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– Oh, no, don’t go!
Bad things are gonna happ– I can’t tell you what’s gonna happen,
but bad things are gonna happen. – You know, all of these shows
sound more entertaining than the modern shows
that are on. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we’re gonna see
how well you know some TV shows from the ’60s.
– Oh. I got excited when you said TV shows.
When you said ’60s, I’m like, “Wait…
What do I know is from the ’60s?” – Oh, one of these days,
“Do They Know It?” zip, bang, straight to the moon!
I don’t know if that’s from the ’60s. That reference might not have worked?
(bell dings) – Maybe if it’s very embedded
in pop culture, I feel like I might be able
to figure it out. – If I don’t know any of ’em,
I apologize, guys. I don’t know pop culture
from the ’60s. – Knowing my track record
with these kinds of episodes, I surprise myself often. So, I have a feeling
I’m gonna do well. – I don’t know if it was
a better time for television. Again, I don’t know
if I’m the most knowledgeable. I feel like now is the best time
for television. But let’s see if the ’60s
can impress me. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ ♪ (upbeat music) ♪
– Ooh! (sings along) ♪ …story
of a lovely lady ♪ – ♪ Who was bringing up… ♪
– Oh. – ♪ …three very lovely girls ♪ – Don’t know the words,
but I know the beat. – This is from the ’60s?
Damn. I mean, I could see that, actually. – Oh, my mom would get so mad
if I didn’t know this. – This is easy.
This is probably one of the biggest, classic TV shows there is. – ♪ Yet they were all alone ♪
– I’m realizing how white this is now. Looking back, this is painfully white. – (FBE) Do you know it?
– I have no idea. – Is it “The Brady Bunch”?
– That was “The Brady Bunch.” – That’s “The Brady Bunch.”
– Yeah, “The Brady Bunch.” – It’s “The Brady Bunch.” – (FBE) This is the opening
to season one of “The Brady Bunch.” – “The Brady Bunch.”
My teacher would always talk about it, but yeah, I never knew
what it looked like. – (FBE) So, Sherwood Schwartz
conceived this idea for the show after reading that 30% of marriages
in the US have a child or children from a previous marriage. – Whoa, I didn’t know that actually. – (FBE) His initial title
for the series was tentatively called “Mine and Yours.”
– Aww, that’s cute. I like– I mean,
“Brady Bunch” is obviously a much better title,
’cause alliteration! – A little bit earlier than that,
I felt like it was like you weren’t supposed
to get divorced, and it was very frowned upon. So, that’s cool that they had this
so long ago. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Oh my gosh.
That looks so familiar. – I know this.
♪ (vocalizes along) ♪ – So confused by the animated intro.
I feel like it’s not an animated show. – Oh! Okay.
I know what this is. I can’t do it,
whatever she does. (chuckles) – Why do I feel
like I know this? – This looks so familiar,
but I can’t say the– Ah, what is this? – Yeah, this is a thing
I’ve never actually seen an episode of,
and I don’t really know anything about what it is.
I just know it from other pop culture. – (FBE) All right,
do you know this one? – No, I don’t know it.
– No. – No, I don’t.
– The only thing that’s coming to my head is “Sabrina
the Teenage Witch,” which is [bleep] wrong.
I can’t think of it. – My guess is “I Dream of Jeannie.”
– It’s “I Dream of Jeannie.” – “I Dream of Jeannie.” – (FBE) This is “I Dream of Jeannie.”
– OH, DANG IT! I knew it! – (FBE) “I Dream of Jeannie”
is an American fantasy sitcom starring Barbara Eden
as a 2,000-year-old genie and Larry Hagman
as an astronaut who becomes her master
with whom she falls in love with and eventually marries.
– Aww. That would’ve been
a much cuter version of Aladdin. – I would love to have sat in
on the boardroom meeting for that plot pitch.
“Just stay with me, a genie and an astronaut,
they fall in love. It’s gonna be great.
