Does Adderall (& Stimulants) Improve Student GPA? – Overview of the Literature
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Does Adderall (& Stimulants) Improve Student GPA? – Overview of the Literature

Unless you’ve been living under a rock,
you’re likely well aware that stimulants such as Adderall or Ritalin have been increasingly
used in recent years by students who are eager to get better grades. In this video, we’ll go over the science behind
stimulants and whether or not they actually help students in school. What’s going on guys! Dr. Jubbal, Let’s get a couple important items out of the way. First, for those of you who are wondering,
I have never taken any drugs or substances to help me study or be productive, other than
the occasional coffee once every few months. Second, I am not your doctor and I am not
providing medical advice in any capacity. Third, this video and the content here are
primarily targeted to individuals who are using these substances as cognitive enhancers,
without a diagnosis of ADHD, narcolepsy, or other conditions that warrant their prescription. Please speak to your physician prior to starting,
stopping, or changing any medications. Now, Methylphenidate such as Ritalin or Amphetamine
such as Adderall are the two prescription stimulants most commonly used by students
seeking to improve their attention, concentration, and ultimately their grades. These are schedule II substances in the US,
placing them in the same category as cocaine, oxycodone, and PCP. That’s some serious stuff. Now, while these stimulants are effective
with professional supervision for treating ADHD, their utility as a study or concentration
aid has not been thoroughly validated. And while the prescribed use and supervision
by your physician is relatively safe, misuse or abuse of any stimulant can have adverse
effects. A sizable portion of college students use
these substances as cognitive enhancers, under the belief that these drugs will improve their
grades. To answer the question of whether or not they
actually do, let’s first start with how the substances work. The cognitive-enhancing effects of stimulants
are due to the preferential effect of catecholamines in the prefrontal cortex and activation of
the Norepinephrine αlfa 2 and Dopamine D1 receptors. Catecholamines are a group of neurotransmitters
including norepinephrine, epinephrine, and dopamine. At low clinically relevant doses that a doctor
may prescribe, the PFC-dependent function is enhanced, which contributes to the stimulants
use in ADHD. But at larger doses, the PFC-dependent attentional
processes are improved at the expense of other processes, like working memory or response
inhibition. Methylphenidate or Ritalin and Amphetamine
or Adderall both increase extracellular levels of Norepinephrine and Dopamine throughout
the brain, largely by blocking Norepinephrine and Dopamine reuptake. Amphetamine additionally stimulates the release
of Dopamine through the Dopamine transporter. And while amphetamines at higher doses block
serotonin reuptake, methylphenidate only blocks Norepi and Dopamine reuptake. Now, let’s move to the cognitive effects. The cognitive enhancement properties of stimulants
have been studied in the following four categories. First, inhibitory control, which is linked
to focus and avoiding distraction. Number two, working memory. Number three, short-term episodic memory,
referring to memory and recall within 30 minutes of learning. And lastly, delayed episodic memory, referring
to longer intervals, such as one hour to one week between learning and testing. In a systematic review of the literature,
Ilieva et al demonstrated that there is a small but significant degree of enhancement of inhibitory
control and short-term episodic memory. The effects on working memory are inconclusive,
as one statistical analysis demonstrated a small but statistically significant improvement,
and the other demonstrated no statistical significance. Delayed episodic memory was the cognitive
factor that demonstrated the largest effect. Now, because stimulants had stronger effects
on delayed episodic memory over the short-term episodic memory, this data suggest that stimulants
may more potently affect a memory consolidation in comparison with encoding or retrieval. Now, this is interesting, there is evidence
that stimulants can actually impair performance in normal individuals who are especially high
performing. In short, this means that individual variations
account for a significant degree of the benefit or detriment in seeing effects. In 2017, Arria et al. published a prospective
cohort study examining close to 900 college students without ADHD. Their conclusion, non-prescribed prescription
