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DO YOU LIEK CUTE THINGS?! | Japanese BACK-TO-SCHOOL Supplies | ZenPop Stationery Mystery Box

Today’s very exciting! because ZenPop
sent me their stationary box this thing I honestly have no idea what these
things are like, what’s inside them, the only thing they told me was that
this is themed ‘back to school’ I’m very lucky that this year I am NOT going to
be learning in a school environment so I don’t have the need to go back to school I will be giving away these items in a giveaway so check the link in the
description for that let’s find out what’s inside though, shall we? ♪ okay the
packaging! look at this cute little bun bun! I like that her mouth is a heart [excited squeal] so
the first thing I see is some literature we have a ‘thank you’ there’s their mascot Luna just like on the box [excited squeal] this looks like it is listing
all the supplies in there so I don’t want to really get a very good look at
that spoilers! so underneath our little tissue paper-hey! what are these? block clips now these are all items directly
from Japan I’m not fluent in their alphabet so I can’t tell you what it
says actually wait- isn’t there that app that your phone translates [selects:] camera not having a lot of luck with this [audible frustration] [reading:]
“like a block idea free assembly clip” so
it looks like this is a small clip and it can hold up to ten sheets of paper
and this one is a medium clip and can hold up to 15 sheets of paper so they’re basically paper clips but they’re like Legos so like on the
picture it shows them all connecting together [click] so you can build with them then
they can hold paper…. [struggles] how do you get the paper inside? now they’re kind of a cute
idea but I think what would make them a lot better as if they had like a magnet
in them of some kind They do fit together nicely though no complaints
there the other problem is, when you build them you can’t stick
paper in it anymore these are like the things that they have
in the back-to-school section that your parents don’t buy you because they say
“those are useless” but you want them anyway Is this a mechanical
pencil? ♪ 0.9 oooh thats a thicc boi the pressman 0.9 Japanese platinum
mechanical pencil that’s actually got some really nice friction there let’s look at the other art supply in here – Oh is this a fountain pen? so this is
the 0.3 preppy fountain pen again made in Japan Just need to figure out how to open it there you can see the beautiful fountain pen and all its glory yeah I love those maybe you have to puncture that-oh I think I know there’s a little a little
like ball bearing in there I’m guessing we have to puncture it with this end so
that we have access to the ink it says: [reading:]
“you will either get black, purple, or blue ink” I got blue it looks like Coulda got purple!? [reading:]
“you’ll need to carefully push” see I did
figure this out so you do need to push it I was just afraid to put too much
pressure because I don’t want to destroy it yeah there we go let’s give it a
little shake yeeeeeeeees oh I love it imagine being the kid who has a fountain
pen in school I think that gets you some kudo points right? it definitely
feels like HB though I really like drawing with 2b I think it’s just the
perfect softness for me but I definitely have spent my fair share of time with an
HB pencil love it the next thing I see in here is this washi tape maybe? [reading translator app:]
“a leaving a lot of cute beside. 10 sheets with 8 Designs. Masking Tape” yep! that”s what I thought it was the packaging of everything is top-notch there’s also some instructions on the
back of this wrapper – basically you okay so it comes it’s all pre-cut into small
sections I guess you take one off and then you
have to peel–oh dear and then boop-edi-boop! there’s your tape! oh that’s kind of cute if you use small sections for borders or like bullet journaling going along a
side of your paper like this oh yeah that is so cute and then this part it looks like folds over folds under here like a little
envelope which keeps them all safe so they’re not curling up inside like your
pencil case or something like that that’s actually a really cute idea who am I
kidding? I can’t read that the lemons is my favorite I can see me having this
when I was younger and in school and like having all these grand ideas about
how I was going to use it and not using any of them cuz I didn’t want
to run out all right let’s see what the next thing in this box look like sticky
notes so there’s 20 sheets with six separate designs and this is the pastel
series number two open this guy up I have an idea of how I use these supplies
to make some art I think would be really really fun-oh wait a minute I just
realized that these are circle sticky notes they have like little tags for
like the edge of a bullet journal those would work really really well or marking
a page and then I love the design it looks like a little cutting mat it’s so
cute or you could use it as it’s not a bullet journal there’s like you can get
journals that have the grid texture so that when you write you keep it all in
line oh WHY is everything so cute!? and the purple one is my favorite and I like the
way that this like folds in front packaging! this little journal? this is
cute it’s a little front pocket you could put photos of your friends in there or
something looks like you put your name on this front cover here with our little
got a little cat and a bird on it’s head and this pretty pastel pink! and then
it’s pretty much a basic notebook from there on [wiggles scientifically] next thing I see oh it’s a
weekly planner and I think they might be sticky notes or they’re just a pad of
paper we’ll find out here all right so there’s 50 sheets here Oh what this folds? Oh cute!
