Do College Kids Know 70s Music? (Queen, Jackson 5) | React: Do They Know It?
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Do College Kids Know 70s Music? (Queen, Jackson 5) | React: Do They Know It?

– (singing along)
♪ We will, we will rock you ♪ – I like long walks on the beach,
sunshine, and ’70s music. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Let’s get down and boogie
with some ’70s music. – Yay! I like this. – Radical, man.
Nope, that’s not ’70s. Is it ’70s? See, I don’t even know slang! – I was just browsing
the ’70s music channel the other day on iTunes and I’m still
probably not gonna retain any of that information. – Every time I come in,
I’m like, from the last one, I’ll be like, “I’m gonna
listen to a lot more ’70s music so I can know everything,”
and then I come in here and I’m like, yeah, I still haven’t
listened to any ’70s music. I pretty much listen
to the same four songs. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (singing along) ♪ Roxanne ♪ Yes! I know this one. – (singing along) ♪ You don’t
have to put on the red light ♪ – ♪ Roxanne ♪
– Okay, I know this song. – My dad sings this
all over the house! – ♪ You don’t have
to put on the red light ♪ ♪ Roxanne ♪ ♪ Put on the red light ♪ – Okay, this is sounding
really familiar. – (singing along)
♪ Put on the red light ♪ Who are you?
Okay, come on, Tom. Think! – ♪ …red light ♪ ♪ Roxanne ♪ ♪ Put on the red light ♪ – I always wondered
what it would have been like to have someone write
a song about you like that. It’s crazy. – (FBE) Do you know it?
– I do not know it. – It’s “Roxanne,” but
I don’t know the artist. – That is “Roxanne.”
Is it by The Police? – It’s “Roxanne” by The Police. – “Roxanne” by The Police. – (FBE) This is “Roxanne”
by The Police. – Oh, The Police were big! They’re British, right? – That was The Police?
That was Sting singing? – Oh, that hurts! My dad’s gonna be so pissed. Me and my dad would play
this game in the car. He would be like, oh, he’d play a song
and then I’d have to guess what it is and Sting
would come up so much. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ ♪ (trumpets blaring) ♪ – (singing along) ♪ This
will be an everlasting love ♪ – Oh! Eharmony commercials. – And then he comes out and says,
“You can find love on eharmony, too.” – ♪ …loved me ♪ ♪ (vocalizing) ♪ ♪ I’m so glad you found me in time ♪ – I like long walks on the beach,
sunshine, and ’70s music. – I’ve heard this song before, too. – This song just makes me
think of my mom doing the dishes while
I’m in the other room trying not to listen to her music. – (FBE) All right,
do you know this one? – It’s the eharmony commercial
by… I’m trying to think of the guy’s name.
I don’t know. It’s the old-looking dude.
He has white hair, always wears a suit. – “Everlasting Love.” I don’t know who sings it though. – This is “Everlasting Love”
by… give me a second. Why is that not coming to me?! – “This Will Be” and I’m
not sure who sings it. – (FBE) This is “This
Will Be (An Everlasting Love)” by Natalie Cole.
– It sounds really familiar. – I know I heard the song before,
just not frequently and the artist’s name
is unfamiliar to me. – She has a really pretty voice
and I’ve heard her sing before. – That’s a cute song. That’s a good dinner playlist song,
a little Frank Sinatra, throw this one in here,
you got a vibe. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – ♪ Demonstrating love and affection ♪ – Woo! Getting funky over here. Okay! – ♪ I like the way
you make me feel… ♪ – I’m trying to play ahead
of it to see if I can get to the chorus in my head. – ♪ Want the whole wide world to see ♪ ♪ Whoa, whoa… ♪ – (singing along)
♪ …you got the best of my love ♪ ♪ Whoa, whoa… ♪ – (singing along)
♪ …you got the best of my love ♪ ♪ Whoa, whoa… ♪ – Oh, this sounds so familiar. – ♪ Whoa, whoa, you’ve got the… ♪ – Oh, I like it! This is an actual bop! – (FBE) Do you know this one?
– No idea. – “Best of My Love.”
I don’t remember the artist. – The title is “Best of My Love,”
but I really don’t know who the artist is. – It’s “Best of My Love.” I just don’t remember
the artist’s name. – (FBE) This is “Best of My Love”
by The Emotions. – Oh, yeah, I have no idea
who The Emotions are. – I would have not ever guessed that. – That thing slapped.
That was awesome! Do all their songs sound like that
because, if so, this might be a new favorite band. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – ♪ Oh, but they’re weird
and they’re wonderful ♪ ♪ Oh, Bennie, she’s really keen ♪ ♪ She’s got… ♪ – (singing along)
♪ …electric boots… ♪ This is such a good song. – Okay, this is definitely
on the ’70s playlist that I’ve been studying,
but I always forget to look at the actual details. – ♪ B-B-Benny and the Jets ♪ – Oh. Yeah, I’ve heard
this song before. – I didn’t know this
was made in the ’70s. – That’s possibly one
of my favorite sounds in all of music, just him going ♪ Benny ♪ – (FBE) Do you know this one?
– I’ve heard it before but I don’t have
the name or the artist. – It’s Benny and the Jets
by somebody who likes jets and someone named Benny. – “Benny and the Jets” by Elton John? – “Benny and the Jets,”
and it’s by Elton John. – “Benny and the Jets” by Elton John. – (FBE) This is “Benny