stimulants did not demonstrate any statistically significant effect on university GPA scores. Now, there are multiple other factors that
have been linked with stronger cognitive enhancement and improvements in grades. Mindfulness meditation, for example, has demonstrated
stronger effects on inhibitory control, which ultimately helps you focus on the task at
hand. The cognitive enhancement from stimulants
is smaller and more comparable to the cognitive benefits you see with physical exercise. Ultimately, the most important thing that
you care about is your GPA and your test scores, right, and stimulants have not been shown
to improve student GPAs. However, when speaking about broader cognitive
benefits, it’s important to note that there are several limitations with the current literature. Notably, sustained attention and processing
speed were not adequately studied. Current studies also do not examine performance
under fatigue, sleep deprivation, or distraction. And while these possible cognitive benefits
are often emphasized, it’s important we do not overlook the adverse effects of using
these medications. Short term side-effects may include GI problems,
blurred vision, irritability, insomnia, increased body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate,
and many others. Long term adverse effects include hallucinations,
psychosis, cardiac arrest, and death. Don’t forget the risk of addiction, headache,
panic attacks, aggressive behavior, and a link to suicidal and homicidal tendencies. I’ve gone over the science and current literature
on stimulants used by students for cognitive enhancement and I was as objective as possible,
keeping my opinion out of it until now. There are a few points I’d like to raise. Again, keep in mind that these points are
for those who do not have a medically valid prescription for these substances. If you are on these medications for a medical
condition, this does not apply to you. First, the moral and ethical implications. If you believe that taking stimulants is in
fact benefiting you, which again the literature is inconclusive then what is the fairness
to those students you are competing with who are not taking the drugs? This opens up a whole other debate that is
similar yet distinct from performance-enhancing drugs in sports, food for thought. Number two, let’s talk about the long-term
consequences. The potential upside is limited based on the
data we have, and yet there are significant health risks, from cardiovascular complications
to addiction and other significant detrimental effects on your health and well-being. The legal implications of using these substances
without a prescription are also substantial. From a cost-benefit analysis perspective,
using stimulants does not appear wise. Lastly, understand that by using stimulants
to help you study, you’re using a shortcut, a crutch and that crutch overall makes you
a weaker student. Relying on stimulants to help you concentrate
or focus diminishes your ability to rely on your own habits, your own willpower, and your
own systems to provide the results that you want. You may be thinking right now, so what? But let’s take a moment to think about how
this actually pans out long term. If you’re in college right now and you rely
on stimulants, you’ll find it harder and harder to perform without them. You simply won’t be building the habits
and strategies to make you an effective student and when you start medical school, your study
habits and strategies will be so weak that you’ll again be dependent on stimulants,
unable to be an effective student without them. If the idea of being dependent on a prescription
medication with significant medical adverse effects and legal repercussions doesn’t
bother you, understand that you will be drug tested in the medical profession. And that can be the end of your medical career. By taking this shortcut, you’re cheating
yourself out of the necessary growth and development that you need as a student and as an effective
and competent future physician. Now, I’m not here to say what is morally
right or wrong. However, in my opinion, it simply doesn’t
make sense for students to use stimulants without a prescription as cognitive enhancers. You don’t need them. I never touched them, and yet I still crushed
undergrad, aced the MCAT, beast in medical school, and matched into plastic surgery. I did much better than the students who were
taking the stimulants and yet I did it the old fashion way. Hone your habits, adjust your study strategies
and continue to practice. The hard work pays off, trust me. The content on this channel is a good place
to start, but if you do wanna take your productivity, study strategies, and overall effectiveness
to the next level, check out Thanks for watching and good luck.

