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Hello there I’m Natalie and I left procrastination nation raise your hand if you procrastinate Or in this case give us me a thumbs up, but no worries. I’m gonna show you the best productivity and school hacks Hold up. I’m doing huge giveaway right now where I’m giving one lucky subscriber a canon camera. Oh my god ( JUPITER) Do enter just subscribe right here by clicking this button to become a part of the family and that’s it? I challenge you guys to get this video to a 150,000 thumbs up let me see if you could turn this to this I dare you I want to give a huge shout out to violent for watching my videos Thank you so much If you want a shout out in my next video just comment below hashtag notification squad And I will be picking one of you in the first 30 minutes that every video goes live so make sure you’re here early by having notifications turn on add me on Instagram because I’m currently doing the boy where I’m giving away my favorite products to you a Polaroid makeup brushes stationery planners literally nataly’s essentials for life and let’s get on into this video For you guys into four different parts procrastination hacks study hacks motivational hacks and stress and anxiety If you have a ton of things that you need to read and you want to learn to read Faster all you have to do is chew some gum this will help you speed up your reading by Doubling or even tripling your reading speed so what it really does is switches the brain signals attention from your mouth eyes and your ears And gives you something else to focus on this first study hack is very weird But I’m telling you it is gonna change your life If you’re studying in your room the best thing you can do is to keep your shoes off Why might you ask because your mind associates having shoes on with being busy So you’ll be less distracted if you have your shoes on so if you love studying for the last minute Which is just terrible I know, but don’t worry I got you the best thing you can do is to study the first and last 20% of your syllabus Yeah, you remember that paper that you always throw away in the beginning of the year do not throw it away there’s a reason they gave you that because I will literally tell you what material to focus on so just focus on the first and The last 20% of the syllabus you’re gonna get at least a seat if you study So study have to remember things more Effectively is to use color so when you use colors your mind is just capturing all those facts all that knowledge And it associates it with color so what you’ve taken notes with different colored pens your visual memory will actually kick in Trying to help you remember what you already wrote down if you’re easily distracted by absolutely every little sound as like Just invest in some awesome noise cancelling headphones trust me this will help you out so much your throttles canceling headphones and silence of the world Invest in getting a space for yourselves I highly recommend you guys to invest in a desk any kind of desk will do I personally have a standard desk which is amazing Because any time I got tired I literally will just stand up and it helps me focus and I’m not like complaining about my back or my legs aching It’s like the best thing I’ve done for myself I would HIGHLY advise you to work at a desk and not work on the floor Don’t work on a couch and don’t work on a fit anything that is just asking for sleep avoid my very first Procrastination hack is with your work Space make it a place where you have everything you need to survive basically anything that you just sit down And then you’re like oh wait I think I’m hungry, and then you go and eat Or you sit down, and then you’re like then I’m kind of thirsty too, so then you go a drink or oh my gosh my lips are dry so then you put on some lip balm all those little tasks in between will take up so much of your Time that you won’t even realize because you’re just kind of like well, I mean I’m thirsty. That’s like a human thing Well, I mean I’m hungry That’s like a human thing and so you’ll validate everything But don’t I recommend you to have a snack by your side also any kind of tea I also like to keep a little stretched plushie by my desk along with all my essentials my pens my markers my computer Tissues the girl needs tissues sometime that homework be making me crops set up your ideal workspace also Don’t forget to stay comfortable put on your PJs take off your jeans anything That’s constricting will not help you think so just put on a nice sweater Some nice sweatpants and get to work girl in an ideal workspace I also recommend to have some type of wipe board so that you can write down your ideas Or your thoughts throughout studying on my whiteboard I usually like to put my schedule laid out so I can see the whole week at a glance And it gives me less anxiety, and I’m like okay. I’m gonna be productive I know what I’m doing because if you don’t have a set plan that literally when everything will fail make sure to study in a Well-lit area, this is key don’t cram yourself up in a little room with like a tiny little lamp designate a Location in your home or a place where you have light your near window and you can once in awhile Just kind of gaze out your phone may be your best friend But it is your enemy when it comes to studying turn this bad boy off I would even suggest you to log off of all your accounts put your phone on airplane mode text your friends and family Hey guys, I’m gonna be hibernating for a little bit. You’ll be more productive You’ll be happier at the end of it And you’ll get better result one of my favorite apps for productivity and this video is not sponsored just letting you know But it is an amazing app. It’s called for is and it pretty much Just starts your day off in two 25-minute increments and anytime you just leave this little app thing It’s gonna tell you go back to four is because your tree is gonna die so the idea is that your tree is growing as You are being productive It’s helped me a lot and I want my tree to grow also try to study within 25 minute increments so after 25 minutes You can rest for five minutes instead of going on social media or doing anything that will distract you just take a nice little walk For five minutes or stretch or even refill your teeth another thing that I do to not Procrastinate is just to block out your weeks so for instance have an ideal work week schedule That you want to follow include everything that you want from working out To studying to hang out with friends can see how you can tailor your schedule to it so realize what are the days that you? Want to block out for studying for? exercising for just like focusing on a few things at a time when creating a list literally just start at Everything that pops into your head. Just everything that you need to do just jot it down This is a really good exercise to not only move into the next step of prioritizing But also to just release any kind of stress and anxiety that you