DIY Edible School Supplies! Sneak Candy Into Class! Back To School Prank Wars!
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DIY Edible School Supplies! Sneak Candy Into Class! Back To School Prank Wars!

Ready for the new school year Wendy. I got some sweet new school supplies this year! Me too. I bet when you see mine, you’re gonna be so jelly. These awesome new edible school supplies are gonna make your friends so hungry and jealous of you during class Some ingredients are classic favorites But we also have some new unexpected creations as well If you love the idea of turning your school supplies into food hit the notification bell and comment unicorn squad right now Okay class today we’re gonna make slime so I hope you brought your glue, yeah Look at you glitter glue I brought. They’re so pretty. I got glitter glue, too Miss! Wengie’s eating her glue again, Wengie again, this is three years in a row now. I’m getting you professional help. I don’t need professional help I need glue! What is wrong with this girl? To make some edible glitter glue All you need is some jelly and some edible glitter just prepares a jelly according to the instructions on the pack Which is basically just dissolving it in some hot water first and then just add in some cold water after Let’s take an empty clinical container and add some edible glitter into it first I use a pink and gold glitter, which I thought looked most similar to the actual glitter in the glue Which is kind of like holer then just pour in your jelly mix and then let it firm up in the fridge Oh wait, sorry, we’re making fines, okay Hey Wendy Wendy Wickham my new phone case. Oh wow That’s so cool much more grown-up than your old one It’s a marvel. I’ve got a model for a case – wow. This call is so magical and nice. Where did you buy it from? Buy it. I’ve made it huh made it. That’s amazing And after I eat it, I just make another one for the next day So it’s basically I get a new phone case every day. You just sleep eat it. Uh-huh I got a message we wouldn’t miss it you after you did that To make your edible phone case you’ll need three colors of icing fondant Well, technically you only need one but I wouldn’t make a unicorn marbles had an online I think it’s just prettier next just roll the fondant into three strips and twist them together first and then just twirl it into a purse like to fly and swirl the next shape it into a ball and then flatten it with a rolling pin to about half a centimeter thickness all you need to make Sure
It’s a little larger than your phone Now wrap your phone in cling wrap and place it facedown on your surface and lay out your fondant sheet over the phone Gently use your hands to mold the fondant around your phone edges So the shape of your phone starts to become visible then cut away some excess fondant and continue to mold the edges So they fit around your face do one final trim and it should look something like it Next take some sugar glue and add some edible glitter and mix them together into a glitter paste Pin on some glitter streets on your phone case and you can make these random if you like But I kind of just followed the marble pattern Now just wait for your opponents to solidify which usually takes a few hours up to a day when it’s solid you can then carefully Remove your phone from the cake. The hardest part of this is actually not using your phone during that time You’ll be able to see a small indent where the phone camera was. So cut that out carefully using your knife Now you want to let this case dry properly for 24 hours or more so it becomes wholly solid You can see it might take a few tries to get this perfect So you might end up with a few cases by the end of your test let me Pay money Whitney, I recent Super cool DIYs whether you want to speak sure Check out these typically to call magically raises Right. Yeah, I totally watch your video and I got inspire to do some similar one be up, huh? Just your cover my DIY their way, mine are completely different from you are how they love you exactly the same Here I’ll show you Why didn’t I think of that she can you eat yours? No To make edible DIY unicorn pencil toppers you’ll need some that Laffy Taffy Just take to life HIV colors and unwrap them then just roll each of them into a long worm sheep Try to keep that size is equal cuz they look better in the end if they are Mia do this smell yummy Next just put them next to each other then slowly wrap them around your pencil Break up the end and shape it into a cute unicorn horn and you’re done Try some different color combinations and tag me on hashtag Reggie Khan so I can see your creation Hey Wendy, just steal my scissors. What? No, I see them right there what these on yours? They’re mine. Well, why don’t I look something the same as let me sing hair, huh? Doughnuts. Not my problem Miss Wendy stole my scissors sure. These are mine prove it fine Can you eat your scissors? Didn’t think so