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100 thoughts on “Does Adderall (& Stimulants) Improve Student GPA? – Overview of the Literature

  1. adderal was nice on days i had no motivation. I only took it when on days when I had no motivation as I was doing 8 hours a day of school work and just eventually couldnt stand looking at a book no matter how many breaks I took. The hangover of adderal eventually drove me away from them as I felt coked out after I took a couple days in a row so I had to spread it out a week. I also had a prescription at the time. I did also find meditation throughout this which indeed help a lot but I found I had no motivation to workout before or after school work which caused me gaining wait in the year which the appetite surpressant effect of the adderal may have help but i didnt pay that much attention to it. In the end I think habits are what works the best liek you said. Qaulity video.

  2. I don't think taking stimulants in a education environment can be compared to PEDs in sport. Sports are strictly about competing against one another, however school is supposed to be about improving one's knowledge. Supposing the use of stimulants was productive, it would be unreasonable to expect a student to disadvantage themselves just to make the class competition more fair.

  3. Great video! I just want to share some advice I was given as a premed. My mentor said “If you take adderall and do well on a test, you’ll want to take it for every test in the future.” As a current med school student I can’t imagine trying to find a supply that would fulfill the demanding test schedule of med school. Let alone feeling dependent on something not prescribed to me for success!

  4. I was diagnosed with ADHD by a psychiatrist in my freshman year of college. In the auditory attention span category (from the two separate ADHD tests I was given) I ranked in the 98th percentile but my visual attention span was in the low 20's. Afterwards I tried mindfulness, meditation, took two courses on study habits and even implemented a fairly steady workout regimen. The aforementioned helped me maintain that 3.2 GPA but the semester after I was prescribed Adderall that rose to a 3.85. Procrastination was no longer a problem, focusing on complex material such as lengthy reading assignments and analyzing journal articles became much easier and overall my ability to retain information from my studies was profoundly enhanced.

    This was a great subjective video but for those of us with viable diagnosed ADHD stimulants can be a godsend.

  5. I don't use Adderall to get better grades. I use it to clear the static. The static of other things I prefer to be doing that wont leave me the fuc alone! The static of wanting to see the latest episode, or read the latest issue of a series that I love to keep up with. The static of my brain just screaming fuc studying as I sit here watching videos, depressed, hating myself because I know I am fuking up my life and for some reason, I just can't get started. The static on the radio that prevents the focus needed for clear reception. The static that just makes me go numb. I keep the dose low at 10mg. I don't take it every day and fuc, when classes are out I won't even touch the stuff. Currently working hard on getting into better sleep patterns and getting more sleep so that I'm not chronically sleep deprived anymore, relying on adderall, at it's worst, to keep me functioning on less then 4 hours of sleep for consecutive nights as my eyes throb and remain half shut because opening them wide fukin hurts. Adderall is great for increasing energy and focus and helping you feel good and clearing the static. However, I refuse to need it. It's a crutch. I'm working on better life habits and don't want to rely on it to succeed. But for now, It's necessary because static is a bitch. Yes I have been diagnosed with ADD by the sleep doctor I see through the VA. One day I will no longer need this crutch. That day will be glorious!

  6. Adderall stops you from being loopy and distracted easily, so what you choose to do with it at that time is up to you, so it doesnt necessarily give you better grades. Its a great drug.

  7. The guys I’m friends with in college do addys all the time and have AMAZING grades. Most of them have almost 4.0s and are pre med (bio, chem) majors. I knew some of them in high school and their grades were just okay back then. I lowkey want to take them.. I already think I’m ADD anyway

  8. Explained it very clearly, I shared this video with a bunch of people and are waiting for their responses. I totally agree with your opinion on this matter. Excellent video!

  9. Great video, as an M4 there is always a temptation to get that edge match to the competitive specialities. However, this is was a good summary really highlighting that its fool gold, makes your life worse not better.

  10. I’d just like to add that the only time I ever took adderall to study better, I studied for 10 hours straight for an AP Exam. All I had was the Barron’s book and a bottle of water beside me.

  11. I know several M.D.'s that have admitted to me that they've used ritalin or adderall for "studying better". Many see that getting good grades and successfully passing outweighs any negatives.

