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DIY Edible School Supplies

Hey guys! ^^ It’s Wengie~ Welcome back to my channel! And if you’re new around here, then you probably wouldn’t expect this… We’re going to do a neck hug this week! The neck hug is strong! mmhm! Yup It Is I thought it would be really fun to come up with some DIY edible school supplies that you could totally just use to curb your hunger during class ( I would Do That) And the other thing you could totally do with this is to prank your friends with it! They also taste like, SUPER yummy ( DUHHH) I came up with eight of these We actually came up with more but some of them just didn’t turn out right ( aww D:) went like totally flopped I did a giant DIY, like, gummy phone case but we asked Siri What she thought of it So that was pretty funny Check out my vlog channel because that’s all behind-the-scenes stuff! Really really REALLY excited to share these with you HOLD UP! If you guys aren’t a part of the family yet here already I encourage you guys to join! It’s so simple, just click the “subscribe” button here!(DO IT BEFORE I KILL YOUU!!) Or in a mobile device, it is down below~ And my family members are not only like the BEST people in the world You can win one of these two Macbook Airs and yes, I’m giving away two And one other thing you need to do to join this giveaway is join my #vlogsquad, which means subscribe to my vlog channel which is linked here and down below it’s THAT simple. Just do those two things Good luck guys! And let’s get this video to 100k thumbs up That will be SO cool guys I would feel so appreciated! Love you guys so much So without further ado, let’s get straight to the video! Leeet’s go! Hey! You want a crayon? I got extra. ( I DOO) Oh really? Yea that would be really cool! Here! (thinking) Even though she’s a bit loopy… She’s pretty nice actually Oh by the way! Than- I’LL NOM YOU ALL *Drops crayon* mmmmmmm~ Now it’s time to make some edible crayons! They’re super pretty and yummy, and you would want to eat the whole pack! Trust me. mmm~ hehe! You’ll need some gelatin, jelly flavours that match with your crayon colours, some thick straws, and some duct tape! Grab a straw and close one end with duct tape Grab a section of tape and place the flat end of the straw down on it And you want to make little cuts towards the center with some scissors So that you can really get the duct tape in around the circle You want to make this super tight Do this twice! Because even after the first layer, even if you do it right it’s still gonna leak a little bit and this would be our mold for our crayons So make as many as you want So now we can make our own container for when they (crayons) set by cutting the top of a water bottle Or you could use a really tall glass And now we’re going to make some gummy. So pour in 100ml of water Stir in half a teaspoon of gelatin and roughly one tablespoon of your flavoured jelly Of course you can use more gelatin if you want this gummy to be thicker If you want to make the colour opaque as well, you can add in a little bit of condensed milk and it’s still super tasty 🙂 This one I made is lemon flavour! And you can use food colouring if you want to intensify the colour as well Mix it well once it heats up and once boils wait another 30 seconds before you take it off the heat Now cool it down and pour it into the straw using a funnel or a cup with one of these pouring nose Make as many colours as you want and then pop it in the fridge to set! We waited about 6 hours! We ended up making 7 colours, to replace every single crayon in our crayon pack. To take it out, simply just remove the duct tape off the end, and then squeeze the other end of the straw super lightly and it’ll simply slide right out like a worm It’s so fun to do! And like, really fun to watch and to make it look like a crayon we want to use a knife or an exacto knife to shape the tip You want to cut from the end towards you for the most control And then we want to carefully cut the wrapper off an existing crayon using a knife along the edge, where they’re like stuck together and then once it’s done, work it onto your gummy carefully, and get some clear tape to stick it on and keep it there You can hide one gummy amongst your actual crayons, or even replace the whole pack. Both are super fun! Miss! Can I go to the bathroom? Hey can I have those? What?? Your pencil shavings pencil..shavings? uhhh yea sure whatever… Thanks! Such a weirdo…Why would someone even want those? …Are you eating…? What..? *noms* You can’t have any! Nuts look like pencil shavings, sooo let’s just grab some brazil nuts Since they are the right shape to sharpen, and they’re kind of big And what we want to do is, shape it like a pencil! so use an exacto knife or a sharp knife and just trim the nut down, so it will actually fit into the sharpener And again, if you are a kid Make sure you get a parent to do this for you because it is quite fiddly, and even I was like panicking when I’m doing this so make sure. Yas~ Parents’ supervision, so important And once it’s in the right shape put it in your pencil sharpner and like…just sharpen it and it would actually look like pencil shavings Make sure you clean your sharpener before you this as well you don’t want to be eating lead and stuff like that And you can also paint the ends with food dye! If you want to make it match with your actual pencil shavings and plus these ‘pencil shavings’ are super healthy for you, and SO tasty! So the principles of Magical Land is that- (thinking) Awh man…Stop growling!! (thinking) ooh hungry, how much longer? (thinking) Class is so long! (thinking) Another hour?! (thinking) Oh! I know! *casually noms on ‘eraser’* Whenever I saw a kid have one those eraser pens I thought they were sooo fancy Now I finally have one (chuckles) and we’re going to make it edible! So we’re going to replace the erasers with these super pretty musk sticks Let’s take a moment to appreciate how similar they look Even down to the length! It was exactly the SAME length! All you need to do now is to shave down the musk sticks to the thickness of your eraser stick You can use an exacto knife, or like a sharp knife and if you’re a kid, make sure you have parents’ supervision or get them to do this for you because this can be so dangerous and this goes for every single knife-related DIY in this video. Just be careful guys! The shavings are totally edible So go ahead and nom them And once you’re done, leave it out to dry, it’ll harden up a bit more (so it won’t bend). Now just stick it in your eraser and you’re ready to go It even dispenses out like a normal eraser as well You can have a secret stash of musk sticks in your pencil case. It’s so yum! Do you have some gum? *questions life* …uhh this is a- *casually noms on pencil* *licks* *shocked* Grab any pencil you like that has an eraser at the end wrapped with metal Now we want to use some scissors and dig that out Usually the top piece will kind of break off and you just got to really get in there with your scissors to dig the rest out So just take your time and do this Now take a roll of gum, like this hubba bubba gum Pink and purple looked the most like an eraser Break off a piece, and roll it up as tight as you can It’s actually better to get a little bit extra, then slowly cut off little widths until you get to the size that perfectly fits in the middle casing And once it fits just stick it in Use a flat surface and your fingers to mold it so you smooth out the edges and they stick all together You can flatten the top as well So you don’t see that little, like, twisty bit at the top And it actually molds super well once it gets a bit warm with your fingers The other awesome thing is, now you have an emergency gum supply You could totally sneak into class Listen up class! Right now our activity is to draw anything you want in your favourite colour You have 15 minutes Alright, Wendy! Want to show me what you have? Oh! (nods) It’s very lovely, thank you. And Wengie? What about you? I drew my tongue *smiles* See? Want some? Interesting… *smirks* (writes on notepad) yes, we need to book her in to see the school counselor. Alright, moving on! I used to love magic changing markers, scented markers but I never had edible markers That’s not to say that some of us didn’t just try to eat them anyways! And to make these, you’ll need some food dye pens that’s usually used to decorate cakes And we’re going to paint them to look like a Sharpie Of course you can paint it to match your own markers, if you like, as well it’s completely up to you You might need more than two coats of paint as well So you just paint it until you see that it’s opaque enough, you can’t see that it’s a food dye marker And now I’m going to write ‘Sharpie’ on it with an actual Sharpie It actually ended up looking super convincing from a distance And now we want to put some Kool Aid in a similar colour in a container and add a tiny bit of water to dilute it but not too much. We want this still to be quite, like, strong tasting Now grab a syringe and drip some of this flavouring onto your pen tip You can also try soaking the tip in it as well if you don’t have a syringe, it still works And now you have a super tasty, edible Kool Aid Sharpie You can make all different kind of flavours as well Feel free to like, colour your tongue and draw patterns on it. It’s gonna be super safe and tasty. Hey, can I borrow an eraser? -Yea sure! -Awesome, thanks -No you can’t take that one! You’ve got to take the yellow one! -I’m just using it for like one thing.. I’ll give it back No no no no no noo! You’ve got to take THAT one! The pink one is mine! Jus- Just one second! No no no no! You can’t! It’s my breakfast! *noms* What the…?! I thought why not make a gummy eraser as well, since I absolutely love gummy So to make a gummy eraser just add 50ml of water, and 100ml of milk, half a teaspoon of gelatin and one tablespoon of red jelly powder, or any colour you’d like You can used condensed milk as well, instead of the usual