DIY Weird School Supplies You Need To Try 2017! Prank Your Friends And Teachers!
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DIY Weird School Supplies You Need To Try 2017! Prank Your Friends And Teachers!

*Music playing* Wengie: Hey guys,it’s Wengie! Welcome back, and unicorn hug! Wengie: So you guys wanted more back to school videos, so here is another one! Wengie: I wanted to do some weird DIY school supplies, for you guys! Wengie: So some of this turned out pretty cool, so I can’t wait to show you guys! Wengie: And also don’t forget if you subscribe to this channel right now, you’ll be part of the Mac Book Air giveaway, that’s running currently, and you’ll be joining this wonderful family, like I love you guys, so much! Wengie: And the only other thing you need to do to be part of this giveaway, is to subscribe to my second channel, which is ReactiCorns, and I can’t wait to see you there! Wengie: And oh my gosh, guys, if we get this video to like 139,000 thumbs up, that will be amazing! Wengie:I’m going to give you 3 seconds, for you guys to do this,1,2,3; have you guys done it? Wengie: Awesome! So without further ado, let’s get on with the video! Let’s go! *Music playing* Wendy :Nooooooooooo! Wengie: Do you know, Wendy, that would never happen with those twisty crayon pens? Wendy:Yeah, but they’re still expensive! Wengie: Why don’t you make them yourself, like me? Wendy: Huh? *Music playing* Wengie: You can make your own DIY twisting crayon pens with some used chapstick containers! Wengie: Just break up a crayon into a bowl, and then add a small amount of vaseline as well! The vaseline actually softens it a bit, so it will work in these containers, but don’t add too much! Wengie: Melt this over a double boiler, and mix well until it’s smooth, then pour it into your chapstick container; just be careful with this part because it’s pretty hot, then you need to let it stand until it’s set! Wengie: You’ll be able to twist your crayon out of your chapstick container, just like a store-bought crayon pen! Wengie: Pretty cool, right? *Music playing* Miss Wedgie: Okay, class, so just letting you know, 99% of the exam questions, we taught in this class, so listen carefully! Wengie: Uhh…! Miss Wedgie: Wengie! What are you doing? Are you concentrating? Wengie:Whoa,look at this pen! It’s so magical! *Music playing* Wendy: Whoa….! Miss Wedgie: Wengie! Wengie! *Music playing* Miss Wedgie: Whoa….! *Music playing* Wengie: This lava lamp pen was totally magical, and inspired by the amazing Karina Garcia! I wanted to make mine a little more pen shaped, so I used some long craft test tubes! Wengie: You’ll also need some water, food colouring, baby oil, a ballpoint pen, some air-dry clay, and some acrylic paint! Wengie: First, fill out your test tube about halfway with some water, and your favourite food colouring, and mix it well. I used this super cool Aqua colour! Wengie: Next, fill the rest of the test tube up with baby oil! *Music playing* Wengie: Put this aside for now, and we can start working on the pen! Wengie:First, apply a small amount of hot glue to prevent any liquids from getting inside! Wengie: This next part is a little bit tricky, but you basically need to tunnel a hole through the middle of the cork lid, which I actually did using a chopstick, but you can find something similar shaped around the house, then pop your pen tube through the cork, and seal the openings in some hot glue, and you should have something like this! Wengie: Next, push the cork lid tightly onto your test tube, and then set it with some more hot glue! Now,use some air-dry clay to mold around the pen tip to make it look more pen chic, and when it’s dry, paint over it with some acrylic paint, you may need two or three coats with this! Wengie: I made three different colours, and I honestly love these weird lava lamp pens, they’re so magical and mesmerising to look at, just try not to get too distracted in class! *Music playing* Miss Wedgie: Okay, class, listen up! It’s time to glue your pictures onto your vision board, there’ll be ‘Show And Tell’ afterwards! *Music playing* Miss Wedgie: Wengie, what did I say about bringing makeup to class? Wengie: But, miss! Miss Wedgie: That’s enough, young lady! I’m confiscating this, you’ll get it after class! *Music playing* ( Wengie frowns while Wendy is smiling.) *Music playing* Wengie: I love surprising people with weird school supplies by switching containers, and this lipstick glue stick