  12. Can you do a video on how you​ do a systematic review of the literature on the topic you're researching? Would be very helpful if you showed us your method. Thanks!

  13. Great video! I was wondering, what program do you use to for the animations for your videos? They’re really great and seem like a good fit for a project I’m working on.

  14. I’m sorry, but unless you suffer from ADHD/ADD and have access to Adderall through through a prescription provided by your doctor, you should NOT be taking Adderall. It’s dangerous and illegal, and it makes it much more difficult for people with ADHD to get the medication they need.

    That being said, this is a really interesting video and I appreciate you making it! I understand you’re not endorsing people using it, just explaining how it works.

  15. Never done it before, but I'm curious: there was no statistical significance in grade improvements with a placebo group?

  16. As someone who hates drugs and wouldn't step on his own values, even for med school, it pisses me off that my competition is doing this.

  17. Cool video, but I think you really need a better mic, as audio is the most important part of your video.

  18. So, I had a doctor (who truly hated his job mind you) tell me I was at a disadvantage applying to medical school because I’m a white male. He said I would have to compensate in the grade and mcat categories because of my gender and skin color, which was very disheartening to hear. Can anyone tell me if this is actually accurate or not? Much appreciated from a student beginning premed in just over a month 😉

  19. After reading the comments I conclude the following: If you feel that you can never focus on studying, that planning your every day activities are difficult, that you forget things where you put them, can´t sit still for 30 minutes in a row for studying, then you might have ADD/ADHD and should go see a doctor to be evaluated. It´s never recommended to take Adderal/Ritalin without a prescription since these pills are addictive if the dosage is wrong, if you are taking different dosages every day you will be addicted to them in the longrun. Normally prescribed Adderal/Ritalin is given so that you take the same dose everyday so that the risk of addiction is lower. Buying adderal/ritalin that aren´t prescribed by a doctor can also contain all sorts of funny things and is probably not 100% the real thing. Also I just want to add that taking adderal/ritalin is not a choice for people with ADD/ADHD, they can´t function like normal people without it, they have a very difficult time just planning daily activities (a small task like that is a big struggle).

  20. Adderall has helped STEM and business students tremendously. No wonder technology and scientific discoveries have risen in the past decade or two.

  21. I dated a doctor who gave me ritalin like if it were some candy in order to help me study. He still takes it long after having finishing his studies. I quickly dumped him. He is not a doctor. He became an addict and a drug dealer. Asshole.

  22. I might need stimulants because of my poor social skills (And the possible presence of ADD). I find out this Thursday. EVEN THEN there are debates as to whether we actually need drugs. For me, I think they're like glasses and I should be on them 24/7. But who's to say?

  23. So I take Adderall and (let’s just get this out the way) It’s over rated and glorified as the HOLY GRADE AND MEMORY GODDESS… I get my prescription every single month and honestly it does not cause the “euphoric feeling “ everyone describes… If you get that feeling then you are taking it for the wrong reasons. I actually (when taking it) feel more relaxed, improved focus, and can communicate better. When it comes to studying I can retain more information and yes absolutely find everything more interesting. But for grades and what not well let me tell you it’s a placebo… You get good grades because YOU are causing the whole scenario in your head of “OMG I TOOK THIS ADDY AND IM SO SMART AND BLAH BLAH BLAH” The mind is powerful. It’s just taken to push for better habits as in being more structured and productive. Once it becomes a “within” then it’s time to let go…

