DIY School Supplies!!! | Cute Notebooks, Backpack, and Bobby Pin Holder | Davis Does
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DIY School Supplies!!! | Cute Notebooks, Backpack, and Bobby Pin Holder | Davis Does

[Music playing] Hello everyone! My name is Davis and this is Davis Does DIY school supplies! So, let’s get to it! To start off, here is a spray-painted notebook
for any subject! Begin by removing any stickers from the cover
of the notebook, as well as the insert, and ooh they are coupons – make sure to save
those! Then, we need to make our stencils! And for this we will be using doilies! Now you can buy doilies from many different
stores, I actually got these that are meant for plating desserts. So mine didn’t have cut-outs all the way
to the center, but we can fix that! So if yours has a solid center, fold the doily
in half, and in half again, and again. Now we are pretty much going to be making
paper snowflakes! So just cut out little shapes from the sides
of the solid part of the doily. And I actually had a lot of fun with this
DIY, especially for the reveal of unfolding the snowflake doily stencil. And I did this twice. I would also recommend to do this over a sheet
of paper because it makes for easy cleanup. Now, we are on to spray-painting! Go outdoors or to a very well ventilated area,
and make sure to set down paper or plastic to make sure the spray paint doesn’t get
on the surrounding surfaces. I used some lawn bags. Then place your notebook down in the middle
of whatever you placed on the ground. Now choose whatever color spray-paint you
would like, I started with blue, and coat the whole notebook cover. Let that dry and then place your stencils
wherever you prefer, I did two corners of the notebook. Then take a contrasting color, I chose white
and spray paint the cover again! Now you can tape the stencils to the cover
to keep them in place, but I found they would stay as long as you spray paint straight on. So don’t spray-paint from an angle, spray-paint
directly vertical to the notebook. Let that dry, and there you go! Why spend extra money on a decorated back-pack
when you can do it yourself for cheaper! So I just got this plain black backpack from
Target, and we are going to make it less plain! So I got this lace-like ribbon from Michael’s. And I found that the 2 yards, 1.8 meters,
was the perfect length for the whole design. So I started off by cutting two pieces of
ribbon that are the same length as the arm straps. I then placed a book in the front pocket so
there was a flat surface to work with. Then I cut a piece to fit the size of the
pocket. And I cut three more pieces to be the same
size as the one I just cut. Now lay out your design so it’s exactly
how you want it. I decided to actually layer the four pieces
of trim. I originally did five pieces, but thought
it was too much. Once everything was in place, I removed the
bottom three pieces so we could secure the ribbon one layer at a time. So just take some hot glue and start by gluing
one edge down right on the seam of the backpack, and then glue a line for the bottom of the
piece all the way across the front. Now I was not that smart and I used my hands
to pat down the trim to the hot glue. Don’t do this. And as you can see, as I kept gluing on the
layers I continued to do this. Later on, I actually used the tip of a pen
for the job. That is a great alternative. Each time you glue a piece, make sure to glue
all edges to the backpack. I then glued the bigger pieces to the arm
straps, and look! I am using a pen this time to pat down the
lace. Make sure to glue these pieces to follow the
wavy pattern of the seam. And there you go! Did you hear the news? This newspaper notebook is such a cool design! Begin by getting some newspapers, I got some
New York Times sections here, and then look through to find sections of text to cut out. You can either really find articles that you
have read and liked, or you can randomly chose. I hope you like the irony of me choosing the
article “Why Kids Can’t Write” for my English notebook. Once you have some clippings, you can then
cut these into small pieces as well as trim the edges as close to the text as possible. I then placed some of the clippings where
I wanted them at the top, and then moved them down so I could glue more easily. And I just used some mod podge and painted
some right onto the notebook. One by one, place the pieces of newspaper
onto the glue, smooth them out, and press them down. And this process is a lot faster because we
already had the pieces ready to be glued. And my camera actually stopped filming at
this point, but once everything is glued, apply another layer of Mod Podge over everything
to add more security and a nice, even finish. Then, I just wrote the subject name on a label,
and tried to be fancy and do some cursive, and it kind of took a few tries until I liked
my work. And hot glue it onto the notebook, and that’s
it! Need a hair touch-up at school? Here is a convenient and cute holder for your
bobby pins! So for this you need an empty tic tacs container! I was gonna do something with the Altoids
one, but I decided not to. Anywho, take off the label as best as you
can, and for the sticky remains on the plastic, just take some alcohol on a cotton ball and
it’ll come right off! Then take some paint and I took some blue
and white and mixed them together to make a nice light blue. Then take a pretty thin brush and start painting
any pattern you would like! I started with a chevron strip and then a
polka dots strip and alternated between those two patterns. And I switched the background because it’s
easier to see the pattern when the background isn’t the same color as the paint. Continue this all the way to the top or to
the white of the lid. And you can really do whatever colors or patterns
you would like, I also did one that was all pink polka dots. And voila! An easy way to store your bobby pins! Plus, they will smell minty fresh! Now we have 20 more DIYs. Haha PSYCH. This is the last DIY and it is a watercolor
notebook. Get a large piece of plain white paper and
place it over the notebook. Use a ruler to help make a one inch border
all around the cover. Then cut the paper. Then flip over the cover and fold the paper
to fit the front cover. Then cut the squares on the corners of the
paper and use the creases as a guide. This will make folding and gluing easier later. Keep the paper folded over the edges, but
we don’t have to glue it down yet, because we can start the painting! Brush on some water to the top center of the
page. I just painted it on in a blob shape. Then dip your brush into whatever color you
would like and dip it into the water on the page. The color will then spread. I actually tilted the note so the paint would
move to the edges of my water blob. I then added another color and did the same
thing. I also did some paint splatters by flicking
my brush onto the paper. And some areas had too much water and weren’t
drying so I blotted it with a tissue. Leave it to completely dry. Then use a pencil and write your subject name. I start with pencil because I make a lot of
mistakes, but after I went over it with black marker. And this notebook is for my psychology class. The cool kids just call it psych so… Anyways. Once you are satisfied with your page, you
can hot glue the edges of the paper to the inside of the notebook cover. Also make sure to glue the front edge as well. And that’s it!! Thank you guys so much for watching, I hope you liked this video because
I am so excited to be starting my back to school series for 2017! And if you liked this video, make sure to
give it a big thumbs up, and also make sure to comment down below if you have tried any
of these DIYs and how they worked for you, or anything else you want to talk about! And don’t forget to hit that big ol’ subscribe
button, because it is really appreciated! And I’ll see you guys very, very soon – so bye!

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  1. Loved it omg if you would have posted earlier I would have done it I started school last week😢 nice video though I loved it!😍

  2. bobby pin holder is such a good idea!! I've been tryna find a way of storing mine besides shoving them at the bottom of my purse & digging around for 5 years when I need one….

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