DIY Weird Back To School Supplies You Need To Try!
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DIY Weird Back To School Supplies You Need To Try!

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, guys! It’s Rachel. So I did a DIY weird
back-to-school supplies video last year, because I want
to make weird a good thing. A lot of things that are
weird are cool, right? So I decided to do the
same exact thing this year. Also, I’m currently having a
back-to-school giveaway, where I give away a MacBook Air. And the only rule to enter is
that you must be subscribed. So if you’re already
subscribed, then you’re already automatically entered. The giveaway originally
ended on August 12. But I think I’m going to
change it to ending on the 28, because it’s back to school, and
people aren’t necessarily back to school yet at that point. OK, first things first. Since we’re working with
hot glue and sharp objects, have a parent help
you, because– Ow! Ow! [BLADE CLICKS] [BLADE CLICKS] Yeah. [MUSIC PLAYING] Firstly, you’ll need some
lipsticks and some pencils. Measure up how short
your pencil will need to be, and then take the
lipstick out of the container. And you can just
take that lipstick and put it into
a small container and save it so you
can actually wear it. Don’t ever just waste
lipstick like that. Please. Start cutting the
pencil by rotating it in a pair of scissors
until it just breaks. Make sure the pencil fits. Then take some air-drying
clay, and stick it in a lipstick container. And stick the pencil after
that, then clean up the edges. You can make so many of
these with just one pencil, because they’re so short. So don’t just throw
out the pencil once you’ve finished with it. Just sharpen it again,
and cut it again. Then take some paint. I like to paint the
tips of them to look like they’re lipstick colors. But obviously, if you
don’t want to do this, that’s fine, because
when you sharpen it, it’s going to erase anyways. [MUSIC PLAYING] For the s’mores notebooks,
take two notebooks and glue them on
top of each other. Next, take a
graham-cracker-colored T-shirt, whatever that means, and
fold it in half, and cut it. Then glue the edges to the first
and last page of the notebook. Once you’ve done that, fill
it up with cotton balls so it has a fluffy look to it. Then glue the last edge down. Now mark nine dots on
top of the notebook. Cut some small holes into them,
then glue those holes down. And color on top of the
dots with the brown. I call this one the
“Campfire Song Song.” [SINGING] Let’s gather
’round the campfire and sing our campfire song. At least now the teacher might
take you a little bit more seriously if you’re trying
to pretend that your dog ate your homework. But then there’s
chocolate in it, so. [MUSIC PLAYING] For the eraser rings,
first tape down the surface so that it doesn’t get messy. Then take some silicone,
which is surprisingly easier to find than you’d think– I
just got this from Target– and some baby powder. Squeeze some silicone
onto the tape, and then pour baby
powder all over it. Then take some chalk,
and I’ll let you know what that’s for in a second. But just mix up the silicone
with the baby powder until it looks like
this clay texture. Then take an eraser
and literally erase nothing, because the more
eraser shavings that you have, the better it will erase
when you actually use it. Then mix that in. Take the chalk and draw on
literally nothing again, because clearly I’m
super into that. And then roll the clay in it
to change the clay’s color. Now, roll up half the clay so
that it fits around your finger as the ring band. Then take some diamond
silicone molds. I mean, you could
shape them yourself. But I cannot shape them
myself, so I’m using this. Let it sit for two
hours until it’s dry. Then attach them. You can always add more
eraser clay to attach them. But ain’t nobody feel like
waiting another two hours. Like, really? So I’m going to
hot-glue-gun them together. [MUSIC – BEYONCE, “SINGLE LADIES
(PUT A RING ON IT)”] I didn’t have enough
rings to write “hi.” [MUSIC PLAYING] To make the little soda
can sharpener, just take any small
cylinder-shaped object– I’m using a
sprinkles container– and a silver Sharpie. And draw over the entire thing. [MUSIC – ETTA JAMES, “AT LAST”] Then take the top
off, and draw a mark to where you want to cut
the little circle out so you can add the sharpener
in there comfortably. Then glue the sharpener in. Now search for any
soda can logo online. You can use Sprite
or whatever you want. Then minimize the size of
it to 20%, and print it out. This printer so abusively
grabs the paper. [INAUDIBLE] It completely crumbled it up. Cut out the logo. And add some packing tape on
it so that it’s protected, because we’re all way
too lazy to laminate it. Then glue the logo on
around the container. And to show you that you
can literally make anything into a sharpener,
I cut a whole out of the bottom of
this M&M container and glued the sharpener in it. And I used a long pair
of scissors as tweezers. And voila, sharpener. So I hope you guys
enjoyed this video. If you didn’t see my
previous two videos, click those down below. And subscribe right
over there if you’re not subscribed already. OK, I love you guys so much. Bye!

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