milk. This would make it more opaque. And don’t forget! You can add in food colouring or more gelatin So, feel free to play around with the ingredients. Now mix it over the heat and bring it to the boil, and wait 30s before taking it off the stove Pour it into a rectangular container, that’s roughly the size of the eraser But if you have a suitable mold, use that as well. I just couldn’t find one. Now let it set over a few hours and then gently pop it out I used a knife to cut mine to the same shape as an actual eraser. And now you’re done! It looks so convincing. Hey hey! You want to have a bet? Okay, crazy girl I’m going to throw all these Sharpies in the air, and I want to catch all of them. But if I can’t, I’m going to drink…my glue. uhhhh Okay..what do I have to do…if you catch them? ummm… nothing! -uhhh okay? -okay! -You ready? -Sure…*rolls eyes* Alright *pens drop* -I didn’t catch any of them… -It’s fine…you don’t have to… *drinks fake glue* Miss! Miss! We need to call the school nurse! She drank all her glue! Aww it’s so good! You want some? So one day I was staring at a bottle of Elmer’s glue and went, “hey! this totally looks edible!” and so, this DIY was born First we’re going to empty out all the Elmer’s glue and store it somewhere so we don’t waste it My fianceé, Max, is going to use it to make slime on his DIY channel JumboBunny So don’t forget to check his channel out the link is in the description and he recently made this super cute giant mousse slime that literally looks like a rainbow cloud like, I had so much fun playing with this Now clean out the bottle with warm water and detergent and making sure you clean out the lid too… We don’t want to be eating glue! Let it dry, and pour some glucose into the bottle I made my own funnel by cutting a small hole in the cupcake wrapper that I just popped on top This is pretty much pure sugar, guys So I definitely don’t recommend you eating this But it is edible! And it looks exactly like Elmer’s glue So it works so well! So now I guess you have Elmer’s glue-cose…haha! get it? I’m so funny… xD yea Alright, anyways! haha Also if you want to replace the white Elmer’s glue You can use vanilla yogurt Listen up class! Today we’re going to be doing a collage of your friends you have 22 minutes Now chop chop! (thinks) Yes! I’ve been waiting for this all day *rolls out glue stick* Wengie! Why aren’t you doing your collage? (sobs) I have no friendssss 🙁 *sadly noms* This is my friend, can I make a collage of this? *frowns* moving on This Starburst glue is so easy to make! And super delicious and by the way guys it is so pretty Grab a thin, non-toxic glue stick and remove the glue You can do this by twisting it all the way up …and then twisting it off by twisting it you’re actually leaving less residue, because it actually comes off more cleanly than pulling it ‘Cuz we figured out that most glue sticks are twisted on And we don’t want to be eating glue, though we probably did as kids Let’s just use warm water and detergent to clean off any residue You can use a Q-Tip or something like that to give it a bit of a scrub and once you’re done, let it dry then put your glue stick back together and then twist it all the way down and make sure that bottom piece is sitting on the very end And now we’re ready to candify Now grab three colours of starburst or how ever many will fit into your glue stick and you can do one colour if you want as well! And then we want to stack them in reverse order Now unwrap your first starburst And place it on a wrapper on a flat surface We want to stamp our first one into the glue stick You might want to put your body weight into this Because it’s actually pretty solid and hard to get in But once you get to the bottom You can actually twist it a little for it to come off super cleanly Like seriously look at that! How good does that look? Now take the next colour, do the same thing And feel free to eat the, like, bits that come off It’s SO tasty, let’s not waste it! 😛 Now keep going until we get to the top of the glue stick and that’s pretty much it. Now when you twist it you have this super beautiful rainbow glue stick that’s completely edible its actually really convincing texture-wise as well like, I was so surprised it’s also a great way to have a back-up sugar hitch for those times you can’t concentrate in class and you’re getting a little bit hungry How cool are these?! And if you guys try any of this at home yourself Don’t forget to hashtag #wengiecorns I want to hear your stories, I want to see what you made like, I just will stalk you guys all week commenting and liking all your photos So yeah, I’ll look forward to, like, chatting to you over there And during the week I’d love to see you guys on my social media – Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter and yeah, follow me! I always post over there or my vlog channel as well and yeah. I love my vlog-squad :3 I’m going to miss you guys so much! I’ll see you soon Fam

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