  24. 9:13 it's nice that you did all these things on your own and that you were successful. I mean that truly I'm not being sarcastic. But have you considered that you are suffering from Survivor bias? That may be as normal humans are not like you? I feel like I have never been able to concentrate ever in my entire life. I don't know if it was all the beatings, bullying and screaming I got as a kid or whatever else affected my ability to concentrate. I simply cannot do what you do without chemical help. Being a third-rate mind is what God gave me; perhaps I should have been a laborer. I have worked and worked and worked and try and hard my whole life to overcome everything and it still doesn't come close to doing what you can do. if i never give up but I never win what does that make me? listening to people's reactions when I asked him that question it means that I'm too stupid to figure out how to get better. I did manage to finally graduate with a bachelor's in computer science but just barely. I looked into studying habits and steategies, I tried meditation. None of it really worked. I will never ever go to grad school no matter how much I want to unless I do what you are saying I should not do. Professors, counselors, bosses, peers and everyone at school and work simply do not care for menial Minds. My professional career has helps me build up extra studying hacks using Frameworks but they are mostly around Planning and Building Products. But it just doesn't work like chemical aids. If I could take a pill that could help me just focus so I can see results from the hard work I put in then that would be wonderful. I don't see it as a shortcut or cheating; I just see it as putting me on a Level Playing Field with all the real geniuses out there. I'm not competing with anybody I just want to make the world a better place by building things. That's why I don't go into something that's just a job. I just want to feel useful.

  25. I haven't done any Adderall during my premed years. By not relying on drugs, it really strengthened my endurance. You can't keep popping pills all the time..

  26. I was diagnosed with add by my Psychiatrist and given various stimulant drugs over the years. They all made me more likely to cram. I do better without it to be honest. Also they made me depressed and I will probably never take them again.

  27. Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information. The only reason I came across this video was because I had mentioned to my friend that I was having problems focusing this week. My friend's answer was "Do yo want the magic pill?" I thought this pill was the famous "caffeine pill", however, little did I know it was Adderall. I did not take it before I search online for it. To be honest I felt like I was an oddball. I don't drink coffee, no caffeine pills and no magic pills. I can usually focus and study for many hours, but when I became a medical student it was hard to keep up. Once again, thank you so much for sharing. Now I don't feel like I'm the only one who decided not to take these things. Sadly a lot of my friends take this, but I'll continue to stay away from this. Thank you!!!

  28. So I'm going in civil engineering and I just need it to pass my physics 213 class and I dont care about the ethical and I'm only going to do it for this class this term and electricity is not my field of study so…u basically proved tht it does help students get better grades since I find it tht I get distracted easily when trying to study and tht my midterm is tomorrow…so yeah thank you for assuring me tht I will now go look for someone who sells this medication! Thank you your the best.

  29. I have a friend in dental school and she had people introduce her to this. She does this like once a month before finals. She also introduced this to her sister who also said it worked very well to help her focus when studying.

  30. So are you saying I should stop drinking my daily cup of coffee in the morning? The one that I use to jump-start my brain so I can feel normal for my first class of the day; is this going to cause me to have a heart attack and have suicidal tendencies in 10 years?

  31. welp I have ADHD they used to give me both (not together, but firstly one than the second) Adderall and Ritalin
    I stopped using them when I was 15 and realised what shit is it
    now I study last year of university, even I have ADHD and all dys – dyslexia, and others … its just about YOU … when I made it without these drugs, you can too

  32. Taking Addy = GPA spike? That statement highly varies depending on the person imo. I graduated from HS with 3.98, got Premed/BS with 3.86. Now Im in one of the top med schools in USA and have never touched Addy. I’ve done much better than my peers who have used it consistently. If you have a great self discipline and determination, you don’t need it.

  33. I used Adderall for 2 years and my test scores increased dramatically, I have been clean for the past 3 years now and i've been fine, as long as you feel good and it is prescribed i recommend taking it, ask your doctor.