(chuckles) It’s gonna be great. Don’t worry about it.
The kids’ll love it.” ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – ♪ Just sit right back… ♪
– Why do I know this song, but I don’t know what this is? – ♪ That started from this tropic port
aboard this… ♪ – SS Minnow? This is– [bleep]. – ♪ The skipper brave and sure ♪ – Oh, no, don’t go!
Bad things are gonna happ– I can’t tell you what’s gonna happen,
but bad things are gonna happen. – (sings along) ♪ A three hour tour ♪
(imitates thunder crashing) – Ooh, the plot thickens. – ♪ If not for the courage
of a fearless crew ♪ ♪ The Minnow would be lost ♪
– Tragic. – ♪ The Minnow would be lost ♪ – Man, shows back then,
they gave the whole plotline in the title song. Wow. – (FBE) All right,
do you know this one? – No.
– I don’t. – I don’t know it.
– I definitely have seen it, but I have no idea
what it’s called. – It’s “Gilligan’s Island.”
– “Gilligan’s Island.” – “Gilligan’s Island.”
– (FBE) This is the intro for “Gilligan’s Island.”
– Yes! Oh my god. That– I’m like,
how did I not know that? – “Gilligan’s Island”!
What?! Austin… why?
Go home. – This is so cool, because I forgot
that half of these existed. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ ♪ (playful music) ♪ – Hmm.
– (laughs) I love this show, too! I’m so glad I know these. Wow. – What? She turns
into a cat? – You guys are torturing me
with things I might know. – [Bleep]. I know what it is. – I feel like I might’ve
watched this as a kid, ’cause it looks really familiar. – I love all the music
in all of these. It’s just so–
I wanna swing dance to it. – (FBE) Do you know this one?
– No, I don’t know it. – I can’t put a name to it.
– I don’t know. – Married to a Witch Lady?
I don’t know. – Is that “Bewitched”?
– “Bewitched”? – That is “Bewitched.” – (FBE) This one’s “Bewitched.”
– “Bewitched.” Yeah, that sounds about right. – “Bewitched.” Okay,
that sounds very familiar. I’ve never seen it, though. – (FBE) This show is about a witch
who marries an ordinary mortal man and vows to lead the life
of a typical suburban housewife. – Yeah, I definitely
remember watching this. That’s a really cute idea. – You know, all of these shows
sound more entertaining than the modern shows
that are on. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ ♪ (suspenseful music) ♪
– ♪ (hums along) ♪ – James Bond wasn’t
a TV show. – I wanna be a spy. – Ah, got it already. – I feel like I’ve heard
this music before. – Yes, Mel Brooks, a king.
A comedy king in the ’60s. – Mm. I think it is–
I think I know what it is. – Typical spy move.
Is the elevator gonna drop down now? Yup. (chuckles) – Telephone booths are
a weirdly common part of pop culture staples. – (FBE) Do you know it?
– Ah, no. – I hope this is not wrong,
’cause it’d be so bad. Is this “Batman”?
– “Get Smart”? – That is “Get Smart.” – “Get Smart.” (claps) – (FBE) This is the opening
for “Get Smart.” – Oh! I don’t think
I would’ve got that. – (FBE) So, this series centers
on bumbling secret agent Maxwell Smart also known as Agent 86
and his female partner, Agent 99. In 2008, this series was made
into a feature film starring Steve Carrell
and Anne Hathaway. – Love them. Love spy movies. – I would definitely watch a show
that it was based off of, because I liked the idea of it. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ ♪ (upbeat futuristic music) ♪ – I feel like I watched this
as a kid. – Okay. This is that old?! – ♪ Meet George [bleep] ♪
– (laughs) I don’t know if you’re gonna
include the bleeps in the episode, but that’s my favorite part. – I love this show too.
It’s one of my favorite own movies as well. – ♪ Daughter Judy ♪
♪ (swanky jazz music) ♪ – They thought that this was gonna be
what the 21st century looks like. – And then he hands
the wife some money, and she takes the wallet. – We still don’t have flying cars. – (chuckles) I like that shows
in the ’60s don’t need to have a pilot episode.