so you can use it as like a journal it has a cover that was folded over – I’ve
never seen anything like this maybe I don’t get out much and then each
sheet is a day of the week you write the month up there and you write the date
for the day and it goes Monday through Sunday oh and it’s got will habit
tracker and a to-do lists I also really like the pastel blue very pretty
although I can see this getting really mangled kind of like the idea of ripping
them out a little bit more than trying to keep them inside there next thing Oh
Hallmark I know that Brand Let’s see what this says I’m kind of intrigued [reading through translator:]
“the movement to severe and cold but really friendly Dela-?-mela-?-man?” [laughs] okay so it looks like
this like a little dating simulator stickers I know I could be wrong…
oh wait oh it’s more like um journaling stickers for your calendar – there is a
person with a book, person saying to get their haircut it looks like well you could put
it next to a haircut appointment oh wait wait wait okay so that’s separate sheet the packaging, man! like it left a space so he could fit right in there -oh man I love it I appreciate how the coat changes color and the character gets flipped so
they’re not identical I’m trying to figure out why theres so many haircut..
I guess people get haircuts a lot more often than I do to need four stickers I
still think they look like a dating sim though we’re getting to the bottom of
the box there’s another arts supply? highlighter I think the color pink is
the Uni Propus window Q dry back what the heck? literally a window in the nib that doesn’t seem very practical but who would put a window in the nib? that’s
hilarious I gotta try that does it actually work? I mean as long as the ink is flowing
through those two sections and connecting I guess it would work ♪ there’s a window ♪ that’s crazy who’d have ever thought? I’m a little too amazed at this fact that you can see
through the nib! alright now the last thing in the box so in here look oh that’s actually really sturdy it’s like a
little miniature cutting mat very cute yeah it would definitely protect your
desk or like paper underneath it so very handy and then underneath the packaging
with a cute little thank you on the bottom anyway I had an idea to use all
these art supplies in some kind of illustration or art project of some kind
and seeing them I’ve come up with the idea I think I know what I want to do [clap, clap, clap] ♪ I can’t [clap] find [clap] what I’m [clap] looking for ♪ let’s use a piece of paper here and the
idea is I want to create like a little cork board for a character’s first
year high school or something like that so they’ve got pictures of their friend
they got random stickers and doodads and things like that so I’m thinking if we
create a border on the outside here which we can actually use this – we
can trace this so like you have a photo of like maybe the character a little
Polaroid and then we can even write like a cute little note here and the
character maybe is taking a selfie with their friend maybe they’re
making funny faces there’s something quick for now maybe something that holds
it there we can probably use like these circle stickers would be fun for that another thing you put on cork boards maybe the student ID something like
this it seems a little small let’s just see how things fit first we can put the
character’s name I don’t know what is on a student ID? I don’t remember it’s a
really big school kinda looks like a church, that’s fine and I have to make
sure I put give everything shadows so that it looks like they’re pasted on
there a little bit more what if like the top corner of her paper that’s got like
these things on it they’re kind of like ripped up then it’s ripped here but it’s
just her first A+ it’s kind of a cute idea and it needs to be stuck on there somehow she since thrown away the paper cuz it doesn’t really matter but she’s got her
A+ still I really liked the polaroid idea so I’m just gonna try and work out some
of the kinks gotta do the obligatory peace sign I really like to use this big
sticky note somehow oh we could just have sticky notes so just stick that
on there now won’t hurt anything they’re removable oh maybe it’s a sticky note
that her friend stuck on her cork board just like a cute little friend note like
I don’t know what we should name the character Marissa is coming to mind so maybe she’d be like: “Rissy, thanks for being in my life.” ❤ something like that and
this will look a lot better when like everything else is colored obviously I’ll keep that one on the back burner well think about it nothing’s finalized yet and let me be use some of these washi tapes for
borders – wonder if you could do the outside of the Polaroid with this? there’s also gonna be
like things they’re just older and you can’t see them as well maybe a photo she
doesn’t like as much like someone had their eyes closed just a little awkward yeah it’s just a little too big I think but I’m gonna keep it here we do need a
to-do list I’m thinking this guy right here – need scissors here and just cut out
the one we need there we go and we could fill it out too I think we can use the
habit tracker too something like “ate ice cream” ❤ ice cream Oh she’d fill it in
with different colors though and Friday she likes ice cream I don’t do
habit trackers I don’t really know what else you put on those number one is
going to be assignment. perfect check off a couple of them I’m excited, my favorite
part is gonna be sticking these just randomly around I think that’s gonna be
so much fun that’s kind of like the last step so I’m like trying to hold off I
can also like cut them so it looks like they’re under some Polaroids if I need
them to maybe this could be like one of those cool Instagram shots where they’re
like not looking at the camera just “chillin at school” maybe there’s a desk the chair you’re supposed to be sitting on is here I don’t wanna make them too
complicated cuz it’s such a small drawing it’s gonna
be very difficult so I gotta be careful think I need to do next is color in our
background so what I want it to look like is a cork board so I’m gonna look