  34. What if you already have good grades but like want to take them to help with your manigment skills cause your basically involved in everything and are having a hard time managing it all would it help

  35. I'm a fourth-year medical student I'm the bottom quartile of my class I'm also an osteopathic student applying for acgme emergency medicine programs. I'm going to be ranking 10 programs. My comlex and USMLE Step 1 scores were well below average and again my coursework grades were low as well. I didn't take adderal but I'd say at least a quarter to a half of my class did and bragged about it and would keep their pill bottles on their study desks at school to show it off. It is a stimulant it is an amphetamine derivative it gets you high so that it makes studying more fun and you're able to last longer. It is cheating. I never used it and I'm going to match into an acgme emergency medicine Residency with subpar grades and it feels really good knowing I didn't have to resort to cheating. Anyone who takes adderal and claims it does not give an advantage is in denial. I always wondered why students who made it to medical school needed adderal you're telling me that the best of the best students also have high rates of ADHD? Lol

  36. Thank you for taking the Moral and Ethical implications into account. Not only do you maybe get a unfair advantage. But additionally you are taking a advantage not available to those who really need to take these drugs and you create a image of these drugs, leading to somehow discrimination of people with severe ADHD or in general attention disorders. I usually always was open about my ADD while I was going to school and no-one bothered. But as soon I went to university, people made the assumption that "it"s just because I want the stimulant advantage". But people don't understand that university (pharmacy) would be completely impossible for me without these medications. Without my meds I don't even get to campus without being close to getting hit by a truck, falling by not paying attention to the street etc.

  37. Before taking adderall, I slept through all my classes, I couldn't get out of bed if my house was fire, my drug of of choice was sleep. After getting a prescription to adderall, I was able to make it to my classes, I had more intellectual confidence and could handle any work load, mental or physical.
    I became the most productive employee at every place I worked: from construction to office work.
    I think if you have a healthy energy level, you can do without adderall. But that wasn't the case for me.
    I would be living in ditch and begging for scraps right now without adderall.
    The side affects are well worth it!
    However, if I lose my prescription, I might have to resort to suicide (not a joke).

  38. You are assuming people are the same and have the same brain and performance and there are these lazy one's that use the drugs.

    People are not the same, they have different memory retention, difference in pattern recognition, differences in using logic, differences in ability to learn something new and make it click, differences in understanding in lectures from being in a large big class with a professor speaking , differences in retention by reading .
    There are hundreds of variables, different growing p environments different life and health situations.

    If people were the same (like a piece of software) yes what you wrote is true but they never are.

  39. All the people claiming to be against those drugs in this moral high ground.

    I wish we could ban coffee and alcohol and cigarettes today and see how they cope with life.
    CAFFEINE NICOTINE ALCOHOL , they should all be schedule 2 drugs.
    I bet 95% of all those people use regularly at least one of these drugs

    Just because we are conditioned in a society where those are accepted doesn't mean it is fair game for those but not for these others.

    Don't make me put POT in this which is in some states legal in some states not legal.

    CBD could be used a cognitive enhancer and in some states it is legal in some states it is not.

    Can the people that use in the legal states claim the moral high ground and shame those that use it in the states that it is illegal.

    You can't talk about the ethical and moral implications if you use any of those.

    We could go down the rabbit hole, A hug, a kiss, good food, chocolate, friends family , sex, a walk, gym ,those too are cognitive enhancers they release serotonin and dopamine in the brain some have more of those some have less of those.
    How do we balance it ? how do we make things "fair"

    There are moral and ethical implications in all of those even though we don't notice it because they are less tangible they are still there.
    Just because a drug is something physical (as compared to a hug) that you take and put in your body we assume we can make a difference but we really can't.


  40. yes it does give you better grades well the ppl i see who are using it i can't compete with those mofos complete powerhouse who cares about the sideeffects and ethics when you are outperforming everyone around you. not everyone can go through school with as much structure will and determination as you. your opinion doesnt trump someone elses life experience.
    wait where was i going with this… ehh i'll remember someday

  41. Mindfulness meditation studies are sponsored by interest-related organizations. Physical exercise is a more reliable way.