already have towards the day be it’s very Different when you have everything bottled up in your head Then when you have everything written down it looks much more manageable on paper the ones you write everything down color coded into Categories this is my personal. This is my school This is my job another app that I really love is called wonder list I pretty much, just go throughout my day and anything that I need to jot down in case. I don’t have my planner I’ll just jot it down into wonder list I can create categories. I can move it’s absolutely amazing It saved me in so many different ways highly suggest you to get it you need to plan your day to be successful I think the biggest like you tell yourself is I don’t need to write that I’ll remember it and then you go home And you get overwhelmed because you’re like oh my god what do I start on first throughout the day just write every single thing that you need to do once you get home what you’re Gonna, do is you’re gonna break it down? Definitely get a planner that inspires you you can go to the traditional route and just get one that is already You know set in stone and just write in it, or you could go with the more creative route Which is the bullet journal Rob’s really cool method of organizing your life, and it’s creative And it allows you to kind of journal your thoughts which is really really nice and relaxing definitely get creative You know buy some fun tapes buy some fun stickers invest in really nice highlighters markers Muji pens are Amazing just like a ton of stationary things that will inspire you at your workspace erasable pens have been my dream I’m telling you I have never gone back now you have a long list of to do So what do you do that the biggest thing is to break it so you’re gonna break your Tasks into smaller tasks you start with the smallest thing that you could do like right now if you just write down Study for a final. I guarantee you’re not gonna. Do it that task alone is so overwhelming There’s so many different parts to it instead of writing study for final You can actually break it down by putting study chapter one through two It’ll do that one day then the second day You could put study chapters two to three and then the third day you could do review chapters one through three that way you’re creating a plan to tackle a very large project and Minimizing the effect that it’s gonna have on your brain But when creating a less ask yourself if this is the one thing that I get done all day Will I be satisfied and happy if the answer is yes? Then you know that’s one thing you should do the answer is no Then you should go back into your list and see what is of higher priority I will always say being reasonable and also taking care of your mental health requires you to prioritize Only three things a day three things that you’re gonna be really happy and satisfied at the end of the day if you complete it And don’t overwork yourself Or saturate yourself with things because I’m telling you it’s not gonna be as effective as you would be if you just tackle three Priority things so after your top three priority things that you’ve completed then you’re gonna. Ask yourself. Is there anything that I can complete in This is called the two-minute rule if you see something that needs to be done right away And you can literally do it in two minutes. You can do it immediately for example Let’s say you have this huge paper you have to write It will probably only take you two minutes to write your name at the top to write the class The page number and then just a title let’s say you want to start eating healthier It will literally just take you two minutes to probably eat one Apple the hardest part really is just Start once you get past that little mountain you’re gonna go So you need Motivation I feel you I totally understand take a shower showers can be so relaxing and being clean is actually proven to help you increase Concentration and productivity, and it just makes you feel like your life is in check I would say create a vision board vision board pretty much is all of the things you want to accomplish you need to understand what? Motivates me like what is getting you to get up every morning Go to school work really really hard and Excel you need to have some type of motivation if you don’t have it It’s gonna be really really hard for you push through procrastination and laziness So I would say even if you don’t have any goals just sit down look at your interest and ask yourself you know what would I want to accomplish just starting small like I would want to get an A on this exam and I will Take myself to my favorite ice cream shop And I’m telling you food always motivates you at least it does for me one of my final tips is to Organize your desk or your workspace or wherever it is You are honestly a tidy space equals a tidy Maya If everything is unorganized and just chaotic your mind will even be more or an organized and chaotic So just take some time to clear out your space become a little bit more minimalistic when it comes to decorating and just have things that will only inspire you so I understand the stress and anxiety that comes with exams finals and just anything that has to do with school so one of the things that you could do is actually just play with a Pet having a pet and playing with a pet have actually shown signs of her leaving stress, and if you’re less stressed I promise you’re gonna perform a lot better in any exam if you’re looking for some good music to actually Focus and help relax you I would recommend either lo-fi hip-hop or a really weird hack is to actually use video game or movie soundtracks I know so this type of music is designed to not break your Concentration and to literally just be background music to whatever it is you’re doing whatever It is you’re listening to so another stress and anxiety hack is to just start I know that sounds super simple But honestly just realize that what you’re feeling is resistance towards the task at hand what is the smallest thing that I can do right now when you’re doing a long assignment set a 30 minute timer and literally just Go at it, and once you start and get over that fear of whatever It is you’re resisting your anxiety and your fear of everything will just kind of go away. You’ll chill it Just feels better once you start. I’m done with this. I’m done with this. We’re gone. I’m done I hope you enjoyed today’s productivity video if you did make sure you give it a huge thumbs up also Check out my last video right over here by clicking it where I show you some amazing period life hacks that every girl should know subscribe right over here to join the family I Post new videos every Wednesday and Saturday that is if you have notifications turn on you have notifications turn on turn them on right now I hope you guys have an amazing day. Don’t fear. It’s a little weird or normal Let me know down below in the comments which videos you want to see next bye

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