up a reference of a cork board and see where we’re at hopefully I have the right colors yeah that’s too yellow okay that looks about
right so it looks like we’re going with light suntan the color I use for
everything [giggle] big surprise! probably lightly erase some of the
sketch so that I’m not going over it with Copic markers just roll over
the whole thing alright so I guess I just start coloring in this and then
we’ll add texture to it to make it give it that cork board texture with probably
my dark suntan color but we’ll see don’t worry about getting the texture too even because I do want it to look like a cork board I’m probably
gonna actually add texture in with another marker so there’s that alright did the first coat it’s definitely
really patchy I’m hoping that’ll be okay probably use Dark Suntan, (let me see)
yeah start adding some sploagies just basically make a bunch of texture in it
try not to make it too consistent I want to be really sporadic ♪ [tap, tap, tap, tap, tap] [tap, tap, tap, tap] [tap, tap, tap, tap, tap] [still tapping] is that what I’m looking for? I also just want
something like less saturated what do we got? ash Rose? ad blobs here and there polka dots here too some reason decided
the shadows we’re gonna be on the bottom right even though I have a window here
that comes in that way so when I use like the actual objects like these the
shadows are going to be going that way.. but it’s fine it’s no big deal looking kind of cool I think I am gonna add line art to it I am okay with it
looking cartoony because it’s going to anyway a little shading. looking good and
I’d like to add line art to all these things I think I’m gonna need something
finer than this like a 0.1 maybe kind of thinking about making this photo
black and white use this ruler here I don’t want it to be a perfect square coz
I do want to look a little organic feel like if I make everything perfectly
straight it’s not gonna look any more real so I’m cool with this the barcode that’s what it’s missing I do need to put her face on here though yeah fine okay
good enough I just need to color this in color this in, lineart this, and then we
get to the part that I’ve been waiting for – the just sticking stuff on here!! I don’t know what classroom this is it’s got almost easel desks but that’s the one
she’s in okay I’m digging it I just need to add the line art maybe erase the pencil
just a little my wonderful hand right there … [giggle] that’s something else it’s kind of
like simplified but it has all the details that it needs perfect This ‘ash rose’ would work really nice for a school wall ewwwww yeah perfect I’m gonna go with the really old-fashioned blue chairs maybe she was
wearing a blue top which is why she’s posing here perfect I think Ii’ll use the pen
and write “model” just a bunch of scribbles on it perfect now color in her student ID here go use that same
blue color maybe it’s the school colors you know? there we go might grab my lightest
gray… and try to add more shading — then we also need a shadow underneath everything
here so it’s kind of coming along I do need to color her there though background color looks like they’re in
prison I won’t make a joke I wasn’t make… about school should quickly add a
a picture back here like that alright pretty happy with that let’s go
ahead I start sticking things on here I really just want to stick these circles
stickynotes – oh my gosh they are so cool huh let’s just stick one here maybe she drew a
heart on it? with our pink windowed highlighter I could probably even go a
little crazy and add a little shadow from our sticky note [laughs] that is perplexing one
here probably makes sense I could use the sticky notes to do it like this maybe she drew something on here like a pencil you definitely need to put something
tennis related on here because I just forgot that I made her a little tennis
girl so I’m gonna take this little sticky note stick it right here and just
write “I love tennis” on it I’ll stick this on here I really want to use these lemons
somewhere I don’t really know where oh that’s what I could do I can stick it on
here it looks like she’s she’s little pieces of washi tape to stick things
even though it’s a cork board whatever get over it I’m just gonna use these two
also like maybe stick her pictures oh you can’t see that at all but it’s fine I think I had something else I wanted I can still stick of this on here we’ll
just cover up a lot of things but that’s what I like about AHHSEE! look this is so
exciting look because now there’s things that are 3d and they stick out and it
makes the other ones kind of look like they stick out too! your eye just assumes the one purple one I mean stick it up here we don’t have anything here – what
should I write on this? her Instagram handle I’ll use this
cuz it kind of matches the colors in this already I wonder if it fits over this window?
actually, i kind of like the idea of it being right there use this to stick up the blue
picture [snip] oh I didn’t use these stickers this one with the book! well these are
really heavy-duty stickers maybe just I don’t know where I’m gonna stick it stick it on
another sticky note I want more yellow in here I’m gonna grab this stick him on
there and then stick this maybe right here now he’s part of it anyway I want to thank you guys for watching and seeing me
experiment with the stationery subscription box by ZenPop! I want to
thank them for sending it my way it was really fun to try out something from
another country and like see how they package their art supplies and
just seeing the types of things that are from other countries is just really
really cool because I don’t really get out of my room much so being able to get
objects from another country in the mail is really cool don’t forget I am giving away all these art supplies to one of you so that you
can use them on your back-to-school adventures thank you guys for watching
I’ll see you guys next week and hope you have a delicious
evening full of waffles! BYE! (that really just made it all come together,
i love it) ♪

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