  42. today is the last day in college and we re finishing it by sitting for 2 exams .. which i struggled alot to work for them.. but i couldn't even though i want to study i have no desire or effort to and zero focus… now i know this lately :(((((

  43. they didn't make me smarter but they significantly helped in better grades. I HATE COFFEE! Adderall is like coffee but without the shit and x1000000 more incredible. they made me super focused and motivated

  44. You didn't say dealing with asshole coworkers that are in charge and are worthless in their profession. But I use my medicine to mind fuck them and let them know they are not in charge . I will not be talked down to and work passed on thats their baby.

  45. Completely unethical as they actually improve real world performance. People who take smart drugs try to legitimize them by noting how everyone drinks coffee. But coffee doesnt raise GPA by 2 points. The strong positive effect on real world performance, suggests it is attention that is more critical for improved long term performance. IQ tests are just a glorified short term memory tests.

  46. adderall doesn't change GPA. treated ADHD/ADD and appropriate disability support services such as extra test time and quiet space to take exams however can help

  47. This drug does help when ur working 60 to 80 hours a week as a caregiver on the weekend and going to school full time, including take care of a child, for me it helps with concentration and to get stuff done use it don't abuse it

  48. I would say its time for a revolution, but most Americans would rather not miss an episode of the Kardashians. Another attempt at using pseudo-statistics in an attempt to defend the completely unethical use of cognitive enhancers. Most of those using them boast about how IQ predicts everything in life, and ignore the fact that a lot of cultures probably have enhanced attention by their evolutionary nature.

  49. Why don't you discuss the affects of people with ADHD? I go from a c or lower study to a straight A study. All study habits remained the same but now that over returned to school I'm back to a sub mediocre student. Sorry you don't think ADD is real and good on you for not having it. I was diagnosed at 8 but my parents refused and didn't get help until I was 19. My ability to focus, study, understand materials and retain knowledge completely changed. Stick to plastic surgery mate.

  50. with the help of my sister who introduce me to a hacker, i'm able to pass out of school with flying color. i couldn't thank enough, i just need to shout him for what he has done for. he did rescue my academic career from nothing to the best. meet him on what'sapp. (+1 323 248-1347)

  51. THANK YOU FOR THE INFO DR!! I’m just like you! No stimulants😁. I do get frustrated when people in my classes take these stimulants for better grades instead of as a prescription. I was close with one person who totally abused the drugs and become extremely irritable. It’s great to know that in med school, working hard is the true determine factor in the long run!

  52. Yeah of course you think stims are unnecessary for studying you’re already done with school and you did great without them. Not everybody is doing amazing like you are. For a lot of us it’s a last resort and I don’t think using 5-10 small doses of amphetamines a semester to help with focus before and during exams is going to cause any dependency issues once college is over. When you have to maintain a high gpa or you lose tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship money it seems like a no brainer to take 10 mg of adderall to provide an advantage in studying

  53. As someone with ADHD taking a stimulant I would advise people to be careful. Make sure you keep a consistent sleep schedule, and take your medication in the morning. Your memory requires sleep, it's easy to think you can just slide by on minimal sleep and stimulants, but you will suffer for it. Additionally, don't use your medication to cram, you can sit there and look at notes for hours, but that doesn't mean you'll recall them the next day. Personally, I try to dedicate 3-4 hours of studying a day.

    Additionally, make sure you eat food, even if you don't want to. Eat proteins and veggies, and drink lots of water.

  54. Just a tip, please do not ask someone for there adderall when they have a prescription, we have it for a reason and it’s annoying and frustrating when people do this. Trust me when I say that if I didn’t have ADHD I wouldn’t be taking it, long term the side effects can get pretty bad.

  55. It will help you stay awake if you have to get something done at the last minute, but beyond that it won't help you retain information. The only way I see it helping grades is if you were forced to pick up extra shifts at work. Edited, referring to someone not diagnosed.

  56. When I take my adderall I have no problems in sleeping . I take 60mg daily it works for 2-3 hours then it wears off and by lunch time I sometimes take a nap . I don’t take it on the weekends because I don’t work or have school . I don’t understand how people can take 15-20mg and feel like Superman .

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