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hey guys today I am taking you into
Dollar Tree and Target so we are going to see which one has the best deals
first up the Dollar Tree I find that Dollar Tree has a lot of great deals
like on these back-to-school bins and storage units and things like that you
can find everything obviously for a dollar Target they’re a little bit more
expensive on their bins and things so I highly recommend Dollar Tree for these
they also have cute little calendars that I’ve never seen before
definitely worth a dollar and then of course we all hit some rocks they also
have these cute little binders that are new they used to have just the plain
colored ones but now they have ones that have designs on which are super cute
super fun for kids and they also have these little gadgets and gadgets for the
teachers and binder clips and little colorful things which i think are a lot
of fun these little pencil holders are so adorable too but you can definitely
find these under a dollar usually at Target and Walmart so if you don’t like
them I highly recommend going to Target if you can but they also have these cute
little folders and things like that but you can get these for probably 25 cents
as well they also have washi tape which I thought was really cute so you can
kind of decorate your own binders and things like that and they also have
spiral notebooks which I don’t think is a good deal at at Dollar Tree definitely
Target Walmart things like that same goes for these composition books I
think you can find them at a more reasonable price elsewhere and also
Allison found a planner she wants a planner this year so she can plan out
her homework and what she you know kind of activities and things like that she
needs so I think this is a great deal for us for that and of course they have
your highlighters your pencils your pens all of that fun stuff
I say the prices are about the same the markers and things like that you could
probably get for about 75 cents at Target which we’re gonna go there next
and see the prices say that way you guys can kind of give an idea of what is
better and what’s not as for the crayons it’s better to go to
Target or Walmart for that because they are so much cheaper but this is super
cute look at that student planner so cute and like I said the highlighters
and things like that I think are a better deal as well they also have everything that you could
think of they have pencil sharpeners little staplers glue I think the glue
here is probably a better deal but the rest of the stuff you can buy for 25
cents to 50 cents including the glue the scissors I think are a good deal at
Dollar Tree the calculators are a good deal here they also have cute little
trays and little compartments that you can put pencils and pens and glue and
stuff like that in I think those would be features and they also have the
little index cards with our cheaper elsewhere but they have little Locker
things desk things and all that fun stuff for school they also have tons and tons of lunch
ideas snack ideas little foods things like that for the lunchboxes but
honestly I have to say Walmart beats all of that because they are cheaper at
Walmart yes–you they’re only a dollar at the dollar tree but you get a lot
less for your money at the Dollar Tree these little containers are super cute I
don’t need any more but they are super cute for lunches and things like that I also seen this cute little paint
palette for at home if your kids want to color and then this cute little notebook
as well I thought it was adorable I love anything small they also have cute
little erasers notepads things dry erasers teacher stuff anything and
everything you can think of they of course have at the Dollar Tree but you
just have to figure out is it worth the money or is it not worth the money
because you can buy a cheaper somewhere else but I love the Dollar Tree okay guys now it is time for target they
have this cute little skip and hop game but we are starting with lunch stuff
some of these products were okay I will be showing you what I bought of course
and then they have all these fun little bags and mermaid stuff and they also had
on the other shelf some unicorns love unicorns are my favorite these are
basically teacher school supplies I didn’t really go through any other
prices for you but look at this here are the 499 binders you can buy them at the
dollar store for a dollar they also have notepads sticky notes all of that I
think these are over priced at Target just my personal opinion
here are the pens pencils some of these pens are better quality and you get more
ink out of them than you do at the Dollar Tree here’s the unicorns my
favorite and here you go the markers and the crayons are a little bit cheaper
they are about 50 cents to 75 cents here the glue sticks are more expensive but
the glue is 50 cents here so you’re paying half price also the cards index
cards were 49 cents so that is much cheaper here than it would be at the
dollar store look at this big thing of glue I love
how they package this it looks like a regular glue but it’s just bigger super
coy like that and they also had the Target brand glue but those were also
more expensive than the Dollar Tree I have never tried the Dollar Tree glue so
don’t quote me on that if it’s good or not
here is the composition and notebooks and they were actually cheaper here at
Target than they were at the Dollar Tree but the Dollar Tree bags for the pencil
holders are a little bit cheaper but not as sturdy and look at all the glitter I
love the glitter this would be my section if I were going to school
I just love glitter so much now here is the lunch boxes they have the bento
boxes they also have regular lunch boxes we ended up not getting any lunch boxes
here surprisingly Sophia did not like them we went to justice and picked up
her lunch box there because she they had a really cute one but Ali did pick hers
out so we will show you all of that when we have a chance thank you guys so much
for watching I hope you enjoyed watching this video of Dollar Tree versus target you

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