Do NOT Go to the Principal’s Office
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Do NOT Go to the Principal’s Office

(upbeat music) – Principals are typically in their office and that’s where you can always find them. And at Central, that’s not the case. – I hear a lot of people say, “Have you seen Bethany lately?” (laughs) You know, she went that way, or she’s in a classroom or whatever. It looks like I’m just walking around, but there’s actually a lot going on. The first two years I
was here I had an office, but after that, I just sort of gave it up. I’m just really happier that way. I feel like I’m still really accessible even though I’m not in
one place for very long. – [Woman On Radio] Ma’am? – Okay, I’ll check in a minute. It’s real easy to get caught up in the managerial parts of
being a building leader. I try to set it as such to where people don’t feel like
they’re being pushed away but at the same time, understand that I shouldn’t be
sitting behind close doors talking to people all day long. – Anytime that we need something, I know that she always
has an open door policy. And I can catch her in the hallway or I can meet her in the office, and that kind of transforms
how you spend your time because you’re not
structured to certain meeting or office hours. You always have the
principal available to you. – Now like all dreams,
she’s gonna have to have– – [Bethany] Classroom time is my priority. I think the only way to stay connected is to have the conversations
and to be present and to see teachers in action with kids and know how to support. – As I was learning to be a teacher, when a principal would
walk in, you would just go, (gasps) “What am I not doing right?” And you don’t have that feeling here because Bethany’s really
transformed our thoughts of what schools should look like and how visible you should be. – Boys and girls, still
lookin’ for a zero, we’re bringing down in five. – I think it’s something that everybody’s gotten used to now,
but I think it probably was a little bit frustrating at first, ’cause I had heard a few things like, “Gosh, she’s never here. I can’t find her anywhere.” It’s just really my
goal to break that mold and to not be the typical principal, and I challenge every other
principal to do the same. (bus drives by)

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