awesome videos!!

  9. Hi, l am trying to register for mcat for the first time. What do l need to know, what kind of book should l read. Thanks

  10. Get a couple of hundred bucks together go hire four big Polish lads. The five of you walk into your professors office and you tell him that you're going to ace the exams or "my associates" are going to perform a range of amputations. It's only five minutes work and no one actually gets hurt. It's a lot easier than learning stuff and all you'll ever be doing as a doctor is prescribing antibiotics anyway.

  11. I wish I saw this earlier. Sounds almost exactly like the mistakes I had made, except…well, I had UC and not Crohns.

  12. I have had similar experience this year but it was less serious that yours. I am in high school and from India. I never had any parental pressure and my dream is to become a doctor. Here we have medical entrance examination straight after high school and i have worked very hard towards it in starting of 12th grade I work so hard pulling all nighters and stuff giving coaching exams on Sunday then school exams of Monday every week although I was happy doing hard work my health started to detoriate that for 3 months I had chronic cough that I was not nebulizer, steroids and what not after not learning my lesson I had severe cluster headaches then tenosynovitis and now I have herniated cervical disc. My exams are in 1 month but now I know although Med is my passion and I am willing to do anything for it, I have to take care of myself and learn from my mistakes. Your video has helped me a lot in realising that I am not the only one.
    Thank you so much

  13. Thanks for the tips man! I definitely need to study more effectively. I need to pull up my 3.5 for med school, especially with physiology and ochem next semester 😬

  14. Last two months of Trig/Algebra, saw an F on my grade and constantly failing tests, quickly realized I had been doing little to no homework in the class and thus lacked any practice at all for each test that followed. Fixed it with beginning to schedule my days, and managed to bring my grade to a C (though barely passed the finals) before the semester closed. And thus, wiggled my way to pass the first semester of the class.

  15. Omg I hate when people don't care about sleep like is so important it can really damage your health if you don't have enough

  16. The tone still seems to be too harshly critical of your former, younger and less experienced self. Congratulate yourself on who you've become. Be proud of the achievement. Imagine the wisdom the next 20 years will bring. Perhaps you will continue to pursue plastics and reconstructive but there's a big price to pay for the perfection required for optimal results. Though it's often said that meta-analysis is to analysis as metaphysics is to physics, I certainly agree with your statements regarding the toxicity of ethanol.

  17. I used to work 35 hours at a restaurant pulling 10 credits (Math and Computer Science), plus commuting to school 3 hrs 4 days a week, on top of that cooking and not resting well got me Hypothyroidism. I can relate you have to take it slow and be smarter with school, instead of studying harder. I am still in school but doing better by taking it slow on the stress and physical work.

  18. Funny, I always found that I studied better and scored higher pulling all nighters in undergrad. When I was accepted to dental school, it was filled with cheaters. Many students had access to the previous exams.. sometimes current exam… and a survey done on my class revealed 80% were on Adderall — but clearly 80% did not have ADHD. I should make a video on this.

  19. Is a good GPA really that important? I feel I've was stressed to get good grades in middle- and highschool and just a year later not even remembering what score I got.

  20. Fuck no, I'm built for constant all nighters. Just make sure to get at least 6 hours and just take no more than 20 minute naps and you'll be fine. Currently, I've been going to sleep at 5 am for 4 days and have class at 11:00 am. Obviously dont do this every day. I'm just doing cuz procrastination

  21. Thank you for the video. Really heart-felt some of the points. But I was wondering how you made through college with all those mistakes? Like…wouldn't someone be dead due to so much stress, sleep-deprivation, and self-injuries?

  22. Feel you… as a recent college grad, I also did not have the best strategies for studying and planning my schedule.

  23. The bit about alcohol has fourth and probably more insidious negative outcome – developing alcoholism. Which can start from "social drinking" or "stress relief." There's a certain point where it will be a problem, and it's important to be mindful of that.

    I do believe the first red flag on the road to alcoholism is not being constantly blackout drunk or hungover (it's just the most obvious red flag)… but the moment your drinking to cope with stress becomes a pattern. And given family history, it's enough to make me a teetotaler, in all honesty.

  24. I hate being perfectionist, this term I started working in easing down and accepting a little bit less in exchange for huge self acceptance.

  25. My biggest mistake: going to college in the first place.Getting a job straight out of high school is the way to go.

  26. I feel like I could have made this video of myself! It's very hard for us headstrong, overly ambitious people to admit we took on too much, so i really admire you sharing this video!

  27. I am really enjoying your videos!!!! Giving great advice. Currently debating on pursuing med school!! Thank you!

  28. please someone answer me i'm premed and i ask myself thounsands of questions/day…so it's okay if i don't know most of the answer i ask myself…?

  29. Narcissistic teachers = student prohibited from being on campus = no social life = disowned by family = more drug use = drug abuse

  30. All-nighters just suck..
    and you don’t realize that until one destroys one of your exams the day after😆

  31. Dr. I studied physics so hard but still failed my mid terms 😥. My only option is to resit the exams. Any study tips to overcome this obstacle.

  32. i hate how interested i was until i realized that for Americans you have this system where you study medicine after what ever "college" is

  33. Could anybody please link me the meta-analysis about the 1-2 glasses of red wine not being good for you after all that he mentoined?? Thanks!

  34. These videos are extreme and unrelatable. Only speaks to the select few with a 4.0 gpa, the one who sets the curve, one all nighter during college… Like congrats dude, great job but being a doctor is much more than gpa, studying, and not drinking. Idk

  35. Can you make a video about medical school with a chronic illness and/or disability? I love your videos and advice! I am a rising fourth-year undergrad, and a few months ago, I finally found out that I have narcolepsy. I would really appreciate some insight regarding available accommodations, advice, and experiences.

  36. I am kind of worried now too because I am trying to major in Pre-med to be a dentist, but I always get myself into a ton of stress just because of a tiny event that happened.

  37. My psychiatrist introduced me to sleep hygiene and I love it! I follow it meticulously, like I legit flip my alarm clock around while I sleep so I don’t see the time.

  38. I too have Crohn’s and am going Post Bacc PreMed. My Crohn’s is moderate to severe and I’ve had several major surgeries from stress. Your story is very important! For so long I felt there were things I couldn’t do because of my disease and now only after I graduated I’m getting more confidence. I hope in the future you can make more videos regarding balancing life in a demanding field like medicine and chronic illness.

  39. Lol you really were crazy. U knew you could do better😂😂😂 challenge accepted. Oh my😥😥 I admire your tenacity. I want to be like you. How do you remember it all?

  40. Hate when your brain wakes you up at night a night before the test. "No brain go back to sleep"

    I changed taking more than 14 credits a semester. If I am at 12 credits a semester I feel way better.

    Thanks for this video.

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