and the Jets” by Elton John. – EVERY TIME! I’m starting to think
I don’t know who Elton John is. – I do love Elton John,
and it’s weird because Elton John has those songs that you don’t know,
but whey they play you know it’s Elton John. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – ♪ Everybody was… ♪ – (singing along)
♪ …Kung-Fu fighting ♪ ♪ HA ♪ – ♪ Everybody was… ♪ – (singing along)
♪ …Kung-Fu fighting ♪ ♪ (vocalizing) ♪ – ♪ Those cats were… ♪ – (singing along)
♪ …fast as lightening ♪ Especially when they go… – (singing along) ♪ …it
was a little bit frightening ♪ – ♪ But they fought
with expert timing ♪ – (singing along) ♪ …funky China men
from funky Chinatown ♪ – ♪ They were chopping them up ♪ ♪ They were chopping them down ♪ – I’m gonna be honest. I think one of the first times
I heard this song mainly was in Kung-Fu Panda. – (FBE) Do you know this one?
– I do not! – The song was “Kung-Fu Fighting,”
and the artist, I do not remember the name of. – “Kung-Fu Fighting” by…
wow, I’ve never thought to look at who sings the song! – (FBE) This is “Kung-Fu Fighting”
by Carl Douglas. – [Bleep] Carl Douglas.
Who the hell’s that? (laughing) – Not ringing any bells.
It’s all silent up in here. – That’s crazy. This song is so famous
but I’ve never really heard the name Carl Douglas before. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – ♪ You went to school… ♪
– (gasping) Yes! – Ooh-hoo-hoo! Okay. Gonna bless my earholes,
why don’t you? – (singing along)
♪ I before E, except after C ♪ – ♪ And why two plus two makes four ♪ ♪ Now now now, I’m gonna teach you ♪ ♪ Teach you, teach you ♪ ♪ All about love, yeah ♪ – It’s such a good song.
I miss him. – (singing along) ♪ All
you gotta do is repeat after me ♪ – (singing along) ♪ A, B, C ♪ – (singing along)
♪ It’s easy as 1, 2, 3 ♪ – My mom knows the dance. She knows every dance
by Michael Jackson. – ♪ A, B, C ♪ ♪ 1, 2, 3,
baby you and me girl ♪ – Little Michael! He’s so good! – (FBE) Do you know this one? – This is “ABC.”
Is this Jackson 5? – I think the song title is “ABC,”
and it’s by Jackson 5. – “ABC” by The Jackson 5. – (FBE) “ABC” was a number one
hit by The Jackson 5. It knocked The Beatles “Let It Be”
off the top of the Billboard Hot 100 in 1970.
– Good [bleep]. Let’s go, MJ! Staying the King of Pop! – Dang, you’re knocking
The Beatles off. That’s when you know
you’re gonna have a crazy career. – It’s a very different style than
what I associate Michael Jackson with. I think Michael Jackson,
I think “Thriller,” but also, obviously,
that’s a part of him and I feel like a lot of people forget
this is what he was doing before he was doing “Thriller.” ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ (thumping table to beat) – Every sports game ever. – ♪ Buddy, you’re a boy… ♪ – (singing along)
♪ …make a big noise ♪ ♪ Playing in the street… ♪ – ♪ …gonna be a big man someday ♪ ♪ You got mud on your face… ♪ – Oh, my gosh.
I love Freddie Mercury. – (singing along) ♪ Kicking
your can all over the place ♪ – (singing along)
♪ We will, we will rock you ♪ – (singing along)
♪ We will, we will rock you ♪ – Oh, we didn’t get to the part
where he goes, “Sing it!” I like that part. – (FBE) Do you know this one? – I think it’s called
“We Will Rock You,” and I’m pretty sure it’s by Queen. – Queen, “We Will Rock You.” – This is “We Will Rock You” by Queen. – It amazes me when
people don’t know Queen or don’t like Queen,
and I’m just like, but it’s Queen! Even if you just like
“Bohemian Rhapsody,” it’s still Queen! – (FBE) Queen guitarist
Brian May wrote this and claimed the idea for the song came in a dream. He told Mojo Magazine in October 2008
that he wanted to create a song that the audience
could participate in. – Yeah, definitely. Everybody participates in this. If you don’t participate in this song,
then who are you? What are you? – That’s fair because
as soon as it started, that’s– you have to do that. You can’t just passively listen
to the song and be like, “Oh, yeah,
‘We Will Rock You.’ Hmm-hmm, yes, dinner party.” Like, you have to do the claps! ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – Thanks for watching “Do They Know It?”
on the React channel. – Subscribe for new shows every day. – If you like the ’70s,
then hit that Like button. – What was your favorite ’70s song? Let us know in the comments. – Goodbye! Keep it groovy.

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  2. Brittany is so awesome! She has serious musical knowledge. One of the few on this channel that I don’t believe I have heard say “ I wasn’t born yet, people were making music before I was born”? True story: lots of music out there folks, all you have to do is look for it. Plus, she seems to dig Queen as I have seen her reactions in other videos. Anyway, you should do a react to Joe Strummer.

  3. It's funny they picked up "This Will Be Everlasting Love" from EHarmony because I totally know it from "The Parent Trap"

  4. You can’t guess the mother f####### police I’m 9 and I listen to the police in my sleep no but I literally listen to the police in my sleep lol

  5. As soon as Benny and the Jets started playing by Elton John, I was singing along to it. Freaking love Elton John's music. Same with The Police's.

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