to make edible scissors You’ll need some magic mold putty miss a tea pots of the putty together and then create a scissors shape mold Which you can then press your scissors in to press the mold firmly to the scissors to make sure it’s secure when it’s set remove Your scissors and you’ll be left with a perfect mold for your candy to make your hot candy mixture You’ll need half a cup of sugar 1/4 cup of water and 1 tablespoon of glucose syrup Mix in a few drops of red and yellow fruit diet to get the color you want or whatever your scissors is. Mine is orange Next keep this on the stove until the mixture reaches 300 degrees Fahrenheit or 150 degrees Celsius You’ll need a candy thermometer to measure temperatures this high and obviously you need to be very careful and have adult supervision When you’re ready Cathy pour it into the mold You may need to do this a few times after waiting for the bubbles to settle when it’s set Just pop it out of the mold carefully and you’ll have your edible hard candy scissors. I added Xavier Let’s get on the story on each side to make it look even more convincing – my Susan Okay guys for this next math problem you’ll need a roll up Hey Wayne Jade you have a spare a lot but to bring mine Sorry, I don’t have a spare what you have one night they’re gonna totally see it huh, we’re better on your book You mean this this isn’t a ruler, huh? It’s my ten a.m. Sack Miss when she’s eating her school supplies again to make an edible rule light You’ll need a bunch of Savas candies next pick one color to use and I chose pink Peel the wrappers and place them in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave for two minutes Careful as they can get quite hot immediately Afterwards so difficult to get parental supervision For the step just spread it out onto a flat surface and then use your hands to massage it into a smooth straight line Draw your ruler measurements think up the edges of the candy away and you’ll be left with something like this next use an edible mock-up to write on the marking but using a real ruler as a guide and then fill in the numbers and You’re done When gee that’s the weirdest pencil have ever seen just because it’s weird doesn’t mean it’s bad like we Scott throws on a razor at the end of my pencil and I saw it showing on the end So gross there’s nothing wrong with that And now I feel like something crunchy Oh What the We should get there I want one now To make this funny Pocky pencil use a tiny pencil and first and then wrap a thin layer of icing fondant around it That means you can use an old pencil you’re about to throw away Press your Pocky sticks into the fondant firmly and do it one by one until the Pocky Completely surrounds the pencil try not to let your cat distract you from this process Mia. How does the Pocky taste? After you’re done You’ll have an edible Pocky pencil and you can even choose to stick on a marshmallow on the end to make it an edible eraser As well for those of you that don’t know Pocky is an amazing Asian snack and you gotta try it If you get the I want one now Ah Hey win gee, can I borrow your pink highlighter? Did you have one? Uh, yeah, but my cat ate it, okay Yeah Hey windii, can I borrow your blue highlighter you gonna tell me your cat ate that one too. Nope, uh Huh mmm Wendy Can happen for these edible highlighters You need some more old magic putty again makes a few pots of the putty and shape it into a lung Shoot next brush your highlighter firmly into it and then mold the edges to bring them up around the sides of your highlighter You don’t want to cover the entire? Highlighter because then you’ll be have to get your highlighter out of the mold once is set once you have your mold it’s now time to prepare your gummy just add some pre-made jelly liquid into the pot and add 1 tablespoon of agar agar or gelatin powder oil this over a stove and Then pour it into your mold When it says take out your gummy highlighter and that’s it I made a few different colors and honestly, they looked as good as they tasted Alright guys, thanks so much for watching the video and here’s a huge hug school suppliers hug So they know which one your favorite edible DIY is down below and also don’t forget. I’m wearing my merch throughout this video so if you’re gonna grab a sleepy Karm t-shirt or a black unicorn Jacket and much more. Don’t forget to click the link down below to my merch shop and you can grab some Too and don’t forget to check out my first singles cake You can download its iTunes Google Play or stream it on Spotify or the links are down below also huge shout-out to my winter vacation squad member of the week and My Windy corner of the week if you want to grab your own shout out next week Don’t forget to check the description box for instructions on how to do that and until next week I’m gonna miss you guys so much class. See you guys then. Bye guys Love you

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