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DIY Edible School Supplies | Candy Back To School Pranks and Hacks | Kids Cooking and Crafts

– Hello everybody. Welcome back to Kids Cooking and Crafts. And today, I’ll be showing you how to make homemade, edible school supplies. But before we get started, we are almost at 200,000 subscribers! To celebrate we will be doing a giveaway in our next video. Help us get there. Subscribe if you haven’t already. All right, let’s get started. We will be making a edible notebook first. (happy music) For the edible notebook you will need Sugar Sheets and an edible marker. This one is called FoodWriters. Sugar Sheets are basically
paper that you can eat except they’re sweeter. This package came with three sheets. To make a simple notebook, I’m just going to peel off the back and don’t worry, it’s not sticky on this side. All right, so you’re
just going to stack them. And then put a paper clip on them. Nobody will even know that this is actually edible. Okay. Let’s write on it. So I’m going to take a piece of paper out of my notebook and I’m going to write
a note to my friend. Let’s cut it out like a heart. Whoa. This cuts really easy. Bff forever. Do you get in trouble for passing notes at school? If the teacher comes, you can just shove it in your mouth before she sees it. – [Teacher] Ava, are you passing notes in my classroom? – No! Ahhh! It’s edible, but I would recommend it on a cupcake or a cake. It doesn’t really taste good by itself. Onto school supply number two. The pink eraser. Don’t eat erasers. It’s bad for your tummy-tum. This is a real one. Let’s make an edible one. So I got this amazing taffy here and I’m going to grab
all of the pink ones. Let’s unwrap them. So I’m just going to
take these three taffy and just like, mush them together. Squish them together until they make one big huge lump. I love playing with taffy. I don’t know why. It’s just like, it’s so stretchy, like you can mold it into anything you want, like an edible lipstick! You guys should go watch that video after this one. That one was amazing. Try to make the shape of it. Like it’s more flat than tall, so. Okay, once you have about the same size as the eraser, you’re going to grab your edible marker. There we go. Our pink eraser is finished. Boom! Which one is which? Should I eat this one? Or this one? Not that one! Not that one! Whoopsies, I need to erase this. (happy music) Time for edible school
supply number three. Mmm. So I got a container of sprinkles. The sprinkles are almost gone. I don’t want them. I want the container. So I’m just going to
dump the rest of these sprinkles out into a bowl. Do you see how the glue stick and the sprinkles container is
kind of the same shape? I printed off this picture. It’s technically three glue sticks smooshed together. And I sized it, so it’s the same size as my sprinkle jar. Let’s cut it out and glue it on. Now we need to cut the top portion so it will fit this lid. I’m actually going to
use a real glue stick to glue it on. Tah-dah! Now for the bottom part. Okay, I’m just going to line it up with the bottle and then stick it on there. Tah-dah! Fill this up with your favorite candy. I’m going to fill it up with Skittles. We should’ve got a funnel. Time to put the lid on. Voila. And there you have it. It’s my giant glue stick. Edible school supply number four. Pencil. Using pretzels. Whoa. These are the biggest pretzels I have ever seen. They’re like the exact
same size as a pencil. First thing I’m going to do is make a point at the end of the pretzel. So I’m going to whittle
it, just like a stick. Okay, I think I’m done. So for this you will need powdered sugar and grape fondant, pink fondant and yellow fondant. We’re going to roll them all out. We need a little powdered sugar onto the table so that it won’t stick. I’m just going to roll it out until it’s the length of my pencil. Now that it’s all flat,
I’m going to cut it so it will fit. So now you’re going to roll your pretzel into the fondant. Wait, but first, need a paintbrush and get it wet and kind of paint one side of it, okay? That way it will stick really good. So you’re just going to dip it in and then paint it. Now roll it like a burrito. So we got our color onto our pencil, now it’s time for the pink eraser at the top. I’m just mushing it on
there so it will fit nice and tight. Now that we got our color and our eraser now all we need is a little metal piece. We are going to use our
grape fondant for this. Get it wet. Wrap it around. So I have the teeniest, tiniest bit of black fondant that I’m going to put on
the end of the pencil. The black fondant will be our lead. There we go. What do you think? Does it look like a real pencil? Probably not. But it will taste better. This isn’t working. Oh. That’s why. Thank you guys so much
for joining me today and helping me make these
edible school supplies. These would be a great prank for your classmates. And don’t forget to like,
subscribe and comment down below which one of these you think would taste better. I like the eraser. That one was really good. Thanks for hanging out guys! Bye! Mmm. (happy music)

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