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Do Australians have bad accents? 1961 v 2019 | RetroFocus

What is our question? Oh yes, do Australians speak with a bad accent? I think they’re cool. I prefer them to American
accents. Am allowed to say that? I don’t know. No, Australian accent’s a bloody good accent. You get used to it.
At first it’s a bit difficult to understand. (Giggles) How did you know that I was not an Australian? Aye mate, how you doin’? I’ll answer yours in a minute
if you answer mine first. What do you think of Australian accents? Awesome!
We love it. Some accents are rather attractive. In this country, you mean? Yes. I quite often get called “Shaz” ’cause I’m
a bit of a bogan. Well I think you speak nicely. What do you think of my accent, sir? Your accent? It’s pretty smooth. I think some speak too nasal. Well I like you anyway. (Laughs) It sounds familiar, a bit like
the American accent. Well answering your question, I didn’t know
you were British until you spoke. (Laughs) Do you think I sound American or British? Oh no that was a British question! We’re not trying to imitate the bloody Pommies
or anyone else. Do you think Australians speak badly? Extremely badly. I think that they’re lazy. They speak as though they have a piece of barbed wire clamped on both sides of their jaw. Loose tongues, loose mouth. And they speak like that with their mouth like that You speak nice. Nicely, actually. I like grammar too. Thank you for your correction. Thank you, thank you very much. That’s quite alright. Many Sydney people do, we come from Melbourne. (Laughs) What is your accent? Brazilian. Majority of people are Australians and
half-Italians as well. I’m from Belgium. Staffordshire. I’m from the country and they all reckon I drawl. They’re not so strong in Adelaide. What is your accent? Liberian. I like being able to walk through somewhere and hear all types of people who are Australian
with all types of accents. I’m a true Aussie and I really like to talk
about them really well. When we go overseas, if I meet an Australian I feel oh, so nice, easy to understand. I think they’re careless in their speech but I don’t think it’s a bad accent. Maybe I’ll stay here longer. I think it varies from state to state,
from region to region. Do you think Australians speak with a bad accent? No. I think they speak with a very good accent. What do you think of Australian accents? Oh yeah, have I got one? I don’t know if I’ve got one but I think it’s
very nice actually. It’s like a cultural thing, you know. Bad actors? What do we think about Australian acting? Yeah, bad accent. A bad accent? Oh accent? Yes, a bad accent. I don’t think so. Nasal. Some of them speak with bad accents
and some of them don’t. Thanks mate. I don’t know whether that’s being
recorded on that or not, is it? Good accent! Love them. Bogan. No, good accent. Come on yeah mate! See? That was good. Sometimes proper, a little bit boganish. Yeah, that’s me. Thank you, Shaz.

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100 thoughts on “Do Australians have bad accents? 1961 v 2019 | RetroFocus

  1. Michael Parkinson considers Australia his second home. His father reckoned Australians were a breakaway group of sunburnt Yorkshiremen! 😂

  2. Someone I knew (an Australian who had spent a few years overseas) put it perfectly. She said "the whole country sounds lower class". I tend to agree. Lazy, sloppy speech, like they are allergic to moving their mouths to pronounce words. And it doesn't always mix well as a second language. Italians in Italy speaking English sound beautiful. Italians in Australia speaking English learnt there as a second language sound horrific.

  3. Too bad the youth are being influenced by american media into developing american mannerisms and accents, eh?
    The Americans truly have taken over the world!

  4. It's not a question of bad accents, it's just that nobody in the English speaking world can take them seriously. It just sounds like they are thick.

  5. Since this country is a mega melting pot with too many rainbow cultures and non-unified accent at all compared with the US that it's easily to tell the ethnics, geo they're from Down under got every accent including the born and breed in Australia for many generstions, I can tell each family status by suave or rough accent. Very interesting but precisely… STF…….

  6. Imitating the aussie accent is easy just pretend you have a small ball under your tongue and swear in every other word sorted

  7. The source of the Australian accent to me is East end of London. Seems to have the same nasal twang. I suppose the convict ships sailed straight from the east end where there were many prison hulks and prisons in the late 1700s. Sydney and Brisbane were the only convict colonies where the rest were more or less mostly free settlers. I mean Adelaide and Perth sound like more rounded English accent. I think the Australian accent is in permanent state of change.

  8. Unless you speak with a “bogan” accent, there isn’t really any stand-out feature to our accent. The strong accent sounds hideous on women. Also, generally speaking I find Australian men and women tend to speak with deeper tones.

    I prefer a soft Australian accent, without the slang.

  9. "You speak nice."

    Really, ABC? Your journalists, paid for by the taxpayer, don't even have proper grammar? Shameful.

  10. Sorry our accents cringy i lived in italy for 3 months not hear an other aussie speak i had the unfortunate pleasure of a australian documentary on the tv oh for the love of everything it was bad i have to admit the guy was very much like steve Erwin

  11. 1:56. No offence to that girl, but it actually does not vary from state to state, region to region. That’s America or the UK.

  12. Yeah g'day mate, you can't get better than a Kiwi accent, more "refined" but unless you are Aussie or kiwi you won't know the difference!! Foreigners think we are Americans, Canadians, South African, and the poms have myriad accents, some unintelligible!!

  13. Australian accents don’t vary from state to state, it’s more about individuals who have background in the arts culture or lots of university education. All Australians generally speak the same.

  14. All Australians speak with the same accent, it doesn’t vary from state to state, it’s just some people have a background in theatre, arts, or have lots of university education, but generally every state has the same accent

  15. As a Brit when ever I hear a dumb Aussie accent it reminds of our low class convicted criminals ( pick pocketers, toilet peepers, murdurers, sexual molesters and the list goes on ) so glad we kicked them out so far so don't want hear their dumb accents lol

  16. There's two types of Australian accents, Yuppies Metrosexual accent from the Middle and High Class and a Boganic accent from the slums who lives on Centrelink. My humble opinion.

  17. I'm not sure what they're on about Australians don't have an accent it's the rest of the world that talks funny not us lol

  18. Aussies don't have bad accents, but it can be fun to have a laugh at all the different kinds of Aussie accents. Just like in the UK and USA, it varies.

  19. Huh huh, it is s nice accent.
    My mother says, it is a lazy accent because Aussies speak without opening their mouths.

  20. I think in the past, the accents were more English tinged whereas now there’s so much multiculturalism it’s influenced the accents

  21. The Australian accent is significantly more well pronounced and more accurate to the English written language than any other, including British

  22. The worst is British English strongly followed by Australian english. American English is the only true smooth language
    And generally speaking I hate accents.

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