They can just tell you the plot in the theme song, and you’re like,
“All right. I’m caught up.” – (FBE) Do you know it?
– (hesitantly) The Jets? Something to do with jets? (chuckles) – That is “The Jetsons.” – “The Jetsons.”
– “The Jetsons”! – “The Jetsons.”
How do you not know “The Jetsons”? – (FBE) This is the opening
to “The Jetsons.” – “The Jetsons”!
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I feel like I watched that
as a kid. – I remember it being funny
and futuristic and making me excited
for flying cars, which I have still yet to see. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ ♪ (upbeat jazz music) ♪
– (voice-over) Starring [bleep]. – I don’t know if I know that one. – (laughs) He’s a dad,
and he’s stupid. But he’s not fat,
so it’s not like a 2000s sitcom. – (voice-over) And Mary Tyler Moore.
– Oh my god, Dick Van Dyke. – That’s it?
That’s all you’re gonna give me? – I feel like if I tripped and fell,
my family would be like, “Oh, there’s Brianna,
just being a klutz.” – (FBE) Do you know this one?
– I wanted to say “The Andy Griffith Show”
when it first started, and then, very quickly
got off that. No clue. – I don’t know it.
– No, nothing. – Is it “The Dick Van Dyke Show”?
– “The Dick Van Dyke Show”? – (FBE) So, this one is
“The Dick Van Dyke Show.” – [Bleep]. I knew it!
I was gonna say it looks like his name’s Dick. – I’ve heard of
“The Dick Van Dyke Show,” but I don’t think I knew
what that was. – (FBE) “The Dick Van Dyke Show”
was the last show to have its entire run filmed
in black and white. The show was due to be shot in color
after the fifth season, but never happened
because of the cast and producer’s decision
to end the show after five seasons. It ran from 1961 to 1966. – That sucks.
That would’ve been cool to have it transition, be like a show
that’s half black and white and half color.
I like that. – It would’ve been so cool
for the audience to see how it actually looked like. – Any kind of old pop culture
is fascinating to watch, ’cause it’s very much
based in that time period. It’s about what’s going on
in people’s lives during that time. So, it’s kind of like
a very fun, great history lesson. – I know it’s hard to watch it now
with the comedy we have, but if you go back and watch that
and think of the times then, those shows were really smart
and really well done. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – Thanks for watching
“Do They Know It?” on the React Channel.
– Don’t miss out. Be sure to subscribe
for new shows every day. – If you love the ’60s,
then hit that Like button. – Bye.
– Hey, guys. Alyssa here, a producer from the React Channel.
Thanks so much for hanging out with us today,
watching some ’60s TV shows. What’s your favorite?
Let us know in the comments, and be sure to hit the bell
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  2. For me I loved all the TV shows from the 60s to 90s, they were the best so it's hard to just put one

  3. If you all are gonna include Get Smart then you need to do a React to its successor….Inspector Gadget (the ORIGINAL 80’s cartoon voiced none other than Maxwell Smart himself, Don Adams). If you do that, gotta throw in a clip of the self destructing message on Chef Quimby to see how the kids react to it. Best running gag of the show

  4. I’m 16 and since I’ve mostly grew up without cable or WiFi these are the only shows that I would watch everyday and I still watch the reruns

  5. Please react to Mel Brooks movies. Blazing saddles, history of the world part 1, men in tights, and the producers are some of the best comedies ever created.

  6. I remember watching most of these shows on Nick at Nite. These programs are true television classics.

  7. The Jetsons, Bewitched and I dream of Jeannie is in the 60s? I used to watch it when i was young. I'm like 28 and I did not know these shows are in the 60s. 😱

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