DIY Edible Pranks Using School Supplies! For Back To School 2017!
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DIY Edible Pranks Using School Supplies! For Back To School 2017!

-Music- Hey guys! It’s Wengie! Welcome back and… Mia Hug! So today we’re doing edible back to school supplies pranks, and this is part two, and you guys loved part one, and part two has been super requested! So here it is! And if you guys click da !SUBSRIBE! button right now you can guys enter the current MacBook Air Giveaway And the only other thing you guys need to do to enter the giveaway is to SUBSCRIBE to my second channel ReactiCorns which is linked down below and, oh my gosh, guys lets try and get this video to 150,000 thumbs up! I’ll give you a couple of seconds to do that right now, lets do it guys! Without further ado, let’s get on with the video… let’s go! Okay, class, you’ve had all week to do this assignment… …so no excuses for not completing it.>:/ MISS![Really Wengie…] Wengie, what is it? You better have a good excuse if you didn’t do your homework. I do have a good excuse! (paper crunch) I ate my own homework, can I have an extension? -NOM!- Sorry, that was question three… Want some, miss? No…[She will NEVER it dat gurl] Detention… DETENTION? -Music- With this edible book, anyone can eat your homework. Not just your dog.[arf arf!] I initially thought making an edible book would be hard.. …but it’s actually pretty easy You’ll need a few sheets of edible paper, which is sold at cake decorating stores, You’ll also need some Twizzlers, and edible markers. And, a hole punch First, take your paper and mark out the halfway point by folding. Use some scissors to cut off a few sheets of your edible paper and to until you’re happy with the amount. Stack your paper sheets together and take your hole punch and punch out a line of holes along the edge of your paper stack. (I used this heart shaped hole punch, which I thought was really cute!) Now take your Twizzler and unravel one of the strings (I gotta admit, guys, I ate a few while we were filming this!) break it into short strips and thread them into the holes and then squeeze the ends together to form little Twizzler binder rings I thought these looked soooo adorable! When you’re done, you’ll have a book that looks just like this! and, using your edible marker, you can totally make it convincing by writing your own notes and guys this is not only good for pranks but you could also keep secret messages in it and then eat it to hide the evidence! -Music- Now, class, take your glue and stick some pictures on your vision board. Hey Wendy! Look at this! Ah! I remember that! I used to do that when I was a kid![I did too!] It was so much fun![Yes it was!] Let’s do it.[Yeaaaa!] Okay, are you ready? three, two, one! Peel! -Le lick!- Huh? It’s yummy Want some?[Of course she would say no] Uhhhhhhhhhhhh Miss can I please change seats shes too weird! No… Mmmm! -Music- This prank is easy to do and its soooo satisfying to see your friends react to you eating glue All you need is Vanilla Yougurt the color and consictency are pretty much the same as actual glue And its soo TASTY![I agree with ya gurl] Just rinse out the used bottle of Elmer’s Glue with dishwashing detergent to make sure its super clean because you dont to be actually eating glue[YES!Dont eat glue kids] Next,fill it up with your vanilla yougurt and that’s it These squeezie packets of yougurt actually makes it super easy to put in the glue[bottle]soo try dat as a tip :] It looks pretty convincing and no one will suspect you AT ALL,pranking your friends and teachers has never been so easy -Music- -le grumble -le grumble AGAIN- Wengie why are you so restless?Sit still! Miss!Im soo hungry You have to wait unti’ll lunch Wengie..NO SPECIAL TREATMENT Fine![Do want you want Wengie!] Miss, Wengie just ate a crayon she’s crazy! Wengie spit it out,spit it out NOW! [Nooope!] [Dont take it you!] -Music- This prank involves turning chocolate into crayons,It takes a little bit of time to prepare but it’s soo WORTH IT! You’ll need some white chocolate,food coloring,thick [?]straws a knife and a box of real crayons First thing you need to do is prepare your straws which will be your crayon mold Just place a crayon next to your straw and cut the straw so it’s slightly longer than the actual crayon You’ll need to prepare a few of these:P Next break up white chocolate into a microwavable bowl and add some food coloring to it Here I used purple [I love purple:] ] Microwave the chocolate for 30-60 seconds unti’ll it’s melted Take it out and give it a bit of a mix to spread out the food coloring evenly Now pop it the microwave again for another 30 seconds and the mixture should actually turn pretty firm which is what we want :^P Take your straw and just STAAAB da chocolate mixture unti’ll it fills up the entire straw like this You can block the end with your thumb and really PAACK it in so it’s super SOLID This won’t work if the chocolate is melted and runny [cause it will run away from the straw hehe get it?]so you need at the right consictency Let this mold set in the fridge and do this for as many colors as you want[Or even replaace the whole crayon pack!] When they’ve SOLID gently push them out of the molds but sometimes they break when you aren’t careful:c But luckily we made them a little bit longer than we needed

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