is no different, it’s also so simple to do! Wengie: You only need an old lipstick container, and a glue stick! Wengie: Clean out your lipstick well beforehand! Wengie: Next, remove the entire glue stick, and basically just stick your lipstick container straight into the glue! Wengie: Trim away any excess glue, and you’re basically done! I used some disappearing purple glue, so it looks even more like an actual lipstick, which will definitely end up, fooling a few friends, and maybe even your teachers! *Music playing* Miss Wedgie: Well, l do have a date later on tonight, maybe I’ll use a little bit of this! *Abrupt music playing* Miss Wedgie: What, wait, what is this? Uh..! *Music playing* Wendy: What? I swear this eraser was new! Wengie: That sucks! Luckily, it never happens to me! *Music playing* Wendy: (curious) What is that? Wengie: It’s an eraser! Want one? *Music playing* Wendy: Cool! Wengie: Welcome! *Music playing* Wendy: Kinda weird! *Music playing* Wengie:These giant pencil eraser balls look a little bit lollipops, that they’re actually so useful! Wengie: You just need some eraser clay, which I bought online, and some regular pencils! Wengie: Just take some clay, and mold it into a ball or any shape you’d like, and stick it onto the end of your pencil,then bake this in the oven for about thirty to forty-five minutes,or according to instructions on our package, when they’re out, just use a little hot glue to stick them on to the ends of the pencil, and you’re done! You wouldn’t run out of your eraser ever again, and they look really cute! *Music playing* Wendy: Hey, Wengie, my lips look pretty dry, can I use your EOS? Wendy: Er… This is not lip balm, I use it to study! *Music playing* Wendy:*confused* That makes no sense! Wengie: Here, I’ll show you! *Music playing* Wengie: I love these cute little EOS containers, and I always feel like throwing them is such a waste, so here’s a bit of a weird DIY I made with them! Wengie: You’ll need an EOS container, a highlighter, and an Exacto knife, scissors, a safety pin and a hot glue gun! wengie: First, take out your EOS container, including the plastic dome lining, and the top cover by cutting it out! Make sure you have parents’ supervision for this, by the way, because this can get dangerous! Wengie: Next, use the knife to cut out the grate from the middle piece! Next, you’ll need to use your knife to cut away the outer plastic ridge of the see-through dome, so all that’s left is the dome itself! Wengie: Seriously, guys, be careful with this part, take apart your highlighter, cutting the end up, and removing the sponge! Next, use a safety pin, and poke it through the nibs to remove that as well! Now, take your hot glue gun, and just use the metal part to put a hole through the centre of the dome, just big enough to fit your highlighter nib, and then pop it through! Wengie: Now, take some acrylic paint in whatever colour you’d like, but I chose pink because I’m making a pink highlighter! Wengie: Paint the inside of the dome completely, you may need two or three coats to completely cover it as well! Now, pop the centre piece of the EOS onto the top piece, and then rest, the dome upside down inside! This is a level where you want to hot glue the middle piece in like this! Wengie: Next, cut off a short part of the highlighter sponge, and stick it around the nib, and finally click the bottom part to finish off your highlighter! Wengie: When you take off the top, it should look like this, which I thought that was so cute, and a little bit different! *Music playing* Wendy: Oh, that’s so cool, but my lips are still dry! *Music playing* Wengie: So did you guys learn something new today? If you guys did and get to do any of these DIYs, don’t forget to hashtag #wengiecorns so I can see them,and like them,and comment on them and before we go, let’s see what happened on ReactiCorns, this week! Max: I want to be, do you know? Wengie: A Browser! (quietly) Max:
A Browser! Wengie: A browser! You say browser, is like Google Chrome or Firefox! Max:Tell me to get and do… Max: Chrome, you go and do Chrome! Wengie: Don’t forget to find me on my social medias, I’m there all the time, and it’s come to that where I have to say! Bye, guys, love you!

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  7. Your doing a great job with your videos 🦄😘😜🌺🌸💐🌷🌹🥀☀️
    I am your biggest fan
    Your my number one ☝️ favorite YouTuber

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